Moving On Quotes

Moving On Quotes
Moving On Quotes

Going through a heartbreak can be difficult especially if it was your first time or if it was with someone you’ve been with for such a long time. Being in this stage initially can give you emotions of anger, sadness and fear of uncertainty in your relationship in the future. Yet, just like any wounds, a broken heart heals over time.

In every relationship, mistakes can be made both by you and your partner. It is essential that once the relationship is over, you let go of the pain by learning to forgive your partner and even yourself. Even if you can’t be friends anymore right after the breakup, at least, you have closed that chapter in your life and be ready to start another.

Here are moving on quotes that hopefully can help you realize that everything is all in the mind. Yes, it does hurt a lot and it will take some time before you can finally move on. But you have to help time and not just sit there and cry. You have to set your mind to accept everything that happened and then gradually you will be able to heal your heart and finally move on.

1. You can say you have finally moved on when you are able to forgive yourself for allowing your ex to hurt you.

2. And though it’s a hard thing to do, cutting the connection with your ex is a must.

3. Everyone deserves a brand new start and that includes you.

4. Not everything lasts forever and you have to accept that your relationship is one of them.

5. Change your perspective in life by starting on what you think and what you wear.

6. Don’t hold on to the things that remind you of your ex. Memories might stay forever but it’s how you react to the memories that matter. Memories are just memories and holding on to these will never make him/her go back to you.

7. Breakup is a time for relaxation and socialization. It’s a break from all stress and worries.

8. It’s better to heal yourself and be alone for awhile rather than being in a relationship that soon. You can’t fix your broken heart by breaking another’s heart.

9. Don’t let someone tear you into pieces and expect another one to pick you up and fix everything for you.

10. Love is an inspiration not a distraction nor a destruction. If your relationship becomes toxic, move on from it.

11. To be faithful means to be honest with yourself, like not hitting on anyone even when you know for sure that your loved one will never find out. Move on from someone who cheats on you.

12. Learn to move on from people who can’t treat you right and hold on to those who love you in return and can truly see your worth.

13. It is always a good idea to  give your heart a time to breathe.

14. It’s time to let go of a relationship when it’s giving you more pain and sadness than joy and happiness.

15. It’s time to move on when your partner pushes you to be someone that you’re not. Just be yourself and find someone who loves you for that. Find someone who you can love because of who they are too.

16. Never waste your time in pushing yourself into a person who doesn’t even seem to see you; for someone who is really into you needs not to be reminded that you actually exist.

17. Don’t let anyone take you for granted. Don’t make yourself feel powerless and that you feel you are a victim or doormat or something.

18. Failed relationships doesn’t mean that you are a failure as a person. You just have to get over it and start a new life by believing in yourself and never lose hope to continue loving.

19. Learning from a heartbreak could be tough. And even though wounds heal, scars will remain forever. Yet, you just have to accept it and go on with your life and keep it as a reminder to learn from your mistakes.

20. When you come from a failed relationship, you can tell yourself that you have been healed when you stop blaming him/her and yourself why the relationship didn’t work out.

21.You can finally say you have moved on when you start recognizing that everything that happened in your life is a part of molding you to become a better person and that you are thankful for it.

23. Never regret the love you have shown, the time you have spent and the right things you did to someone who did not deserve them. Never think that all your time and effort and energy had been wasted just because your relationship failed.

24. Don’t rush into a relationship so fast that you forget to get to know each other.

25. Most often than not, we fear of losing the people we truly love so we allow ourselves to be used, to just give in to every favor they ask from us. We have this fear that if we cut back on doing favors, they will leave us. We fear of telling them, we complain to others but not to them, for fear of quarrels and arguments that can lead to separation.

Don’t give your power away. Don’t even fear of losing them. Everyone of us needs to feel that we are appreciated and valued. If they choose to leave rather than appreciating your worth, then it’s not really worth it. Someone who is into you will know your worth and you know that this is what you deserve.

When your heart is broken, it is but right to let your heart and your thoughts heal and rest for some time. Give yourself a time to breathe. Let yourself heal completely. It wouldn’t be fair for a man or a woman who is willing to love you to be used and abused just so you can forget the one who has betrayed you.

It is not an effective thing to do, especially if you are still emotionally attached to your ex. Instead of finding another partner, find time to look after yourself. Be happy being independent. This could mean shopping for your own, eating the food that you really like, doing an activity that you really wanted to do but you haven’t done for such a long time. In this way, you will learn to love yourself more than how others loved you.

And you might not notice that you are eventually healing and gradually moving on. And one day. you may remember him or her, but the pain is no longer there.

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