Meaning of Love Quotes and Sayings

Meaning of Love Quotes and Sayings
Meaning of Love Quotes and Sayings

Here are a few meaning of love quotes and sayings. I hope you find them useful in enriching your wisdom and knowledge about what true love is.

A man’s love is not about what they say and what they are willing to do. It’s about what they are willing to say and what they actually do.

By nature, men are not that expressive in terms of how they really feel. They rather show you how they feel by those little gestures that they do for you everyday. They rather show you through actions and less in words.

A simple text message asking how you are, or a flower sent to your office, or asking you out on a weekend – these are simple gestures that your man can show he is thinking about you. Actions speak indeed louder than words.

Most often than not however, women would like to hear from their men things that would make them feel special and beautiful.  Things like “I love your hair, you look beautiful in your dress tonight, I love how you smile and so on.

I admire guys who are willing to say things that women want to hear. These guys that make effort to really adjust and compromise – that even they are not used to expressing how they feel through words, they make an effort to really communicate effectively to their loved  ones for the sake of saving their relationship.

Moreover, I salute guys who actually do what they say – men who keep their promise and mean what they say. And that for me is the meaning of love.

Respect and compassion fused together is a necessary tool for any relationship to succeed. People are who they are because of reasons they don’t tell and you don’t understand. Respect that and don’t take it against them.

If you really love someone, understand with compassion and without judgment even if you can’t fully understand what that person is going through. If he or she is not able to tell yet then don’t nag or force. Wait patiently until he or she finally decides to open up to you.

The thing about being in a relationship is that, any one of you might get hurt and it is up to you to balance your action and your reaction to this. Even if you are hurt, try not to focus solely on that because for sure, your partner goes through some hurt even though it may not be the same kind that you are going through.

When you know how to love yourself, you don’t need to worry about loving others and draining yourself in the process. Loving yourself is like filling up a glass that stays full no matter how many times it is emptied.

It is important to love yourself above others. Because when you do, loving them is easier and it can be very rewarding. Even if those people you love don’t love you back, it wouldn’t hurt that much because all you are giving out is just unconditional love. If you love for real, never measure how much you have poured out. Just continue loving yourself because if you’ve shown you value yourself, people will appreciate that and will love you in return.

If you want to love, love yourself first. It’s not being selfish. It’s allowing yourself to be filled until you overflow.

It is important to love yourself first before loving others. I believe that this kind of love is not egoistic or egocentric. I believe that this kind of love is a necessary tool in loving others.

I believe that in order to love, you have to give a part of yourself to others and in so doing, you are sharing a part of you that can never be replaced. This is the reason why it is important to love yourself first, to fill yourself with love and loving others will just come out naturally.

You don’t have to ask, “if I love you, what’s in it for me?” You don’t have to ask them to love you. When you love yourself, you don’t have to love others with condition because you are full of love in the first place.

How then can you love yourself?

  1. Fall in love with YOU. 

Learn to nurture and care for yourself. It is important that you feel good inside, that you feel beautiful inside, that you know you are well taken care of, that you are happy to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I am awesome” with a smile.

  1. Don’t be hard on yourself. 

Don’t be so hard on yourself and forgive yourself from all your past mistakes. Criticism is important but doing it often especially on yourself may just lead to depression as you dwell on blaming yourself for every bad thing that happened to you.

  1. Appreciate yourself. 

When you appreciate all your efforts and you focus on your improvement, achievements and development, you will be empowered more to do better and pursue your goals. Loving yourself this way is not only empowering. You will also find yourself being more appreciative of others thus empowering them too.

  1. Don’t worry. 

In order to love yourself, you also need not to worry. Worrying all the time can be a headache and it even doesn’t help you in any way. There is not point of worrying about things without certainty if they will happen or not. It only adds up to the cloud of negativity surrounding you.

  1. Grow Spiritually. 

Learn to grow spiritually so that loving yourself becomes as easy as pie. When you are more peaceful, you set your mind to more beauty and goodness everyday.

These are only a few ways on how to love yourself. The essential thing to consider here is that you need to love yourself, nurture yourself, take care of your health, have a positive outlook in life and loving others comes naturally without the fear of getting tired of loving at some point.

The heart holds out hope to hold in all pain.

The heart holds out all hope and firmly believes and holds on to faith especially during those challenging times in your relationship. But when you truly love, your heart can hold in all the pain this life entails. I think this is the real meaning of love.
When you hold out hope, you don’t just give in. All trials are just hurdles that you and your partner can get through if you stay true to the love you share. And when you really love each other, you have the ability to hold in all pain, to endure every suffering, every hurt, every sacrifice  that comes with love.

When I say I’m fine and you look into my eyes and you feel that I’m not, don’t say I lied. It wasn’t a lie. It was a hope. For the heart, no matter how fragile, hopes to withstand all odds as long as there’s love that it carries with.

I am one of those who seem to be very lively and energetic and happy all the time. I wear a smile more often than not. I become too happy that no one recognizes my heart is weary from bleeding, from getting frustrated, from being torn.

I would want to believe that the mask I wear, the smile I painted on it is real. I claim it as my true face. I don’t need to hide how sad I am. I just need to claim that I am happy – that my real face is the mask I’m wearing.

A lot of times I pretend that I am fine. A lot of times I lied to myself and convince myself that everything will turn out just fine –  maybe not the way I wanted to, or not the way I have planned to –  but will turn out just fine.

I am lucky to have someone who knows me when I’m sad, when I’m lonely, when I’m hurt or when I’m mad. I yell when I’m mad. I’m silent when I’m hurt. I seek attention when I’m lonely. I fool around when I’m sad.

When people say I’m not fine and I insist that I am, I don’t actually mean to lie. It was just my way of affirming myself that everything will just turn out fine. That even though I’m hurt, I know I can bear the pain. That even though my heart is torn, I know it will be okay. I wasn’t lying, I was hoping.

What is the meaning of love? When you love a person, you

Forgive without conviction
Love for no reason
Live with a purpose
Die for a cause

Everyone had to deal with heartbreak or something that has happened to you that has made you feel like you just can’t do it all alone.

In spite of anything that has happened to you, it’s important to know that you must be able to forgive people without conviction. This means that you should forgive people without needing to be vengeful. You forgive without needing to hate and hold a grudge in your heart and think of ways to hurt back the person who have wronged you.

When you love for no reason, you love everyone, no matter what the color, age, or creed they represent. This is something that you will have to probably work on, and it will be possible as long as you keep praying to God for a heart like his.

The need for love is more than ever because more people are tuned into hate and deceit for the most part. This is sad, but if you can be the catalyst for love, who knows what you will be capable of in the long term. People will be happy to know that maybe you are someone who is smiling all the time and even though not everything in your day is perfect, you are really trying to shine light into other people’s day.

You need to live your life with a purpose. This is very important because you should know that within you is the ability to turn yourself into something spectacular. You should always have some goals written up that you aim to accomplish, as this will keep you on the road for success.

People who have succeeded at what they wanted to do (and still do to this day) are those who never gave up and knew that they had a purpose in life: to follow the passion within their hearts and also to know who to talk to and network with.

A lot of times. it’s not what you know, but who you know as well. This is how you get ahead without having to step on people to get to the top.

If you don’t have anything to live for, then it is guaranteed you will have nothing to die for either. This is sad if you are one of those that will not die for your career, family, or something of value to you that you believe in.

People will do anything to mess up your vision and get you into the funk that they are in, so remember what this article has told you so that you can love for no reason.

Everyone has to face the reality that we are all only getting older and so being able to take care of all of our people is important. Forgiveness is hard when you have people who have back-stabbed you or just stabbed you in the forehead (as is my story) – the day I forgave the man who stabbed me, is the day I felt like I was truly free.

May we lead the life as Jesus did who forgave his enemies and embrace them as his friends, who loved everyone for no reason but love, who lived for the purpose of sharing everyone how beautiful it is to live in the Kingdom of God and who died to save mankind.

It’s not about who comes and who leaves. It’s not even about how long or how short they have stayed. It’s about who stays forever in your heart.

People come and people go in life. It is not important who comes into your life or who goes out of your life, and it’s not important how long each person stays or how little the amount of time they stayed in your life. What is really important is how each of those people affects your life. Those who have touched you and made a special place in your heart – that is what’s important.

It’s not about what runs in your head. It’s about what flows in your heart.

Life is not lived by the thoughts we have in our head. Life is lived and experienced through what flows in your heart. There are times when we don’t even use our heads in life. Those are the times that we follow our heart. Our heart tugs us in the direction we feel is right. Our head guides us along the way, and keeps logical thinking on the forefront.

Happiness comes from the time you let your heart be torn by others and your thoughts wander from places to places without a definite destination. Happiness is not knowing how, or why, or when, even the what of things because when happiness comes, you will know.

When happiness finally comes to you, you will know. Because when you finally feel what true happiness feels like, you will look back on everything else and see how all of it, good and bad, led you to your happiness.

Don’t wait for that special someone before you live your life. Live it now and live it to the fullest.

If you sit around waiting on that special someone to come into your life before you begin to live your life, then you may miss that person or miss out on your life entirely. Instead, live your life to the fullest extent possible and do it now. That special someone will come along sometime in between.

Love encourages you to wander more from this life, knowing you have someone to go back to anytime.

When you are truly loved by someone else, you develop a certain confidence that only comes from knowing that there is someone waiting on you that truly loves every part of you. That confidence encourages you to explore all your options in life and make life an adventure. You can feel comfortable because you know that someone is there waiting when you come back.

Learning to choose who to be with is not that easy. But once you realize they have nothing to offer, you will know the difference.

Choosing who your partner for life will be is a difficult task indeed. There are many people who will come and go in your life, and they all have something different to offer. Over time and through experience, you will learn what it is you are looking for in a person you can spend your life with. Once you have learned what these things are, you will be able to identify them in another person more easily. Then you will be able to see whether or not the person in front of you has anything to offer or not.

And there you go, some quotes and sayings about the meaning of love. I wish you enlightenment. God bless! 🙂

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