Relationship Advice

Relationship Advice
Relationship Advice

Every relationship goes through some trials that both of the parties should work hard on in order to strengthen their relationship. And sometimes, talking over things is not enough especially if one or both are not willing to listen.

Here are some relationship advice that I want to share with you because they worked for me. I just hope you find them helpful in improving your relationship with your loved ones.

1. In life, there is no perfect person; there is only the illusion of perfection. Love blossoms over time. And with any beautiful thing in nature, there are certain flaws that should be looked at, not as if they are a hindrance, but as a part of what makes you love that person as a whole. Accepting your partner for who they are in the end will bring you together into a partnership that will last a life time.

2. Everyone deserves to be loved, nobody should be neglected, you do not have to be selective and love only those who would love you back.

3. The only way to create a perfect world for a relationship is through understanding each other in both strengths and weaknesses.

4. No one is perfect and no one should claim to be; however, for love to thrive, the two parties should appreciate their differences and work towards reaching a compromised ground.

5. Many people are made to believe that an ideal relationship is between two compatible partners. What they are not told is that the compatibility in this case is accepting and understanding each other’s inadequacy, while gradually improving on them.

6. He who triumphs in love has excelled because of effort. It is just like building an edifice, or a work of art, if both of you are doing something to make it strong and beautiful, then it could stand all the tests that would come your way.

7. Relationships are not about sixteen-year-old passion simply finding love. It is about building a life with another human being that involves a lot of compromise and sacrifice.

8. Always be yourself and let your love shine through your actions and behaviors. Do not say those three words especially if they are not accompanied by actions. If the feeling is there then it must be tuned into actions. Actions are the foundation that you base your claims on. When there is need of words to be heard, speak them from your heart and do something to show it.

9. Pick the right circumstances to show your love. Your actions are going to prove or disapprove what you say. Showing your love in normal situations won’t impress him/her. Try to use situations that come up like having to sacrifice your favorite team football match in order to spend time with her when she needs you.

10. Be proud of her. This works pretty well in almost all situations. Are you comfortable having her around your friends? How do you introduce her to your friends and family? Such things will go a long way in showing your love. Do not be ashamed of those you love. Make her feel comfortable around your friends and get to introduce her as the one you love. This shows that you are serious about a relationship and that everyone else is a witness to your love.

11. When you feel that what you have is real, you don’t have to think of what other people will say. As long as you love each other, you are both happy and you both bring out the best in each other, then just go for it and cherish the love while you have it.

12. When you love someone you do it selflessly and you appreciate the person for who they are and not who they were or who they will be. Your lover should be able to bring out the best in you, he should be able to turn your stammer into a beautiful song.

13. Love is a feeling shared by two people. When it’s three or four it’s a crowded arena and an ultimate recipe for disaster.

14. Remember that in love there are people who will choose to rebuke you and those that will cheer you on. You do not need someone’s perspective on your love life for you to decide upon your feelings.

15. A relationship based on honesty is bound to succeed. When you are transparent, when you let your partner see your true self, you are being honest to him. You are giving him the chance to decide if he would still love you and stick with the relationship.

16. The same is true when you are in love. “Advertise” yourself as you are. Do not pretend to be someone else you are not.

17. Trust is the most important component of a relationship; it can make or break the love that two people feel for each other. Trust is also the ability to give your partner space and time to find themselves once again so that they can invest every piece of their heart into the relationship. The most loving thing you can do for a person is to let them know that you love them and allow them to find their way back through the journey of life and understand their experiences with perspective.

18. Different couples confuse correspondence with annoyance and that is the reason why they thought they tried their best yet their relationship still comes up short. Correspondence is a two way handle. When somebody talks, the other one ought to tune in.

19. To keep the relationship solid, consideration should always be available. Don’t speak ill of another and don’t say things that you might regret later on.

20. Spend some time with your partner. Time is the most valuable gift you can give your partner.

21. Recollecting the time when both of you promised to adore one another will have your memory rekindle the affection you had. Once in a while when you are loaded with down home issue and obligations your brain is engrossed with only these issues.

22. Love is always beautiful. Love is sacred. When a person says that love hurts, then one does not know the real meaning of love. It is not love that hurts. It’s the betrayal that comes from loving. But when a couple stays faithful to each other, then they can maintain everlasting happiness.

23. Problems that may arise can be solved in much better ways when the couple maintains good communication to each other.

24. It is definitely clear that everyone can fulfill one’s dream by listening to the heart. A couple who builds the relationship based on true love, instead of merely lust or passion, can work hand in hand to grab what they dream for.

25. When love and trust become the main foundation of a relationship, everything seems to be easy. This is the beginning step of reaching every couple’s dream – to have a wonderful life together until the end.

26. “Love never gets maligned into uncharted territory of uncertainty when two hearts always try to beat as one.”

Struggles, difficulties, hardships can be solved only if you two work together. This is what relationship is all about. If only one is doing the hard work, then your relationship is doomed to fail.

27. “Make amends before they fade away. Show them you love them before they run away.”

Sometimes, we love so deeply wishing to keep them in our hearts forever, only to realize that we are fooling ourselves simply because we are not acting on how we feel. Sometime, when times get rough, we tend to guard our hearts that we forget to swallow our ego. We think of them all the time yet we don’t let them know that.

28. TALK. Then LISTEN or LISTEN then TALK. This is a skill that a couple should learn in order to improve their relationship. Most relationships fail because of not being able to communicate properly. And by communication we mean not only on your ability to express your thoughts or feelings but more importantly is on your willingness to listen to your partner.

29. Spend your lifetime with someone who will make a bigger space in your heart for forgiveness and strength, and will let you see the world with bigger and open eyes. Choose someone who will make you grow in a positive way.

30. Loving isn’t a false reassurance. Loving is giving your better half the security he or she needs. And being loved means you have the security as well.  You both have the security of knowing that someone else loves you. You have the security of knowing that someone is there for you when you are down. You have the security of knowing that someone will catch you when you fall. You have the security that whatever happens, you are there for each other. You have the security that  no one leaves the other in times of trouble. Rather, you stay strong together and won’t give up that easy.

31. You know that repeated infidelity is wrong, but what makes you do it over and over again? A possible reason for this that, even after the first time it happened and you were forgiven, your apology was accepted, you have tried making up, you still are predisposed to infidelity because you are not able to communicate your emotional needs effectively thus you will always end up searching or looking for more. You will always feel that there’s something lacking. Know in your heart what will truly make you happy. It is only you who can truly recognize your most important emotional needs and it is up to you to tell your partner how she or he can help you fulfill those needs.

32. The most sincere apology should come from self realization that you are indeed sorry for the hurt caused by what you’ve done and that alone is enough. There’s no need for justification or reasoning out but it entails the responsibility of not doing it again.

Well, I really hope this helps. On top of that, trust and communication are the two major factors that will make or break you. Learn to communicate effectively and trust each other. It’s not going to be easy but if both of you are very much willing to work things out, then it will.

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