Feeling Depressed Quotes

Feeling Depressed Quotes
Feeling Depressed Quotes

“Don’t Hide from it. Face it.

Is there a part of you that you have kept hidden for long? Something deep inside you, buried down deep inside you that you do not want to dig out or talked about?

Many people just run from their problems. They simply just hide from them, never facing them. Some people just simply avoid those who have hurt them. They don’t want to talk about them, as if they never existed. Some do not want to go to places that might just bring up something hurtful or painful.

People would rather stay focused on “what is” and not on “what was” instead of dealing and facing those problems.

When you try to avoid your problems, they don’t go away. When you try to run away from your fears, they don’t go away. But if you face them, if you do something about it, if you deal with those problems, it is only then that they go away. It is only then that you are able to get rid of them.

Every time this uncomfortable situation comes up in your life, do not bury your head in the sand. Greet the problem head on and with a positive mindset and you will realize that the huge problem that has been beating you up mentally, for so long and so many years, was just a figment of your imagination. It was never real to begin with and certainly will never hurt you.

Set yourself free from those mental anguish. Set yourself free from anxiety of what happens next. Set yourself free from fears of the unknown. Set yourself free from anything that happened a long time ago that has been keeping you locked up, stuck from moving forward.

Just look in the mirror and put down those hands. Tell yourself, “It has been long enough and today, I am free…”


“Thinking hard about the future is like looking up a giddy pinnacle. Why worry if it makes you dizzy?”

There is no point in beating yourself up over what is yet to come.The present has enough worries for you to think about. Worry just exhausts us and drain energy. There isn’t anything good about worrying and most of all, it shows our lack of trust to God.

When we worry, we become afraid that the things we plan for our lives will not turn out just the way we imagine or hope for.

How then can we stop worrying?

The only thing that we can do is to submit everything to the Lord and let His will be done. That even when things do not happen as we wish, the Lord will never let us down as long as we trust that indeed, He will not let us down.

I have been so much of a worrier the past years of my life. One day, I just felt that the Lord wanted me to know that I have to stop worrying, that I should just be cool and leave it all up to Him because there are things in life that I can’t do anything about. There’s no point therefore to worry and struggle all the time.

If I handle my life as it comes, then I will not get tired and get frustrated all the time. Why? Because instead of spending the day worrying about tomorrow, I have all day to spend quality time with the ones I love. I have all day to do the things that I love. It’s much happier and lighter that way.

What good does it do to worry? There is none. It doesn’t solve any problem. In fact, it just adds to it. It doesn’t do any good at all.

No matter what you are facing right now, just know that God has a great life planned for you – that God is already working on it. And this includes a life of prosperity and fulfillment – a life with peace and joy and every good thing you have been hoping for to have. Don’t worry about the future. Let the future take care of you.


“You’ll never know how strong you are until a storm passes by and you survived. Good if you find yourself standing still after, better if you fell but managed to stand after all.”

Have you ever been talked about? Have you felt the pain of being gossiped? Have you experienced passing by a bunch of people and they were looking at you from head to toe then stare straight in your eye again?

You may be at the wrong end of a mean-spirited gossip. You may realize even your friends join in laughing at you about a hurtful joke. You may feel so alone at times. You may have tried being put down by other people just so they could step up the ladder. You may have felt that your best friend turned his or her back on you and started conversations to other people with a question, “Have you heard…?” You may feel at that instant, that the world is totally against you.

But know that this storm shall pass.

There are things that you want to do in life. There are dreams you made and started working on it and keep on hoping it would work out but didn’t. There are things you wish you could have done in a different way, things that should have worked out when you have done it the other way.

But know that this storm shall pass.

There are times that you would want to go back in time and stop the clock for awhile then do all the things that you should have done to make things happen the way they should. There are times that you will feel that even you are full of hope, it can not change the fact that you failed, that it is harder for you to just swallow your pride and accept your failure rather than working harder next time.

But know that this storm shall pass. It will. Just believe it. It will pass. And you will move forward.


Failure is not you. Failure is what happened yesterday and yesterday ended last night.

Never let failure define who you are and what you ought to become. Failure is not meant to be a part of your present. It should be left behind in the past. It’s the lesson that is learned from failure that should become a part of your present and your future.
Past is past. Regret is of no use. There’s no point dwelling on what could have been or what should have been.Let it go. Let it be. Everything happens for a reason and always believe that every day is a new day for new hope, new thoughts, new challenges, new life.


I may not see clearly from afar but I know I’m getting there.

I may not be there yet but I know I will soon be there. Even though I may not see clearly from afar, I have a feeling I am getting there. I am about to fulfill my dreams. I am about to reach the goals I have set for myself.
There are times I feel like giving up. There are lots of times it happen – like all my efforts seem worthless – like time stands still when I wanted it to fly so I can be where I needed to be in an instant.

I’m not losing hope. One day, all my dreams will come true. I’m positive about it. It will be sooner than I expected it. I know I’m getting there.


We are always left with no choice but to make one.

When life gets tough, don’t say you are left with no choice but to quit  just because you think you have exhausted all possible ways to solve your problems and all possible means to free yourself from your misery. You always have a choice. You can choose to stop looking for choices or you can choose to go looking for more.


Thorns cut deep when gripped.

The more you grip tight with what’s hurting you, the deeper it will cut you, the longer it takes to heal. Let it go, Love yourself by allowing all your wounds to heal. When you are healed, you know for yourself how stronger you have become.


Life has alternate layers of greens and blues.

Life is just a series of greens and blues, of HOPE and DESPAIR. Although there is no such thing as happily-ever-after, the hope to surpass life’s challenges should never fade. Life doesn’t end in a misfortune, unhappy incident, a failure, or a tragedy.

A layer of sadness and hurt and a layer of hope constantly overlapping each other – with a lesson learned in every step, wiser and bolder we become. Life has alternate layers of greens and blues. There is always hope that after a painful event, comes healing and moving on and starting anew.


Repent is the present form of regret.

Regret is a thing of the past. It eats you up the more that you dwell on “what could have been.” Stop blaming everyone for what happened in the past. Stop blaming even yourself, especially yourself.

When you blame yourself and not others it means you take the responsibility for everything that happens in your life and repent is what you do after acknowledging your mistakes, after feeling sorry for the hurt created by your actions, after you have learned your lesson.


“Each trial that we are faced has a corresponding blessing that awaits.

Every trial or challenges in life I have faced are making a big splash out of me thinking that I cannot resolve it. Often times, I find myself asking this question—“Why me? Hasn’t anybody on this planet that is faced with the same troubles that I am? Was I the only person left living that all of these are given to me?”

Often times we question God. Often times we question ourselves. Often times we feel nothing but doubts.  We doubt ourselves if we can bear and stand with all of these that we are currently facing. At the same time we doubt God. Though we know it is not the right thing to do, but that is how we do initially.

If you are faced with the same situation today, there is just but one thing that I want to say. Keep those candles of faith burning. You might think that yours is the worst, while others were just living easy lives. You might think that what you think is right; however, you are wrong. Each of us is faced with trials. Though it differs on the level, trials however you may define it are just the same. Bear in mind that everything happens for a reason.

The Bible says “in everything give thanks”. Take note, it says EVERYTHING. Here is one way to motivate you. God might have been preparing you for another phase in life. It could be that He is planning of promoting you to another level. And to make you deserving for that, He has to measure your patience, faith and trust in Him. Whenever He sees you faithful and steadfast, He surely will grant you the reward He is preparing for you.

Remember what Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you; plans to give you hope and a future” Prove yourself to God that you deserve that reward He prepared for you. Stand firm and just keep that candle burning for each trial that we are faced, there is a corresponding blessing that awaits.

“I fought the greatest battle of my life and I conquered myself.”

My life has been a blur the past months and I thought of giving up all my aspirations and dreams because of my past that has been persistently used against me.

While many of us would say “live in the present, never look back, do not let anyone’s words affect us when they bring us down”, it is always a lot easier said than done.

I could not push myself into not being bothered by the past. For the past, instead of having been left behind, was dragged into my present. Whether or not I will choose it to further partake in messing up myself and my future is something I need to decide upon and so the battle begins.

I fought against that rage within me. The rage caused by a man I once loved – a man, in order to justify himself has unintentionally messed up what was supposed to be the greatest time in my life. It is true that life by definition is intricate and to view it that way makes it a little more complicated.

The greatest battle of my life is not about being driven by my rage and getting even at people who have hurt me. It is about the battle against myself and I know that I must win. I know I have to conquer all the negative thoughts that I have created about myself because of what other people think and say about me.

My determination has lengthened its endurance. My faith has kept me focused.  My patience has taught me to keep silent. My hope has made me decide to win the fight.

I can finally say I am happy at present pursuing my dreams. I think less of giving up and I know, I have conquered myself because I need to win. I need to win because I was born to win.

“When we have pain, we wish the world could stop and heal with us but if it does that for everyone, I don’t think the world will ever move.”

Human as we are, every time we feel like we are depressed, frustrated and down we certainly would want to have everybody feel the same way that we felt. It’s like asking “Why are they happy when I am not? Why do they have to smile when they know I am sad? Are they insensitive or am I just being a sentimental fool?”

Getting caught in a whirlpool of love-related sentiments is like boxing yourself alone and feeling as if the whole world is turning its face against you. This is the time when you will wish that the world would stop turning, birds would stop singing, sun would stop shining and people would stop smiling. We want the whole world to understand and feel how exactly we are feeling. We want them to know the frustrations that we have.

I have had this situation before. Almost 12 years of being together. Everything was almost perfect. Almost. I was just then coping with the separation of my parents. Dad left us for another woman. That left me hating guys. However, when I met this guy, it feels like he lifted all of those frustrations and depressions. He then painted a smile on my face. I thought that was all about it.

After some years, things changed. He changed. I didn’t know why. Another couple of years, he left me without a single word. It feels like the world has turned its back from me. Why does everybody have to leave me? Where all have they gone when they leave? And why does the whole world is rejoicing when I am not?

All of those questions flooded my mind. There is nothing that I want the whole world to do is to feel what I felt. I am sad, everybody should be too. However, one day I realized this can’t be possible. I need to face all my pains in order for me to move on. I have to be strong and show that whole world that I am tough.

I managed to handle everything. However, it doesn’t change the truth that I was once hurt. I was once that someone who condemned every time I wake up. I was once that person who wished that that world would stop from spinning and cry with me. At least, that was “once”.

When we are in pain the world won’t stop to show its indifference but to teach us that life shouldn’t end in adversity. And when we choose to end life as merely an existence, then we start a life that is truly worth living.


“Why bother carrying the world on your shoulder if it can shoulder everything that bothers you?

When we are faced with  life’s challenges, more often than not, we tend to believe and make others believe as well that everything is fine.

Sometimes I think, that kind of optimistic view is somewhat unhealthy as we try to wear a mask and show the world how strong we are. At the end of the day however, as we try to unmask ourselves and just be who we are, we realize it is not them that we deceive but ourselves.

You don’t have to show the world you are okay. That really adds to your burden. Why bother carrying the world on your shoulder if it can shoulder everything that bothers you?

It is alright to stop and give yourself some space. It is alright to give yourself the chance to feel how you really feel inside, recognize them, accept them and soon you will be able the heal yourself and you will be able to let go.

You don’t have to pressure yourself to heal as fast as you could. You can take your time to think about things. When you try to convince yourself that you are healed, then you’re not. Because you don’t have to convince yourself in the first place. You just know you are. And it shows – from your life decisions, from your thoughts, from your words, from your actions.

“Whatever we go through we always grow through.”

Silently, I have cursed the people who hurt me. Silently, I promised myself that one day, I will get back to them. Silently, I have thought of ways to hurt them back. I will hurt them in any way that I can and let them know how it feels to weep SILENTLY.

My pain has turned into anger and everything just went straight over my head. I even have gone through that stage when I wished karma works in my favor and simply do its magic thing for me.

One of them met a tragic accident that nearly took her life. I was so shocked to hear about the news. Can it be true that karma works that way? If so then I ask God His mercy and to please forgive me for the thoughts of revenge and bitterness I had planted in my heart.

I never thought of getting even with anyone anymore since then. It’s another lesson I learned from going through all the painful circumstances I was faced with.

Everything we go through gives us the chance to grow through them. It’s a beautiful chance for growth and learning that we should not waste them and dwell on the negative aspect they are attached with.

While it is true that the more we are faced with adversities the better we become, it doesn’t imply that we make mistakes on purpose. Let the pain we endured be a constant reminder for us not to create the same mistakes again.

May we all have a broader view of our horizons, do something great and make ourselves proud that whatever we go through, we always grow through.


Dwelling in the past is like jumping from a vertiginous height
And landing on a bottomless pit
A never-ending fall…
You open your eyes and cry for help
Only to realize that you alone can un-strangle yourself

Past memories, challenges, hardships and turbulence – these are part of every person’s life. It is embedded to us the good and the bad times we have encountered as we take stages from a child, to a teenager, to an adult.

I think all of us will agree that if we have to choose to remember , the good memories must prevail. Although it’s hard not to as it becomes inevitable, dark past will just keep coming back.

Recollecting my thoughts about my past, I had many of them that at one point has made me bitter.

One of them was a romantic relationship with a man who unfortunately were not able to keep his fidelity. Dwelling on this matter made me feel less of a person – that there is something wrong about me – that there are things he saw in other women that maybe he wished I had.

In short, I felt I was not good enough for him.

I had withheld my emotions of anger, loath and disdain. It had boiled inside of me and had weakened me.

But what bewildered me for so long was the fact that during confrontations, he always had an excellent excuse. They come in pretty packages and the words are so believable that I was able to convince myself that indeed, he wasn’t cheating on me.

The relationship lasted for years and I have to endure the emotions over and over again because I wanted to be loved. Love after all is about forgiveness and taking chances.

I didn’t have the courage to break it off because it will be next to a deep depression. It had slapped me in the face when the overwhelming evidence has surmounted that he will no longer change. Not now, not ever.

I had put it bluntly and told him I wanted out. Then I landed on a bottomless pit of depression and became numb. Things had never been the same without him. It was death.

But then I realized that I was the one who was drowning myself. I was amble but I want my peace of mind.

Dwelling in something that is already a part of the past didn’t get me anywhere. So I just had to let go of the memories and move forward.

I’ve been dead but I have taken my life back and it deserves to be lived pretty well.

“Believe that even in the darkest of dusk light will always shine through no matter how small it may seem.

No life is problem free so to speak! It is very true and applies to all ages. Some problems would make us feel miserable, lonely, sad and isolated.

There are some points in our lives, when night seems to be very long and rains seemed to be getting stronger. The kind of personality we have will predict how long or how soon the sun will shine on us again.

The strength of one person will be attributed to the way he or she was brought up, the environment they grew up, and the depth of their  faith.

I will categorize myself living below poverty line when I was a kid. My father had a meager income. We were forced to work at an early age to eat even just two times a day. This hand-to-mouth existence we are in before lasted up to my teen years, going to school with literally nothing.

Classmates and schoolmates would look down at me because of my faded uniforms and worn-out shoes. But these material deprivation is nothing if you are focused on something. I have to study hard for a better tomorrow. Those are the words embedded in my heart and in my mind.

But misfortunes kept following me. My father lost his job and my mother had lung infection and people around us seemed to be happy with what’s happening to us. They will give us a piece of bread but they want us to remember it throughout our lives.

There were countless nights that I can remember, we have to go to bed with empty stomach. Only to wake up with the same problem again. Every opportunity that we can have to earn for a few coins, we have to grab it.

This went on and on until we found ourselves praying with bended knees, asking and begging the Almighty to show us the light of HOPE. And true to His words, anyone who sought for His help, anyone who knocks on His doors will be opened.

I know that there is no tough day that will last forever and people who are tough and have submitted themselves to God will surely win over their difficult times! I praise Him for all the blessings He bestowed on me during those darkest times in my life. =)


“A tiny spark is all it takes to burn your worries, to rekindle your faith, to light the world. Don’t lose hope. You might blow it.”

The cycle of failure  – finding ways to solve our problem, trying them out, failing – this is a cycle that drains us, leads us to exhaustion and sometimes, our light  just simply burns out.

I remember a story from my English class back in high school. A boy named Joe is so happy to have a rabbit as a birthday present from his father. He loves his new pet so much that he always carry it anywhere he goes.

One day, they went to the forest to play. Joe and his rabbit were happily running and skipping when all of a sudden, the rabbit fell into a pit. Joe knelt down to reach for his pet but his arms are too short. He picked up a twig, knelt down again and reached out but it was useless.

He started crying. He wanted to go home. But this was all he asked for his birthday, he remembered.  He couldn’t just leave his poor pet behind.

There is got to be a way. He imagined his mom scooping his favorite chicken thigh from the stew. If only he can find something that he can attach to a stick so he can scoop his rabbit out. So he started digging, unaware that the soil is being thrown to the pit where his rabbit was trapped. The rabbit shakes off the soil and jumps until such time that the pit became shallow by the soil being thrown and the rabbit was able to jump up to the ground.

Sometimes we reach a point in our life when we give up on our dreams simply because we run out of reasons to hold on. That instead of finding ways so we can hold tight, we find hundred reasons not to.

While Joe was praying hard that he can find a way to save his rabbit, he didn’t realize his prayer has already been answered. All because he never lost hope. Losing hope is just like leaving your helpless rabbit behind when it was all you have dreamed of having.

When we think of ways to solve our problem and we try them and fail, we think of other ways again. If we try and fail again, then we think of other ways again. Going through that cycle of failure and finding a way to get out from the cycle – these are two key factors towards success.


“Faith means to stand up straight when the world turned upside down.”

When all the things around you seems hurled down
When every move you take  seems to fail
When  every dream  you make feels hopeless
And everything is getting worse,  seems endless

For every circumstance that blocks your way
Let go of your fear and think of it this way
That God is in change and God is in control
He won’t let you down, He won’t let you fall

Don’t dominate your life with doubt
Nor worry what misery brings about
Faith is all you need
To accept things as to believe

You are a man of faith
You better stand up straight
Rise up,  fight like a brave
And fight a good fight of faith

Life is all about decision making, taking risks and making sacrifices. When decision making seems to be difficult, choose what your heart truly desires and you will never go wrong. It is love that will guide you in everything you do.

We can never really guarantee that life will be challenge-free. When we are confronted with difficult situations wherein a decision has to be made, do not be afraid of how it may turn out. Leave it all to God and just choose what your heart desires. We, people will always have that instinct to do what is right and what is best for us. If we make the wrong decisions, then let us be responsible for it and try our best to do it right. We learn from our decisions, so take every decision seriously in life.


Everything that happens in our lives is an opportunity for growth.

Life is a constant process that requires every day to be a learning cycle. Your growth for maturity can depend a lot on how exposed you are to different people and different life setting. How you think and perceive things can greatly be caused on your environment and upbringing by the people around you. Every challenge and contentment you experience is a chance to think to a higher level and decide certain situations on your own. Through life’s experience, you become for strong, responsible and a determined person.

You never know how strong you are until something tries to break you down.

Oftentimes in our lives, we go through different challenges from it’s simplest to complex forms. It may just be problems in school, family or worst problems about financial and emotional problems. Have you ever experienced a very challenging situation in your life that you would wish to give up instead? Never look at these challenges in a negative way. Instead, look at this as a way for God to make you a stronger person. You will realize that there is so much potential in you knowing that you are able to surpass big challenges and remain strong no matter how hard it is.


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