Thinking of You Love Text Messages Quotes

Thinking of You Love Text Messages Quotes
Thinking of You Love Text Messages Quotes

Being in love is indeed a wonderful feeling. You become inseparable. You always want to be with him or her almost all of the time. And if you’re not together, you always find time to communicate and express your love in the sweetest way possible.

Sometimes though, if one of you is busy and chats or calls become impossible, all you can do is think about the one you love.

It is a good idea that even if the other one is busy, you can still let them know you are thinking about them. In that way, you can still let them feel how much you love them even if you are far away from each other, even if you two are busy with your work or career. Show them always how much you care for them and how much you miss them all the time.

Here are some examples of thinking of you love text messages and quotes. Feel free to send them to your loved ones so that they don’t have to feel that they are taken for granted.

1. I see you in everything I do and I can’t stop thinking about you.

2. I’d go crazy just thinking about you…

3. Feet up on my wall, eyes stuck on my ceiling, wondering what you’re doing, waiting for you call…

4. When I’m not with you I always think of you.

5. The moment I laid my eyes on you, I couldn’t stop thinking about you.

6. If I can’t have you in my arms, at least can I have you in my thoughts. And guess what, you can stay there forever.

7. They say that when you can’t sleep, someone is thinking about you. Well, they’re right. I’m sorry if you don’t get enough sleep all the time.

8. They say that you are what you think about me. Then I guess you are me because you’re all I think about.

9. Every love song I hear is about you and I can’t help but smile and think of you.

10. Thinking about someone, wondering if he is doing the same thing.

11. If I ever see you again, I will let you know how truly sorry I am and that you never left my mind. I’m sorry for taking you for granted. Please forgive me.

12. When I think about you, I would always dream of the next time that we will be together and the happy moments we will create. And when it’s over, I will spend my time reminiscing until we meet again.

13. Sometimes I wish that you are always here so I won’t have to always think about you.

14. Thinking what could have been hadn’t I neglected you… I’m so sorry please forgive me…

15. Long distance relationship is for people who knows what to think when their loved on is away. Think about the happy times, think about what you will do next when you’re together, think about your hardships and hoping one day, you just don’t think about each other, you are already together.

16. I may not get to see you that often but I want you to know that you are always in my heart and always in my thoughts.

17. I’m sorry but I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Just wondering how you are tonight…

18. I can’t stop thinking about how we could be together once again.

19. I love to think that everything is alright with you wherever you are.

20. I’m sorry if I think of you most of the time but seldom do I show  that I miss you. I hope you know that I love you so much.

21. There’s a pinch in my heart each time I remember you and my heart starts tearing apart.

22. Thinking of you makes me weak and strong at the same time. I go weak on my knees when I miss you and I go strong to surpass all our challenges every time I remember that you are doing the same.

23. I sometimes wonder if you ever think of me the way I think of you. Because if yes, you must really really love me the way I love you.

24. My thoughts fly freely but they always land to you.

25. I don’t remember a time that I haven’t thought of you.

26. Thinking of you and everything that makes you thinkable.

26. It was a cold night and I can’t help but think about you hoping you can keep me warm in my thoughts.

27. Don’t ever think that I don’t think of you because I do. Always.

28. You are the first I think about when I wake up and the last one when I sleep.

29. I don’t spend much time thinking. I just do when I think about you.

30. I haven’t seen you in just a while but I think about you all the time. I hope you know that.

31. Hey, I just want you to know that I dreamed about you last night and it felt wonderful to be with you. Tonight, I will think about you again hoping to be with you in my dream once again…

32. It’s funny how I fell asleep last night waiting for your text. When I woke up this morning, my phone is still in my hand and you have no idea how happy it made me to receive all your worried messages. I just fell asleep honey. That’s all. I love you.

33. When I think about my future I can’t help but include you in it.

34. What did you to me? You’ve driven me crazy. You made me think of you all the time. You made me want to be with you and I’d go crazy if I can’t see you.

35. Sometimes, people need to be far away from each other so that they can realize how much they’ll be missing.

36. There’s a big difference between someone who thinks about you and someone who shows that they think about you.

37. Thinking of me is totally different from showing me that you miss me. You know what, I do too so please stop playing games and come over here now.

38. You are the only reason why I stare at my ceiling and smile like crazy.

39. I am the one you thought you never needed.

40. Yes, I can’t live without you. Please stop the hate. I know you love me too.

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