Quotes About Love and Distance

Quotes About Love and Distance
Quotes About Love and Distance

Being in love is the very essence of life but being far away from the one you love can really be excruciating. I have here some quotes about love and distance hoping that they can help in making your long distance relationship stronger by being inspired with what you read here.

1. I know sometimes that you feel you are a puzzle in my life. Oftentimes you don’t know where you stand but I want you know that my life is definitely incomplete without you in it.

2. I ran off chasing after my dreams but my dreams led me back to you.

3. My heart will take me to where you are.

4. You are the only one who can touch my heart even if you are far away.

5. Being with you is the best feeling in the world. Being without you is the worst. Need I say more? I know you get the picture.

6. You are worth the wait. Every minute, every second of it.

7. I want to believe everything you say especially on the part when you said that this distance will keep us together and not the other way around.

8. My heart skips a beat every time I am notified even of a simple message from you.

9. We might have fallen for each other that fast but believe me, our love is the strongest bridge that long distance relationship has ever made and it will never fall down.

10. You might have traveled around the world and be far from me but our love will go the distance.

11. Distance is an opportunity to show how strong your love is for one another.

12. Distance is nothing if love is real.

13. I get homesick when I’m not with you because you are my home.

14. Distance is not a problem for people who know how to keep someone in their heart.

15. Patience is not only a virtue. It is also a luxury. And you’re lucky if you find someone who could patiently wait for you.

16. Distance gives you the chance to show that you are faithful, honest and loyal.

17. I hope our love withstands the test of distance.

18. For us, no distance is too far and no time is too long.

19. I will love you for eternity even if I couldn’t see you everyday.

20. You are the only one who can make things right in my life.

21. When you love someone, you love not only during convenient times but more so when the situation is not so favorable.

22. The most inconvenient way to love someone is to love across the distance and yet you do it anyway because loving inconveniently is better than to not love at all.

23. Without you in my life I feel awful.

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