A Letter to My One Great Love

A Letter to My One Great Love
A Letter to My One Great Love

I took care of you for 26 years but I don’t feel it was enough. I never imagined a life without you…

I know that you will leave me one day but I never thought it would be this soon…

My love, you are the reason why I chose to stay. You are the reason why I chose not to go away. You are the reason why I kept my head high and believed that my decisions are right.

My career and my love life, all failed because I chose you. And I never regretted any of it because I love you. All my decisions, all my choices are for you.

And if I will be given a chance to start my life all over again, I will choose you over and over again.

If I will be given a chance to be with you even just for a day, I will spend it taking care of you and give you everything you want. Everything…

Your body has given up. It may have but I know that your mind and your heart never did.

You are stronger than me and I never expected that.

I love you so much and I couldn’t believe that it’s time for you to leave.

I know it’s hard for you. I know how much you love me too. I know how much you miss me. I know you are thinking of me.

I know you are in a much better place right now. I know that God took you away from me simply because it’s time for you to go and rest.

It’s time to end your suffering here on earth.

You have no idea how hard it is to let you go but I know that I have to. Because I feel that you can’t leave seeing me like this.

But please know that I am okay knowing that you are okay.

Thank you for all the love. Thank you for making my life meaningful. You are my greatest achievement. You are my one great love.

I love you my little brother. My baby. My best friend. My everything. I never loved someone so great like what I have with you but you know, no man had ever loved me as much as you did too.

And I’m grateful that I was given 26 years of our life together. It was the 26 most meaningful and happiest years of my life.

I love you my baby. Rest in peace. Go. Ate will be okay.

I will keep you in my heart until we meet again…

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