Sad Love Quotes that Make You Cry

Sad Love Quotes that Make You Cry
Sad Love Quotes that Make You Cry

There is this one point in our lives when our heart is broken and all we feel is bitterness. If you are at this stage right now, then this is for you. These are sad love quotes that make you cry. I don’t intend to salt the battlefield or intensify further the pain that you feel. I just want to point out here that crying can be good for you. Tears in some way can help you release toxins in your body and maybe that is the reason why you feel better after crying.

And that is what you are supposed to feel – to feel better. It’s okay to cry and wallow in sentiment for a time. There’s nothing wrong with being bitter and be depressed but you have to stay strong and as I always say, don’t stay on that state for too long.

Sad Love Quotes that Make You Cry

1. I just realized that I have to let him go. There’s nothing wrong with him. I mean, if he has any flaws, I know I can put up with him. In fact, he is an awesome guy. There’s just this thing in my heart that says, “this is not right”. And I’m tired of pretending. My mind says, “hold on” but my heart says otherwise.

2. What makes me cry the most is the fact that I had a few words that were left unsaid and a lot of deeds that were left undone. I have a lot of I should haves and I could haves and it pains me all the more to see that you’re okay and happy with someone else while I regret not loving you as much as I could have. How could you forgive me so fast when I couldn’t even forgive myself?

3. You can’t stop yourself from falling in love. But to fall out of love is a choice. And that was your choice – to fall out of love from me.

4. I know that this breakup is long overdue. I’ve been holding on for quite a long time now. I realized he wasn’t even there anymore. I know he was gone way before he left.

5. He had broken my heart so bad that I was beginning to hurt others out of the hurt that I got from him. It was terrible. Not only did he break me. He has also torn me apart.

6. Don’t hold it too tight because you might end up losing it.

7. It’s not really the breakup that hurts. It’s the habits that you used to do together like having morning coffee on the beach. It’s as if you can’t do that alone anymore.

8. I thought you were everything I could ever ask for. You simply broke my heart. You are someone I never should have asked for.

9. It’s not really about the fact that I lost him. It’s the memories that kill me each time I remember them.

10. What broke my heart was to leave him and this time, he didn’t stop me.

11. How can I love you if you can’t even give me the chance to prove that to you? How can we work this out if you can’t give me the chance to change myself?

12. I’m sorry for pushing you away. I’m sorry I couldn’t see how pure your intention is. Because the sad truth is, I’ve been betrayed so many times that to trust is very hard for me to do now.

13. Why can’t I forget someone like you who just turned his back on me during the lowest point in my life? Why do I still love you despite all this?

14 When I fall in love, I fall really hard. I can fall in an instant, I can fall really fast. Sometimes, I also fall for someone who doesn’t care if we will last.

15. I love you so much that it hurts to see you go but I need to do this because I’m not the one who can make you happy.

16. Sometimes, it’s even better to not show and tell how I feel for someone because it hurts to be rejected. It hurts to know they love someone else.

17. The hardest part of being heart broken is knowing that both of you still love each other but you just really need to let each other go.

18. I wish I could have done so much more so she won’t have to leave me.

19. I hope one day, I can stop blaming myself for leaving him and just move on with my life.

20. It hurts to know that I am not what he is looking for, that I just don’t have it.


21. It breaks my heart to know that he couldn’t imagine a life with me when all I was thinking about is to finally be with him.

22. Why am I still in love with her when she already has broken my heart?

23. My heart has been broken and it remained such for a very long time.

24. When someone leaves you, it’s not only your heart that breaks, it’s all the dreams shattered too and you just can’t simply start anew.

25. He was my comfort zone. Now that he’s gone, I need to accept that everything has changed.

26. When your heart is broken, it feels like you have died inside and you couldn’t care less if you’re not living at all.

27. The painful part in letting someone go is knowing that she deserves someone better and that she is better off without you.

28. I’ve been with him for such a long time that we become inseparable. Or so I thought. I never thought that he could leave me. I wonder how he could go on with his life without me when I couldn’t even recognize myself without him.

29. I feel so sad I couldn’t stop crying. And the worst part is, the one who can make me stop is the one who made me cry.

30. It’s hard to break things up when you are still in love with him but it’s harder to keep it to yourself when you found out he is already in love with someone else.

31. In every breakup, someone has to leave or walk away and someone has to let go. That is given. And we would always associate leaving to quitting, to giving up so easily, to being a coward, to being a jerk, to finding the easy way out and so on. But leaving – for me is something bold because you become courageous enough to stand up for what you feel is right even if you feel that you might ruin her life forever, that you have to decide to leave even if it breaks her heart and knowing that at the back of your mind, it’s gonna break your heart too.

32. There are a lot of times that I wanted to talk to you, ask you how you’ve been doing. But each time I pick my phone and text you, my last message for you reminds me of my promise never to bother you ever again….

33. Promises turned into dust, written in waters, carved in the wind, made to be broken, now I’m too broken to fall again.

34. You are everything I ever wanted. The only way I can feel so complete is because you are the girl created just for me – the girl who was meant to love me, to give me company, to encourage me to become better, to reach for my dreams and to spend the rest of my life with. And then you were gone.

35. When you love someone deeply, letting him go is hard to do. Perhaps it takes forever to heal. And no matter how good you are at fooling yourself, your heart will always tell you that the pain may have been gone, but the scars remain forever.

So there you go – sad love quotes and I hope they made you cry 😀 But always remember that nothing compares to the feeling of falling in love and you just really have to get back on track.

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