Move On Quotes After Break Up

Move On Quotes After Break Up
Move On Quotes After Break Up

I have expressed my thoughts, these move on quotes after break up, for everyone who at present finds it hard to move on.

They always say that you can’t go back to the past, so keep moving forward. Easy for them to say, but it’s definitely a hard thing to do. Well, your past unfortunately connects your present and your future and no matter what has been there, it will somehow affect you on how you see your life now. If there is something left in your past that has been open up until now, being able to start anew may be difficult to do.

I know that there are a lot of people who can relate to this. I believe that reading love quotes about moving on and letting go can help you in whatever you’re going through right now.

It may be easier said than done but please know that this too shall pass and this is just a beginning of a wonderful and a happy ending. So don’t give up. Just never give up.

1. If you happen to give your heart to a person who can’t appreciate it and take care of it, you have the right to get it back. You don’t have to tie yourself to a person who doesn’t know your worth. It might be very hard to accept at first but you will see. You will be fine shortly.

2. When you’re with somebody who hardly shows you how special you are than you do to them, do not ignore their offhand behavior just because you love them.

3. I deserve someone better than him simply because I have all the love to give to someone who won’t try to hurt me, who knows my worth, who appreciates me and most of all, who can love me for who I am.

4. When you love someone, really really love him or her, you don’t think of yourself. You think first of their happiness. When you see that they are happy, you become happy as well. Even if it means you have to let them go.

5. It’s better for two people to break up so they can grow up because it takes two grownups for a relationship to work.

6. There are a lot of things we hold on to. There are people we can’t just give up on. Realize however that if they have to let you go to get rid of you, there’s no point of pushing yourself into their life.

7. Truth is, you can never love someone by pushing yourself to love him or her. You just have to realize that love isn’t really there.

8. Try to avoid getting into a half-hearted relationship when you just got out of one.

9. Heartbreaks are the stepping stones to a greater love.

10. It is hard to see how your ex has finally moved on. But it’s harder to show that you don’t mind at all when you can hardly get back to your feet and heal your shattered heart.

11. I know he love me so much. But if ever time comes that I don’t deserve his love, will he still be there for me? I know it’s hard, but if he cannot hold on any longer, I would be willing to let him go. I love him but if I’m not the one who can make him happy, then I’m setting him free.

12. I have given her my whole life but she chose to ignore it. Now she realized my worth when I chose to end it.

13. Missing her is the easiest part of losing her. Worst is when she took a part of me and I have to let her go.

14. When I run away, don’t come after me. I’m running away not because I want you to realize my worth. I’m running away because I HAVE REALIZED MY WORTH.

15 . The good in goodbye is a realization that you are far better off when you live separate lives.

16. There are things worth holding on but there are also things we need to let go to find their worth.

17. The day you walked away is the same day you’ve thrown my love away. And the minute you realized how fool you were for leaving me is the same minute I realized how fool I was for crying over you.

18. Your heart may have been shattered many times but remember, time heals; life goes on, hearts get stronger.

19. It’s hard to move on from a relationship that neither of you wants to end but both of you should agree that ending it is a necessity.

20. Sometimes, we try so hard to fix our relationship giving so much space for its growth that we neglect to give each other the space for our own growth.

21. Living through the past is like being in an island – alone, unseen, breathing but not living; only existing.

22. Life goes and moves on whether we like it or not. Sometimes we lose, sometimes we win. You may have a broken heart but remember that at one point in your life, you also have broken someone’s heart.

23. You know that it’s time to move on when the excess baggage starts to feel heavy and you have to throw them away. Don’t wait for far too long to realize that.

24. You can say you have moved on when you can forgive those who hurt you and you can forgive yourself too. You don’t have to have a sense of clarity for everything. You stop asking why and just let it all go.

25. Healing oneself is not only a recovery. It’s also a discovery of your true strength.

26. I think it’s normal to cry over something that you lost – but only for a period of time. You can’t mourn forever, you know.

27. Enough of the drama. Wipe your tears. Wash your face. Look in the mirror and say, “Enough is enough, I’m moving on.”

28. You can’t grow old being bitter. Throw yourself into adventure and fun. Life is too short to be wasted on stupid memories of the past.

29. Holding on makes us strong. And so does letting go.

30. And perhaps, the hardest part of letting go and moving on is to accept that he or she has already moved on.

31. The greatest pain one can get from a failed relationship is the many years spent thinking that he or she is the right one and the only one for you, thinking how hard it is to start anew.

So there you go, some move on quotes after break up. I also have here some pieces of advice. I hope this helps for you to be able to start moving on by first letting go of all the pain you are enduring right now.

Create a distance

Whether it’s a relationship or a personal struggle, detachment is the first thing to do to be able to move on. For people around you that have been a part of your past, you might want to create a space for separation. A break up from a lover would definitely be hard to let go especially if you keep on seeing that person in your day to day life. You might want to change a part of your routine just to avoid seeing that person somehow. Being able to actually forget is the first thing to moving on.

Forgive and Accept

Whatever regrets you have in your past, learn to accept it with all your heart. To anyone who might have caused you pain before, give them a second chance by forgiving them in your heart. When you don’t have to worry about these people, you tend to think of them less. Not that they are giving you such worries in your life at the moment, it’s just a way of closing a bad chapter in life in order to write a new one. Accept that what has been done is done and that change is coming your way.

Reconnect what you think was lost

Have you not done something in your life because you were too enclosed with your past? Now is the right time to do it in order to slowly let go of that past where you have came from. Meet old friends or do activities that fuel your energy and confidence. Find what makes you happy whether being with new or old acquaintances and doing first-time activities.

Write down all your heartaches away

Write in a piece of paper all your worries in your past and present. Write also what you are planning to do in order to improve yourself as a person and also your relationship as well with other people. Burn this paper and say a little prayer to help you be stronger in the days and years to come. Creating this mindset will help you push yourself more to recover from the past and move forward.

Focus on the positive

Your past must have done something positive on you, at least. Find out all these and channel it through on what you have today whether in your career or relationships. Don’t worry on the time you’ve lost but instead on the time you still have to live life.

Some people from the past come back not to remind you of how stupid you have been the entire relationship but to make you realize how much you’ve grown, how far you’ve moved on and how much you’ve learned.

As they always say, your past determines your future. This might be true for some situations especially on the relationships that you have encountered. There are times when we meet certain people in our past, and we feel uncomfortable talking to them and even remembering the past with them. But sometimes, these could be a way to make your realize that indeed, God has His own way of letting you grow to become a better person. Once you look back at your past, you will realize how much has changed and how much have grown because of the decisions before that you have thought is stupid or painful.

Moving on is moving on. End of Story.

Remember that things happen whether we like them or not. Things happen even if we don’t plan exactly the way they should be. How we react to those things when they happen, that’s what defines us. We can sit in long term sadness, unmoved because of failure or we can stand up from pain and just move on.

Pick the lessons from the past and shut the door. Forgive the past, forgive yourself most importantly. As they say, you can forgive but not forget but we can forgive what we cannot forget and just create a better way to remember it.

Never look back with regrets, look back only to learn from the mistakes you have made and to make better decisions in future.

You should not look back on your past and the mistakes you made then with regret. It will hold you back and keep you from learning. Instead, look back at your past mistakes in order to simply remember them. You will need those past mistakes to apply to your future endeavors so that you can make educated and experienced decisions for better outcomes in the future.

There isn’t any painful memory when you’d let yourself heal completely.

Letting yourself heal completely can only be achieved when you stop refusing to forgive, when you let go of the painful memories. The refusal to forgive and the holding on to bitter memories just prolong your agony.

When you continue to remember all the sad events in your life and you start thinking about retaliation and revenge, you continuously expose your open wounds and you keep yourself from healing completely.

Just use your time to meditate and reflect on things. Know yourself better, understand yourself better, validate yourself compassionately for what you’ve been through. Know that there is wisdom from such situation and it helps you to grow and strengthen to be molded into a renewed, revitalized you, being more wise today and in the future.

You can only lift yourself up by letting go of the things that weigh you down.

One bad thing in life isn’t that hard to deal with. It’s all the little bad things that add up over time that make you unhappy and bring you down. Holding on to bad memories and thoughts will only keep you from moving forward and developing. Negativity weighs you down. It weighs down your heart and crushes your spirit. You can bring yourself up if you let go of the negativity and hold on to the positive things in your life. When you finally let go of all that bad stuff, you can be free and happy. It will lift your spirit and bring you up.

There’s no point in accepting one’s apology if you keep reminding them of the hurt they caused you. It doesn’t mean you have to forgive and FORGET. It just means you forgive and LET GO.

Once you forgive a person, never try to bring back the wrong done by him especially when there are similar problems that arise between both of you in the future. It may be hard to forget the pain, but always try your best to let go of the past. Always remember that the past doesn’t necessarily dictate how a person becomes in the future. Give that person a chance to prove himself. Show to that person that you truly have forgiven him by letting go of the past. Do not try to hurt him more by bringing back undesirable memories of the past.

Do not let the things behind you pull you back from where you are supposed to go.

Whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish, do not allow all of life’s little hurts and obstacles keep you down or hold you back. You have to keep on, push through, and leave the things that hold you down behind you if you want to get where you are supposed to go in life.

For you to take hold of something worthwhile, let go of what you are holding for the longest time.

In each of our lives, we find things that we hold onto for long periods of time. We hold onto these things for so long because of many different reasons. No matter the reason for what we are holding onto, the fact is that eventually that thing will begin to hold us back or stand in our way of taking hold of something that is more worthwhile. Sometimes, in order to get a hold of something better, we have to let go of something we are just used to holding onto.

Sometimes the only way through the darkest part of your life is to keep on walking till you see a light.

We all experience dark parts in our life. It’s just part of life’s experiences that everyone must go through. You can try, and may even be successful at times, to avoid these dark parts in your life. Occasionally you will be able to get around it or avoid it altogether. But there will come a time when no matter how hard you try, you just have to accept that you’re going to have to push through the dark part, and hold on tight, and keep looking forward for the light at the end of the tunnel. It will come, you just have to keep going and keep looking.

You can never take full grasp of something new if you will not open your hands and let go of what you have been holding on for a long time.

In life, new things come our way once in awhile. In order to fully grasp whatever this new thing in your life is, you must open up and let go of whatever it is from your past, whatever old thing it is you are still holding onto. You cannot grasp something new in it’s entirety when you’re holding onto something old so tightly. Open up and let it go and give something new a chance.

While you are holding on to pain, you are allowing those who have hurt you to keep on hurting you.

When someone hurts you in life, you have two choices. You can accept what happened, let it go, and move on. The other choice is that you can hold onto the pain, dwell in it, and allow it to take over your life. When you hold onto the pain that someone has caused you, you are simply allowing that person to hurt you again and again, everyday. So choose to let go of the pain. Wipe it away and don’t allow that person to have that kind of control in your life.

Letting go requires no holding back, no turning back, no looking back.

If you truly want to let go of something or someone, then you have to be prepared to erase that thing or person from your life entirely. Don’t hold back. Jump in there and move on with your life. Forget what has happened. Don’t turn back to it, it is gone. Don’t look back or you will remember. Just look forward and let go and move on.

Don’t interfere with God’s plan by chasing people who are meant to stay out of your life.

God has a plan for all of us. He brings people in our lives for a time because they are meant to affect change in our lives somehow. Sometimes, he takes people out of our lives to affect change. There are times when God sees fit to take people out of our lives before we are ready for them to go. You cannot chase those people or try to hold onto them. If God wants them gone, they will be gone. It’s God’s plan, not ours. We shouldn’t interfere with His plan because he can see the whole picture and knows what is best for us, while all we can see is what is around us right now.

Letting go of the past is something you have to do slowly. Time helps you heal things and be stronger. Encourage yourself to do better every day and use all your learning in the past to help you become a better person today.

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