Short Sad Love Quotes for Her

Short Sad Love Quotes for Her
Short Sad Love Quotes for Her

Short Sad Love Quotes for Her

1. I met her at a time when she is in love with someone else. I may not have chosen how I felt but I chose to forever hold my peace so that everyone will be at peace.

2. I will love you from a distance if I have to,
just so I could keep you close.
I will let you go if I have to,
just so I could call you mine.

3. And maybe the hardest thing about falling in love with your best friend is that, even if you want to bring your friendship to a higher level, there is always this fear that if your relationship might not work out, you will end up breaking your friendship as well.

4. One ordinary day, love has come to me in a magical way.
Just like any fairy tale, the first part is happy, the middle is sad,
The end is a tragedy and that makes it ordinary.

5. The thing about relationships is that one can only find the real meaning of love and true worth if it is reciprocated and mutual.

6. I’m not afraid to walk away
If this is the only way for you
To find out my true worth
To know how much you need me

I’m not afraid to leave
If this means you will realize
How much you want me
To just hug you and stay in your arms

I’m not afraid to let you go
If by setting you free
You will know in your heart
That you’re the one for me

4. I am someone who always plans ahead
In this world I stand in a good stead
If I excel in what I do
It’s because I find strength in what I go through

Amidst the things I’m thankful for
Still there are things I’m yearning for
I long for a man who can touch my heart
Someone who stays no matter what

And so realization just came to me
I thought being alone can set me free
But life is not worth living at all
When there’s no one to catch you when you fall

7. When we are madly in love, we hope it lasts forever but life is all about uncertainty and love is about living it, professing it day by day for the rest of our lives.

8. If only I can give you the world and the worlds beyond,
maybe you could have stayed and have not left me behind
If only you knew you how much I love you,
maybe you could have shown how much you love me too

I was alone in the dark the moment you left
My heart has been stolen, my life turned to death
If only  I can see you the way I used to,
maybe I should have gone what I am going through

If it’s too late now for all that I caused you
If it’s not enough that I love you after all I’ve shown you
Then this is my fate – to suffer all ache
Shattered pieces of my heart – this is what I have to take

9.  There are things in life that you don’t want to prolong but you are afraid to end.
It’s like expecting the best but hoping for the worst…
Like sharing something you don’t even have,
And saying goodbye to someone you cared about
But never even had one chance to say hello …

10. A person can love you for being pretty
but someone can love you even when you’re not
A person can love you for all your luxury
but someone can love you only for what you’ve got
Love is a choice yet love is a destiny
You can choose to go or stay with me
But you can’t just say, “don’t fall for me”

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