Letting Go of Someone You Love Quotes

Letting Go of Someone You Love Quotes
Letting Go of Someone You Love Quotes

Here are some letting go of someone you love quotes. These are love quotes for the heart broken who wanted to move on but don’t know how. Letting go of someone you love is easier said than done. Trust me, it’s not going to be easy. But if you put your mind to it, you will be able to make it and when you are already fine, you will realize how much time you have wasted crying over someone who doesn’t even care what you do with your life anymore.

Surrender is not about giving up. It’s about letting go.

When you love someone and you are not happy with the relationship anymore, it’s okay to surrender. Because surrender does not mean you are weak and you just have to give up that easy. It means being brave enough to let go of something or someone that doesn’t do any good for either or both of you.

Leave a space for happiness by emptying your hearts with sorrows and doubts.

If your heart is filled up with nothing but sorrow and doubt, then those things will grow and grow until there is no space left in your heart for happiness and joy. You have to learn to let go of the sorrows and doubts, and replace it with happiness and joy. It may not be an easy task or transition, but once you start emptying out the sorrow and doubt, and you let in love and happiness, it will also grow and grow. Eventually it will fill up all the space that used to be filled with sorrow and doubt.

Have a heart that forgets the bitter memories and a mind that dwells on love.

Bitter memories are always there. That’s just part of life.  Make sure you learn to have a heart that is able to let go of these bitter memories and make room for better ones. You must make sure that your mind dwells on love instead of anger or hatred. Don’t allow the bitter memories to take over your heart and mind and make them sour for the rest of your life.

There are times that we need to focus only on one thing to narrow down choices and come up with one decision.

Sometimes it seems like we have a million things going on all at once. Life is fast paced and time can pass you by very quickly. Sometimes, in order to make the best decision, we have to slow down and think about what our choices are. We have to narrow them down by immediately eliminating the things we know we will not settle for. Let go of the things we don’t need. Let go of people that make us miserable. You have to make yourself focus on only one thing, and reach a decision on that one thing before moving on to the next.

Don’t concentrate on the fact you lost something – as there is a better opportunity waiting for you.

In life we gain things and we lose things. It’s all a cycle that we are all a part of. If you have something that you love and you lose it, don’t dwell in the fact that it’s lost and gone from you forever. Instead, look forward to better days and keep in mind that there must be something better on the way.

A day will come when you will realize why things are not meant to be with someone else.

When you have been in a relationship with another person, and the relationship doesn’t work out, we often wonder why. There can be many reasons why, and you may not find out that reason for a really long time. Be patient though, because there will be a day in your future where something else happens and when it does, everything will suddenly come together and make sense. And you will finally realize why things weren’t meant to be the way they were before.

You are your own boss. Do whatever makes you happy and let go of people who have hurt you badly.

You are essentially in control of yourself. No one else truly has control over you. You can be the boss of your own life and your own decisions. Therefore, you can choose to do whatever it is that makes you happy in life, and you can also choose to let go of the people in your life that are holding you back from finding your happiness.

Forgiveness doesn’t involve revenge.

Forgiveness is not always an easy thing to give to someone, especially when they have hurt you deep within your heart. You can learn to forgive and let things go. But keep in mind that forgiveness does not involve any kind of revenge. If you still feel angry and vengeful towards another person, then you have not truly forgiven them.

Choosing to continue with one’s life might be scary but living in your past is the real ghost.

Life can sometimes be a scary thing. Choosing to move forward with your life, especially after it’s been difficult in the past sometimes takes courage and the will to carry on. But living in your past and with all the nightmares you previously experienced can haunt your mind and will follow you everywhere you go if you let it.

Let go of the past. It is meant to stay there but not you. You are meant to live the present and look forward to a bright future ahead of you.

Let other people realize your importance by letting them go.

Sometimes people will get so used to you being around and being there for them, that they forget how important you are to their life. After awhile, you just become a part of their routine. Occasionally, you have to let go of those people, and let them live for awhile without you. When you do let go, they will realize again how important you are to them.

Let go of your baggage and start moving forward.

When we experience something bad in our life, it sometimes affects us in such a way that we hang onto a part of it and carry it with us as we try to move forward. But moving forward while hanging onto all the baggage from your past mistakes and sorrows is not actually moving forward. If you want to grow and move on with your life, then you must let go of the baggage because they are heavy and are just holding you back.

Never let your past get the best of what this life has for you.

Do not allow your past mistakes and regrets hold you back from gaining all that life has to offer you. When you consume yourself with your past, you cannot focus on your future. For your future to become the main focus, let your past go. Don’t allow it to stand in the way of all the greatness you have before you.

Let your past pass through.

Don’t let your past follow you around forever. Let your past pass through you and go away from you. Your past cannot be changed or altered now in anyway, so you must allow it to pass through your life.

Turning your back on something lets you see the other side of things.

Sometimes we can only see one side of things because we are only looking at the situation from one point of view. There are times in life when turning your back on something will open your eyes to the other side of it because it’s the only time you will be able to see it from the other point of view.

Look at the things you can gain by moving forward and forget the things you lost.

You can move forward in life by forgetting the things that are lost to you. Sometimes when you lose things, they are gone to you forever. Instead of focusing on what is lost, instead focus on all the things that you can gain from moving forward with your life.

Let go of your inhibitions. Take off your clothes. And let yourself go. Truth starts within you.

The truth about everything you are and everything you do starts within you. To find it, you must strip off all masks and anything that is hiding that truth. You must let go of your inhibitions and let yourself become open, and you will find the truth deep inside yourself.

Sometimes, you just really have to let go not knowing the WHY OF THINGS.

Sometimes, there are questions in life that should be left unanswered. It is maybe because no one can’t seem to find the right answer for you or maybe, it just hurts to hear the answers. Whatever it is, it would be best to let go of that and move forward. If it doesn’t affect your whole life as it is, then never mind if you can’t close that chapter of your life. Anyway, you have all the capacity to change your life and become a better person even if there are things undiscovered.

Having been hurt by anyone is never enough reason to hurt them back. Most importantly, it is never a valid excuse to hurt someone who hasn’t got anything to do about your past.

When you experience your heart to be broken by someone you thought worthy of your life, never revenge the pain. As what the golden rule says, “Do not do unto others what you don’t want other to do unto you.” You know for the fact how you’ve been hurt by what that person has done, do not let them experience that pain too. It may be unfair, but as a mature person, you should learn to let go. Also, do not let another new person feel the hurt you’ve felt just because you haven’t moved on from the past. Let it go. It would be much unfair for that person who has nothing bad against you.

You are never responsible for anyone else’s happiness. Trust them enough that they can do it on their own.

Sometimes, we get so attached to a certain person that we want them to be happy by being around them. And when there are times that we have to leave, we worry about how their lives may turn out without us being around. Even if it is hard, we must remember that life is what we make it. How your life turns out, whether happy or sad, is in your hands. Let go of that separation anxiety especially if you both know that being separated from each other is only for the good for both of you.

Sometimes we just have to let go and stop looking for answers as to why people have the capacity to hurt us.

We can’t help but ask why there are people who can intentionally hurt others. But constantly dwelling on this thought simply means you are not able to let go thus allowing yourself to be hurt all the more.

Instead of waiting for questions as to what’s the real reason why a person may have hurt you, just learn to let go of the hurt and forgive that person. You may not forget what that person has done to you, but let it not be a hindrance as to why you stop seeing that person. There are just some things that may be better to be left unanswered. Surely, in time, answers will come and it would be easier for you to accept the reasons why as time has a bit part in healing your wounds.

If you are at PEACE with your past, you won’t declare WAR, not now, not in the future.This is because when you are at peace with your past, it means you have forgiven. You already forgave those who have wronged you. You already forgave yourself for what happened.

In short, you are at peace because you chose to be healed from the past. You already let go of the intense emotions that were attached to the things that happened from the past because you realized you no longer need self pity, hatred, grudges and resentments. You realize that by not forgiving, we can’t be healed. By not forgiving, you don’t punish those involved with the past. By not forgiving, you punish yourself.

By Being at peace with your past, you are moving on.

Once a chapter in your life is closed officially and peacefully, it would be easier for you to move on and start anew in your life. There is no point at looking back at the worst part of your life just to make your present and future a worse life to live in. That is why, for every problem you encounter in your past, whether it is in relationships or other problems, you should be able to mend things with sincerity to be able to sleep well every night. Learn to forgive and forget and your tomorrow will be better.

Ask yourself if they still need you. If the answer is no, then it’s time to let go.

It’s time to let go when you feel you are no longer needed, no matter how much you love them. It’s time to move on when they become happier without you, no matter how much this hurts. You have to give them the peace of mind they needed not only because it is the right thing to do but also because you owe that to yourself. No matter how painful to see them go, if that will give them the peace of mind, the happiness they are seeking for, then you have to let them go.

Let go of the past and focus on what else can be done.

Don’t hold onto your past. The past has already happened and cannot be changed or altered in any way. So let go of what has already happened and decide that you are going to focus on the other things that can be done now and in your future. Those are the only things that can be changed.

Let go of hatred in the past that you carry in your heart and replace it with love by people surrounding you at present.

It is really difficult to just let go. It is not easy to just forget anything that caused you so much pain. And it is the hardest to forgive someone who may had not intentionally hurt you but never asked for forgiveness or never felt sorry for the hurt they caused you.

When we are at our angriest point, we don’t think clearly whether that person hurt us intentionally or not. We do not understand or listen to them. We just think of how bad we are hurt. We think of our rage.

But no one is really that bad or evil. The choices and the decisions they make are based on things or reasons that we can’t fully understand if we keep on thinking of ourselves.

When we learn to let go of our hatred, when we let our wounds heal, we open our minds to possibilities of forgiveness because we acknowledge that we too are not perfect. We also make mistakes. And at one point maybe, we might have hurt them too.

Let go of the bitter memory and just have a firm grip of what truly makes you happy.

God knows I wanted to let go. It is only Him who truly knows how much I wanted to just let go of the past and the hurt it caused me.

I keep on telling myself I will not be bothered anymore. I will not think about it anymore as hindrance to my happiness. I am happy. I choose to be happy right now, not soon but now.

I paid more attention to my work – work that doesn’t seem like work for me. Writing is my passion. It’s my life and I can’t imagine doing anything than this. I am happy with what is going on with my career as a writer.

I am happy to have a supportive family and to have a sibling that I treat as my own child. He is a special one, a very special one. I look after him for how many years now.

As I try to heal myself from a heartbreak and the series of events that lead to another heartbreak, I tried to divert my attention and focus on what truly makes me happy – taking care of my brother and my career.

The time has come when I can finally say, I don’t care about what happened. It’s all over now. I am happy now.

It saddens me however that a simple flashback of a deeply painful event has made me realize I wasn’t healed yet. And I couldn’t fool myself any longer. It still hurts.

I hope one day, as I browse through this post, I really do hope the pain is not as much as it is now.

Take time to pay attention to those who need you in their lives rather than wasting time crying over those who have left you. For those who need you can love you for who you are even when you don’t have anything to give but yourself.

When it’s time to leave, it’s time to leave and we can’t do anything to change that. Let go of the past. Let go of the people who wanted to be out of your life. There’s no point crying over them. There’s no point holding on. Let them go. Focus your attention to people who care for you, to people who can love you for who you are. These are the people who deserve your love. Your family, your friends, your significant other.

Letting go doesn’t mean you stop loving. It even doesn’t guarantee to end the pain. In fact, letting go is the worst pain you could ever get from love. But it will teach you to maturely accept that not everything you desire is worth having.

For what it’s worth, just know that someday, someone out there will find you, someone who can reciprocate your love and is willing to go through some hurt too, that someone who you never expected to come into your life because they are far much better than what you have hoped for.

Believe me. I just had mine 😉

Being heart broken is only a state of mind. And so does letting go. I hope this helps. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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