Sweet Love Quotes Sayings and Messages

Sweet Love Quotes Sayings and Messages
Sweet Love Quotes Sayings and Messages

True love is a love that you experience when you become true to yourself and you embrace that truth and are proud of it and you start showing it to others.

When you show someone your true self and your partner accepts you and loves you anyway, then your partner finds true love in you too.

Because for me, true love is the best tool to discover our inner selves and share to our partner the joy and sweetness of whatever we find in there.

Here is a list of sweet love quotes, sweet love sayings and sweet love messages. I hope you find them useful and share them to your loved ones.

Sweet Love Quotes

If you love somebody, don’t set them free. Make them happy.

If you love somebody, don’t let them go. Let them feel they are worth keeping.

If you insist on changing him, you love him for something that is not him.

You don’t have to stay in love or out of love. Your love is within.

I want to feel that – to be majestically, illogically, catastrophically in love.

Falling out of love is simply a realization of how undesirable she became but ultimately forgetting how adorable she once were.

Falling in love gives a sudden, unexplained ardor – something irresistible and inevitable.

Falling in love again means not being bothered by his past and yours.

Love is spiced through words but validated through actions.

Don’t experiment on love. It has no reason or logic.

Everyone is worthy of love.

Love holds no barrier. It lets you see what is holding you back and sets you free.

Love is a passion for working things out, to be committed to one another until the end.

To love is to accept one completely the way they are and wouldn’t want any other way.

Love is when you hear her name and the first thing that crosses your mind is how to let her know you just can’t stop thinking about her.

Love and its true worth can only be appreciated if you work hard for it.

Love is seeing somebody like nobody.

When you are in love, time stops right there. And you see no further.

Love is the union of two souls, speaking only with their gaze and yet they understand each other completely.

Love is a risk worth taking.

Love is not about searching and finding the perfect one for you. It is about embracing all flaws as if they are meant to be there to create the most perfect love for both of you.

Sometimes, when we love a person, we want them to become more of what they are for their self fulfillment. Yet we neglect to see that accepting them as they are is all they need to be happy.

In a relationship, a common mistake you may ask is whether he or she is the right one for you when your question should be, what are the things that I can do to show that I really am the one for you?

True love is not about give and take. It’s not about giving and expecting something to take. It’s only about giving because if your partner truly loves you, he will give and not expect anything from you too.

True love is not about meeting each other’s expectations. It’s about having no expectations at all. It’s not about accepting each other’s flaws. It’s about helping each other use these flaws towards excellence.

You know that you truly love a person when his or her happiness becomes your own. You compromise and give in to their wishes. You accept their weirdness and quirks. You simply love everything about them.

You know that it’s true love when there is something about her that makes you feel different. Then you aren’t the same anymore. You become someone who wants to be a perfect person for her.

True love is a choice to commit yourself to someone – to hold on even when the battle is a fight against yourself, to not give up even when the world says otherwise, and to love endlessly even only from afar.

True love is when you become at peace with yourself and all your worries just seem to fade away. You begin to build your dreams again. And this time, everything just seems to be very easy, and light and wonderful.

True love is not only a combination of two hearts that complement each other. They also expand and grow together.

They become more than their individual self. And that is I think the essence of true love. When love is true, it becomes powerful.

True love for me is courageously wanting to tell everything to a complete stranger and be certain that he or she will accept everything about you.

Sweet Love Quotes Sayings and Messages 1
Sweet Love Quotes Sayings and Messages 1

Sweet Love Sayings

In love, you do what makes you happy and not what other people tell you to do so.

Defend what you love and you will be happy.

Love is perfect for it is the only thing that accepts you – flaws and all.

Love is a fire that burnt through your core.

To love is having the will to live.

Love is the only thing that makes you fall in and you have to hang on before you fall out.

Love perpetuates itself to a person who loves forever.

When you love, live like it is the only thing that mattered.

True love comes when you can hold your tongue and bow your head.

Love cannot be forced. It cannot also be hidden.

The quiescence of being alone is somewhat a restoration phase – a time to throw excess baggage away.

Love, just like thorns, cuts deep when gripped.

The greatest love is to love for who they are or in spite of who they are.

Love is the teacher and the lesson itself.

Love is never a reason to settle for what is not worthy of you.

More love is taken when more love is given.

In love, there is no justification.

When you find your true love, you become someone you never thought you would be.

When you find your true love, there is no holding back of what you feel, what you think and of showing what you are. And there is no turning back when things get difficult.

Sweet Love Messages

And when I say “I love you”, I mean it during the happiest moments in our lives but I mean it much more at our lowest, when everything’s not going well, and when your last resort is to just give up. You are my one true love and I will do whatever it takes to let you know how real our love is.

We have grown together so beautifully that being apart from you is unimaginable. I can’t promise you that we will stay like this forever but if I change, I will make sure that this change will only be for the better.

It wasn’t my choice to fall in love with you. I just felt that. But I want you to know that it is my choice to work this out with you. So I hope you feel the same way too. I hope you choose to stay.

I love you so much that I’m more than willing to see all things from your perspective. This is how much I wanted to understand you and all things about you. And rest assured that I will stay the same forever. This is my vow to my one true love.

I am giving my heart to you because you are someone who I can trust with it. For all the things that we’ve been through, you have proven how much you love me. You have shown me how much you know my worth and for me, that is more than enough.

I may not love you the way you want me to but I can love you so much during those times that you become unlovable. I will understand you during those days that you become unbearable. And I will endure when everything just seems to be painful. That’s how I love you and that’s how I intend to do for the rest of my life.

I love you so much that I want you to be happy, to be really really happy even if I am not the source of this happiness. I won’t stop you from doing anything that will make you happy even if it means that I have to let you go.

I know that there will come a time in our relationship when romance will find out of its way. We may not stay the same as we are now but always remember that I am still who I am, the one you love and the one who loves you very much. That if we choose to believe in our love, then it will stay right here forever.

When I met you, I have this strange feeling inside me that I can’t really describe. It’s totally different from what I’ve felt from the past. It’s something that halted me just as the time stood still. It’s crazy because I don’t want the feeling to end. To have you in my life, I know I could wait forever.

The search is over. This is how I felt when I met you. I feel very comfortable around you. I can talk for hours knowing that I’m not boring you. I got the courage to tell you everything, positive or not with the confidence that you will accept me for who I am. I found my peace. And I think I found my home.

True love I think is more than just how you feel. It’s more on the things you do to prove that your love is true. It’s accepting that staying in love is not that easy. And just because you can’t stay in love it doesn’t mean your love is not true.
True love in other words is a constant validation, a never ending action of showing how much you love that person. It’s all about the effort you have to make and a commitment you have to take for a lifetime.

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