Sad Quotes About Relationships Love and Pain

Sad Quotes About Relationships Love and Pain
Sad Quotes About Relationships Love and Pain

Sad Quotes About Relationships, Love and Pain

1. It was hard to let go of  a life you get used to, more so to let go of someone you have given your life to.

2. I met someone who I fell in love with almost instantaneously.  And just as fast as I soared so did my fall.

3. I was disheartened by the fact that there are people who would try to bring me down and who would make me feel I don’t deserve to be happy.

4. Just as I thought I am finally free, my past has just been slapped on me. Is my past really something that must be dragged on all my life?

5. I had worked so hard picking up the pieces, leaving every bitter memory behind, healing myself, rebuilding myself, only to be broken down in the end.

6. I don’t think I can ever forget the incidents in my life that had caused me so much pain unless perhaps I acquire partial amnesia or anything related to memory loss. In fact, I don’t think anyone can really forget the hurtful incidents from their past. How can I forgive and be free?

7. How can I let go and forget a hurtful incident in the past knowing that the one who hurt me is a part of my present and my future?

8. Maybe it’s hard for me to forgive because every time I see something that reminds me of the past, the hurt just simply comes back.

9. Maybe it’s easier to hold on to hatred because in that way, I can protect myself from being hurt again, that no one can ever hurt me the way I was hurt before, that once I let go of my bitterness, I might just submit myself to vulnerability. Again.

10. It’s not fair to be hurt by someone to whom I invested so much love. It’s not fair to give all my trust to someone only to be betrayed in the end.

11. It’s not fair to be crashed to the ground and people still expects me to be kind. If not, they will hate me even more.

12. My sense of fairness would clearly dictate that anyone who has hurt me must pay for what they have done. But I’m not that type of person. Let’s leave that to God.

13. Maybe I can move on if I can change the way I think with what happened. Maybe time can’t heal all wounds. Maybe if I start right now and perceive my past as something colorful rather than gray, then maybe I don’t have to wait and depend on time to heal me. Maybe I can accept that past is past and the important thing is I learned from it.

14. I realized that not all men who say they love me will be able to handle what a mess I can be.

15. No matter how much you love a person and no matter how much you want your relationship to work out, if the other one already gave up, then there’s no reason for you to hold on.

16. It’s hard to accept that someone who once loved me so much has rejected me. I am somewhat confused because I was still so deeply in love with him at that time  that he has fallen out of love. And I tried doing things to change his mind but we are already on a different direction.

17. The greatest risk in love is to be seen as who you really are and it’s up to them to accept you for that.

18. Sometimes, deciding on an impulse and following my instincts could put me into a lot of trouble. Falling in love too fast for example, or deciding that he is the one in an instant has given me a heartbreak for a very long time.

19. I have given so much that I drained myself empty in the process. And I can’t give anything anymore. I just left and never came back.

20. When my heart aches, I just have to delve into it, feel the pain and wait until it stops. Just like when your finger is cut, the wound bleeds and throbs and hurts but will stop eventually.

21. Most of the time, we make a big deal out of petty things and fight. Sometimes, we let our ego win instead of apologizing. Oftentimes, we hurt the ones we love and who love us the most and realizing only what is worthy when it’s already gone.

22. There are things I wish I should have said to the people I love the most when their ears are still very open to listen to everything I say.

23. And I got over that – thinking he already moved on, knowing he is happily married, hoping he has already forgiven me…

24. Apology entails the responsibility of not hurting him or her again and again and again…

25. Sometimes, when we are wounded, we want to show the world that we are strong enough to overcome what we are going through. We want them to know that we are alright. That we can do it. That they don’t have to worry about us. No tears. Only laughs and smiles and optimism.

26. Sometimes, we just need to set ourselves free from that intense desire to be healed. We let go of that desire of showing the world that we are tough and that pain is our enemy. We face the pain. We embrace it. We let the pain heal the wound. In this way, we are able to deepen our threshold for it. When we face pain more often, we become immune to it. The next time we feel it, we find that it doesn’t hurt us that much, the same way as it hurt the first time. In this way, we are able to endure more pain.

27. There comes a time in our lives wherein we get hurt by the people who thought who loved us. Even if we feel the pain and the hate for that person, do not let it be a reason to not continue loving. Learn to live on your own and try to get back by loving yourself first. Do not expect either that someone else will be the one to fix your own problems. They may be your comfort and support but it is only you who can really fix your broken heart.

28. Life is too short to be wasted on people who don’t seem to see your worth. A person who is true to you will never bring you down. Instead, he will be the one to encourage you to do better if he sees any weakness in you.

29. Your heart can also get tired of loving sometimes, especially after a bad break up. When you feel you don’t have the strength of loving again, give yourself time to heal instead. Do not push yourself too much and give high expectations for your heart to love someone if you feel you are not yet ready. It would not be good to start a new relationship all over again when you haven’t fully closed the previous chapter of your love as you will only be fooling that person who now loves you truly. Let your heart breathe and focus on loving yourself first instead.

30. When the world gets too loud that it crashes you, all you have to do is just listen to the silence of your soul. You heart may have been wounded over and over but keep reminding yourself of this: That as the blade of despair softly touches your heart, with a kiss too passionate that it tears you apart, hold on to your threshold of infinity – never to spill pain that might seep through the cracks. For the pain that you hold in your heart is the same pain that can heal you. Hold on to love that’s divine – a love so gracious and kind, a love that looks for hope beyond the horizons of eternity.

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