Love Quotes With Explanation

Love Quotes With Explanation
Love Quotes With Explanation

To let go is not to forget, but to manage the way you feel whenever you remember the memories.

It is possible to let go of something in life and not forget it altogether. We can let go and move on from something or someone and not forget the good or the bad memories we created. Letting go simply allows you to become free and remember the pieces you choose to remember. Remember the pieces that make you happy and don’t dwell on the bad memories that will make you bitter.

The only thing I regret about loving you is it had to end so soon.

Sometimes in life, we have a great love for someone else. It could be your mother or father, or your husband or child. Unfortunately, we don’t get to choose how long we get to have those people in our lives. Sometimes, we don’t get to have the amount of time we wanted. Sometimes, people leave us and there is nothing we can do about it but to accept. It is just a part of life that everyone will experience someday and when that day comes, we realize how short our time is in this world.

Love doesn’t always have to be two-way. Greater love is found when you don’t expect to be loved at all.

Love can be given and not received. You can love someone, but it doesn’t mean they will love you back. The greatest love of all is when you find you are capable of loving someone else without the expectation of being loved in return.

Sometimes you have to let go of the excess baggage in order to move on.

When something bad happens, we take a little part of it with us as we go on. Sometimes, these experiences that we hold onto and carry with us become a baggage that makes our journey a little heavier. We drag it around with us all the time, letting it weigh us down, and slow our progress in life. If you want to move on and not be held back or dragged down, then you have to choose to just let go. No one says you have to carry that old baggage around with you. So let it go, lighten your load, and move on with your life.

I sometimes wish I never had to be with someone, so I never had to feel the difference of being alone.

People come into our life, stay awhile, and then they leave again. There comes a time when someone will come in and then disappear again, leaving you alone again. When that happens, you find yourself wishing that you had never even met them or spent that time with them, because the pain of being without them is just too great to bear. You don’t really realize the difference in being alone and being with someone you love until you are alone again.

I could no longer change who I was nor what I used to be. I don’t even have to change who I am. You just simply have to love me for what I was, what I am and what I will become.

We cannot change who we were in the past, and we cannot change what we used to be like in our past. We do not have to change who we are right now. We should expect others to love us for who we are right now, love us for who we used to be, and love us for whatever it is that we will become. We shouldn’t be expected to change any part of ourselves for another person. The other person should love you enough to love everything about who you are or used to be, and they should be capable of loving who we become in the future.

It was not about what you said or what you showed or what moves you have taken. It was about how it made me feel. It is not about you. It is about me.

When you have a relationship with another person, sometimes things happen that make us feel a certain way. What matters to us is how that person makes us feel. It doesn’t matter what the other person did, or what they said, or what they meant to do or what they didn’t mean to do. It isn’t about them and what they did or said. It is about us and how what they did or said made us feel.

It hurts to love and lose someone who never appreciated you. But it’s more painful to lose someone who used to care a lot for you and appreciate only when they stopped loving you.

Sometimes we find that one special person who we can love so much and all they do is to take us for granted. But we can easily forget them. We can easily move on and get over them.

But if that thing happens to you, I think that is something more difficult and more painful. It’s hard to be left behind by someone who loved you so dearly and all you can do is just regret that you can never have the chance of showing how much you love him too.

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