Nice Polite but Sad Break Up Text Messages

Nice Polite but Sad Break Up Text Messages
Nice Polite but Sad Break Up Text Messages

As they say, there is no easy way to break somebody’s heart. And even if your intentions for leaving are pure, breaking his or her heart is inevitable. Here are some nice polite but sad break up text messages. I hope you can use them as inspiration so you’ll know what to say.

1. In love, there are no mistakes and I don’t consider our relationship as something that I should regret entering. It’s just that, we are already going on different directions and our relationship is already tearing us apart.

2. Dreams I saw with you
How can I live them with someone new?
It’s hard to accept but yes
My life is in a total mess

I should live without you but I don’t know how
All lost and lonely I am now
To the world I show I am stronger
But when you cross my mind I break inside a little longer

I had you every time by my side
Those talks, meetings and feelings have died
Eyes have become a place where just tears reside
My sadness and pain I should hide

I should not have given you my heart
Letting you go has become the hardest part
I haven’t smiled since ages
I just want to break free from this cage

3. For everything you lost today
You will be blessed with best someday
You lose few things and few you gain
All these as memories will forever remain

4. I’ve done everything and I’m tired waiting for you to do something.

5. I know that I will never forget you. I just hope I can get used to being without you.

6. Don’t blame our long distance relationship for this mess because the only thing that keeps us apart is pride. You have shown how your ego has eaten you up including your love for me. I’m not saying that it’s your fault. I’m just saying that we could have done so much more to save this but now it’s already too late…

7. I feel like I’ve given you all but it wasn’t enough. To you I was never enough. So I’m letting you go so you can find someone who is good enough for you.

8. I’m sorry if I have to break up with you this way. You know that I couldn’t see you cry. If I see you crying we might end up getting back together again. Our issues are irreconcilable you know that. We will fight again after some time and it’s an ongoing cycle. We have to stop now. It would be best for both of us if we don’t see each other anymore. I’m so sorry.

9. I’m sorry if I don’t have the guts to tell you. I’m sorry if this breaks your heart because it’s breaking my heart too. We just really have to end it. I’m sorry we have to end it this way.

10. Don’t ever think that I didn’t take our relationship seriously. Ours was well-intentioned. It’s just that life got in the way and just because I have to end our relationship, it doesn’t mean that it was a failure. I just have to move on and give ourselves the room for growth and I’m really sorry that I could no longer grow with you.

11. I love you, you know that. I still do. But we have to stop loving each other because we are no good for each other. I have brought so much the worst in you and it pains me seeing you like that…

12. I’m sorry if our forever ends right here.

13. It hurts so bad but it’s something I have to accept. There’s nothing I can do about it but to accept it. And if you already gave up, then I don’t have any reason to continue loving you.

14. There are times that I can no longer endure the pain. I just really love you so much that’s why I kept holding on. But even if I still love you, I know I have to let you go now. The pain is too much to bear. I know this is what you want – to be free. And you are now.

15. I know that you will never see my worth. And I’m not breaking up with you so you can realize my worth and then we’ll get back together and everything will turn out fine. What I want you to realize is that, not everyone who says they love you will never leave you. And some will simply leave because they deserve a love that you can never give.

16. I hope you understand that we are breaking up because it’s not working anymore. I realized how different we became. My feelings changed and you never changed your ways. I’m sorry but I have to say goodbye.

17. Yes, I promised you that I will never hurt you. I promised you that I will take care of you. I promised you everything that a man in love can promise. But I’m sorry but things change and my feelings for you was one of them. I didn’t mean this to happen. I’m not sure. Maybe there were those simple arguments piled up and remained unresolved for some time. Those little things that gradually torn us apart…

18. And just because I have to set you free, it doesn’t mean that my feelings for you weren’t real. I know you will be asking yourself if I ever loved you. I did, you know that. You felt that. It’s just that, things aren’t the same anymore. And you have to face it no matter how hard it is to accept. I know because I had a hard time accepting this too. We just have to clear our mind and accept this change.

19. I love you but I’m not going to fight for it anymore because I know that you will be happy with someone else.

20. I’m giving up because I want you to find someone better than me because that’s what you truly deserve.

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