Surviving LDR: Sad Funny Motivational Long Distance Relationship Quotes

Surviving LDR: Sad Funny Motivational Long Distance Relationship Quotes
Surviving LDR: Sad Funny Motivational Long Distance Relationship Quotes

Being in a long distance relationship is not really that easy. It’s hard to wake up every morning and sleep at night without your loved one beside you. All you can do is wish that they were here.

For me, the only thing that drives me to hold on to my long distance relationship is the thought that this distance is only temporary, that one day, I know we will be together. We just need to be steadfast in our love and commitment to each other.

These long distance love quotes are for lovers out there who, like me, are far away from their loved ones. I have written some sad, funny, motivational ldr quotes. I hope they inspire you and help you survive your long distance relationship.

1. LDR is for people who trust each other so much that they are willing to be separated for some time just so they could follow their own dreams hoping very soon that they spend a lifetime together, building and living their dreams as one.

2. You are the most beautiful thing for me in my eyes and in my heart. And most importantly, you are the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me.

3. Long distance relationships are for people who are not afraid to be alone for so long just so they could spend a very little time with their partners. They are courageous enough to let them go knowing at the back of their minds that soon, this long distance relationship will end because they will be together forever.

4. Each night when I’m about to sleep, I close my eyes and I see you. And I want to stay in my sleep and think of you wishing that when I open my eyes, the first thing I get to see is your face and your eyes staring back at me. I miss you so much…

5. Our long distance relationship is too difficult for me. All I can think of is you. The only consolation I have right now is to know that you are holding on too. We cannot give up our hope. Today may be an ordinary day but it’s another day closer to seeing you.

6. No matter how far you are tonight
And all we got to do is fight
I can’t seem to let you go
You know how I love you so

I can no longer live far from you
You know how much I need you
Please say that you’ll stay
Please don’t ever walk away…

7. It’s hard to be crazily in love with someone you can’t get to hold and see everyday. I feel sometimes like I’d go crazy thinking about you. It’s not easy for me too, you know. But hang on in there. I’ll be there before you know it.

8. If there is anything that needs to end in this long distance relationship, it’s the long distance, not the relationship.

9. I fall for you at a glance
I’m loving you at a distance
Tomorrow is another day
I hope to be with you someday

10. What’s the use of having a relationship if you can’t be with her all the time? I mean, isn’t that what we all hope for? This long distance relationship is killing me but damn I’m so in love with you that I’d rather be away from you for awhile than to be far away from you forever.

11. I have mastered the art of falling in love and the art of letting go but to fuse them together? Like being in love with someone but you have to let him go? It’s quite difficult and painful at the same time…

12. I’m happy to be in a long distance relationship because it gives me the opportunity to show you that my love is real and I’m just here to stay. My love is something you can’t just easily throw away.

13. The pain that goes with this long distance relationship is too much that at times, I just want to give up. I miss you so that sometimes I just want to let you go. And the only thing that makes me hold on is the fact that we love each other so much and we couldn’t just throw away all the memories and the struggles we’ve gone through.

14. If to love is to sacrifice, then I’d suffer not seeing you and being away from you. I can love you from afar hoping that one day, I can love you close to me.

15. And as if time stands still when you’re gone and time flies by so fast when I’m with you.

16. If I have to fly a thousand miles just to be with you, I will do it. I will go out of my comfort zone if I have to, just so I could be with you. Because you mean everything to me and a life away from you is unbearable.

17. And even if I can’t call or text you all the time, know that you are always in my heart and in my mind. I may not get to let you feel how important you are to me, know that you are very important to me and I’m doing all this sacrifice for our future.

18. When I’m sad and I’m blue
And I am missing you
I look through the clouds
And I see you

I wish that I could fly
I hope to reach the sky
One day, someday
You will never be far away…

19. Although our long distance relationship keeps me from seeing you as often as I like, I just want you to know that this won’t keep me from loving you. In fact, my love proves to be true because even if I can’t always hold you in my arms, I’m always keeping you in my heart.

20. It’s true what they say that you can only know the real value of a thing once you lost it. I’m just lucky I didn’t lose you entirely. Please come home honey. I miss you so much.

21. I can’t wait for the day that I don’t miss you anymore because each time I think of doing that, I just miss you all the more.

22. It’s strange that it’s only you who left but it feels like the whole world deserted me. I feel so lonely and alone without you…

23. I can’t stop thinking about you even if I try to do so, even if I force myself to do so. I miss you, I can’t help that too.

24. There are times that I feel like I can’t go on anymore. There are times that I feel like I’m going crazy if I am not with you. The only thing that keeps me going is the thought that I can be with you someday and that we won’t be living far away from each other anymore.

25. And though there were many things that caught my eyes, I only choose those that caught my heart. That’s the reason why my heart says to love you even if I can’t do it nearly enough.

26. Don’t be discouraged by the long distance that separates us. Remember that our love is great and great things usually involve great risks.

27. My happiness comes from my capacity to be needed. And when I feel I’m not needed anymore, I feel worthless. Thank you for always letting me feel that you need me in your life.

28. My love, it’s not how many hours that we spend together. It’s how we spend the hours together. So while we can’t be together always, let’s make most of our time together. I love you so much.

29. I know that for every joy that passes, something beautiful remains. You are the joy to my life and you are the most beautiful thing that remained in my heart forever.

30. My heart is full of love and I always something to give. But now that you are far away, I’m holding everything in my heart, wishing that one day, what you feel for me will lead you back right here where we first shared our love. I will be waiting…

31. They say a combined effort can break down the wall of impossibility. And it’s you and me my dear. If we combine our effort, nothing is impossible. This distance is nothing compared to what we can do.

32.You have no idea how happy I was when you told me that you love me too. But then I lost you. And now that we are back together, I will never ever lose you again.

33. They say that simple pleasures are your greatest treasure. And it’s true. The way you look at me and the smile on your face are my simple pleasure. You are my simple pleasure. You are my greatest treasure.

34. You haven’t left yet and I miss you already….

35. My heart was full the moment I met you and since then, I never felt empty again…

36. I will hold you in my heart as long as I have to. I will keep you here until I can finally hold you in my arms.

37. You are like my star you know. I can’t see you when I wake but I know that you’re just there. I think about you all day long, looking forward to getting dark so I can see you once again.

38. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. And I say it’s true. It’s only now that I realize how important you are to me, now that you are far way from me…

39. I’m sorry if I can’t be with you tonight. I’m sorry if you have to miss me all the time. I’m sorry if I need to be far away from you. I’m sorry that I love you.

40. If only I can be with you tonight, I would turn off the light and kiss you forever…

41. I just want to thank you for giving me your heart, for letting it stay, for trusting me that I will take care of it even if you are far away.

42. My love is not blind. It sees through your heart and finds my name written on it. And I’m sure you see the same.

43. I know in my heart that you are my one true love because a step away from you is like a million miles away. And even if you are so far away, a million miles is just a step away.

44. Even if we are miles away from each other, our love will always keep us together.

45. I don’t mind loving you from afar because I know in my heart that there will come a time when we can be together once again and nothing will keep us apart ever again.

46. One sleepless night with you is enough to create memories that I will cherish during all those sleepless nights without you.

47. That moment, when you first entered the room, you already got me. I’m already yours. I wish you could say the same but I know that for now, you have to be away. Just know that I will wait for you. I’m just here waiting for you.

48. If only I could fly
I want to be a butterfly
I will fly a thousand miles
Just to see your smile

49. And the good thing about dreams is that, you can be who you want to be and you can be wherever you want to be. So tonight, I just want to sleep and dream about you – you and I together, walking hand in hand, visiting our dream places, dining to fancy restaurants, cuddling on our bed all night. I miss you and I wish that this dream would soon come true.

50. If you truly love her, distance doesn’t matter. If this distance blocks your way, you will always find a way.

May you find these LDR quotes for your loved one a source of your inspiration and strength to go on and hold on to your love. Don’t lose hope. Don’t just give up. Don’t just give in to temptation. Everything will soon be alright… one day, someday…

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