Love Quotes for Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Love Quotes for Boyfriend or Girlfriend
Love Quotes for Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Falling in love is the best feeling in the world. It creates a sense of dependence that as if life could be unimaginable without the person you love. It somehow changes your perspective in life and together, you create a more beautiful version of yourself.

Here are love quotes for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Feel free to send these love quotes to them and make them smile.

1. The past doesn’t bother me anymore. The future I worry no longer. The present is really what matters. My love for her will last forever.

2. Just when I thought I’m done with love and all its baggage, he stood by me and proved me wrong.

3. And in her eyes I saw something that mesmerized me – something I couldn’t understand, something I never saw in anyone else.

4. He is all I think about. He is everything to me. And most importantly, with him, my life has a new and wonderful meaning.

5. Without her I feel like a man lost in the ocean, tired of propelling, gasping for air. I can’t live just a little of her. I want all of her.

6. I can never let distance stop me from loving him. I truly love him and I know we can make it work.

7. There was something in her that at first I can’t fully recognize. There is this thing that, from the moment I saw her, I know I need to have. Only to find out that it was not a thing about her. It was all of her that I need.

8. I think the best thing about love is not to love but to learn to let love come in to your life and appreciate it in any way you can.

9. My love for her had let me find every beautiful thing in her – even the things that were kept hidden for so long, even the things she thought were not there.

10. If love is an illusion, I could stay magically in love with him.

11. Losing her was hard. Losing me in the process was tragic. I just simply lost myself when I lost her.

12. I would have never loved at all until I met him.

13. I may not be able to show it to her all the time. But my love for her is just here and it’s not going anywhere.

14. He never fails to let me feel that I am desirable and for me, that is more than enough.

15. When true love comes, you’ll know it. You will love her for who she is – her past, her flaws – everything there is.

16. She doesn’t have any idea how much I wanted to let her know that I think of her all the time. I cherish all the moments we spent together and if I have the chance to live my life all over again, I will start it on the very first day that I met her.

17. Yes I do believe in fairy tales not because of happy endings or living happily ever after but because of the fact that our love story is classic and it is meant to be told over and over again.

18. Falling in love with her is wonderful. But knowing she feels the same way too – it’s something more wonderful but scary. I’m scared of her vulnerability…

19. I don’t want our story to have a happy ending. I want it to be never-ending.

20. I am terribly and insanely in love with her and I feel that I can’t wait another day to tell her that I want to marry her.

21. I started loving him the moment he walked into my life. And now my life goes on simply because he is in it.

22. It’s hard sometimes being with her but damn it’s harder when I’m away from her.

23.  It’s nice to look back to the happy thoughts of falling in love and the sleepless nights remembering all the laughs and silent moments together.

24. She is my north star, my navigation guide, that with her, I always know where to go.

25. I love the way he looks at me, lost for words, he just stares at me like I’m the only girl in the world.

26. Everything seems perfect when I fell in love with her. Right words just come out from my heart.

27.  When I asked him how much he loves me, he answered without hesitation, “more than you love me”.

28. Her smile keeps me sane throughout the day and her touch just keeps me safe throughout the night.

29. A man’s worth is reflected through his ability to love.

30. Love is about taking chances, not taking for granted.

31. Those who stay when you have nothing are the ones really worth keeping. They are the ones who make you feel you have everything when, in worldly eyes, you are nothing.

32. Love is the essence of life. Without love, life is purely an existence.

33. To be in love reminds you of your charm when you feel ugly. It gives you clarity when you are confused. It reminds you that life is great, that you are a beautiful blessing, that love is a wonderful feeling.

34. True love is not to be blind. It sees beyond what is pleasing to the eyes. True love is not deaf. It listens and goes beyond just hearing. True love is never stupid. It has the ability to understand and the willingness to learn from past mistakes.

35. You know that you’re in love when you can finally say to yourself that this is it, and you’re not letting anything or anyone get in the way. You just follow your heart and that’s it.

36. True love, I think is for everyone. It is something though that not everybody is fortunate to have. Because when you find it, you can’t just grab it. You will have to go through a lot of pain and confusion before you realize that it is indeed true love. And sometimes, the realization comes too late that all you can do is to tell a story that once, you have found the greatest love of your life.

37. If your love is real, you allow her to be who she is. You do not only forgive her flaws and mistakes but you let her become the best of who she can be. It’s not enough that you accept her for who she is. To be in love means to help her grow.

38. Dissimilarity in views does not validate the absence of love. You can be totally different yet can be totally in love.

39. To love is not about looking outward. It is about looking at the heart.

40. To love is allowing that person to be just who they are. More than that, you let them feel comfortable to just simply show their inner self, their true self, and the things they don’t just let anyone see. And you will feel special that way because that’s exactly what you’ve been letting them feel.

When you are in love, there is always this need to be loved back in return. If you decide to build a relationship, then love must be mutual. Both of you must be on each other’s giving and receiving ends.

Remember that falling in love is a wonderful feeling. It comes in an unexpected way. You don’t have to find love. Love is everywhere. And when you’re ready, when love knows you are now ready, it pushes its way to your heart, and you can’t do anything about it but to welcome it in.

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