Deep Love Quotes That Make You Think

Deep Love Quotes That Make You Think
Deep Love Quotes That Make You Think

Unhappy relationship: if you are the one who is unhappy, you have to go. If your partner is unhappy, you have to let go.

A couple who are in love should be happy in the relationship that they are in. Once they lose that spark and anticipation of excitement when they are together that could mean that there is a sense of discontent towards either of them. If you or your partner is unhappy and trying to mend things is not helping, then maybe it is better to let go of the relationship. Sustaining the relationship can be pointless when there is no reason for fighting. It might be painful but it’s the best you can do.

Boy, “why do you let me keep on waiting?” Girl, “because the best things in life are worth waiting for.”

It’s true. Best things in life are worth waiting for. Best things are worth fighting for. Best things are worth trying even it means over and over. Never give in to whatever that stops you from having the best things in life. It is worth it. Understand that everything is worth a try. If it didn’t work out as what you imagined or planned, then it is still worth the try. The lesson that come with trying, with waiting, with hoping – they are priceless.

If you want to be in a serious relationship, you shouldn’t be in a rush to make things into reality. There are just some things that are worth the wait. Some things come in God’s time so you just have to be patient enough to wait for God’s plans to happen as you do your best here on earth to make it happen. Especially in relationships, if you feel you haven’t met the person yet who’s gonna change your life in a lifetime, give yourself time to meet more people and discover yourself as to what is really your priority in life.

Of all the people who have the capacity to hurt us, it’s the people we love the most that can cause us the worst pain.

When people we love hurt us, the hurt is three times more than getting hurt from the people we even barely know. This is because we value these people so much that we find it unfair to be treated the opposite way. These people are the one’s we thought who would be our support but then they prove to you that they do not value you in return. Even though it can be as painful as you have imagined, you just have to accept that there are certain important people in your life that you should learn to let go.

Sometimes I think if I haven’t met you, my life would not have been this miserable and sweet and wonderful. I always wanted this – this being miserably in love with you.

There would always be that one person in our lives that can make us happy without us knowing the reasons why. That person just makes our life more wonderful just for the fact that he/she is there ready to support you. Being in love means enduring pain sometimes due to some personal differences but also learning how to improve them through each other’s help. Being madly in love just gives you a taste of heaven here on earth. It is a feeling that would truly make your living here on earth worthwhile.

No on should stay in an unhappy relationship unless both of you will try your best to make things work out.

All relationships would always have its ups and downs. There would be times that you feel such joy and contentment, and there would also be times wherein you just want to let go. If you both feel unhappy in your relationship right now, try your best to work things out rather than give up quickly. If you both want to save your relationship, younsurely would mend things no matter how big your problem is. Try to find back the happiness that you ince had before instead of doing nothing and let your relationship be broken.

If you’re not happy with me I need to let you go even if it kills me.

It hurts to see your relationship die as you thought it would last for long. But it would rather hurt when you see everyday that.the person you love isn’t happy being with you anymore. Instead of pushing yourself and hoping that things will eventually change, you will just have to accept the fact that it is better to let go of that person and your relationship. Love is not selfish, so just let the person go and find his happiness even if it hurts you.

Maybe that’s why people say “you deserve someone better” is because they cannot accept what they don’t deserve.

It is an indirect way of saying, “you love me more than I love you and you don’t deserve to be loved less than you can give.”

The greatest feeling ever is to be loved by someone who brings out the best in you just by merely staring at you.

It feels really really great to be loved by someone who, by just staring at you, can bring out the best in you. And this is because you can see from his or her eyes how deeply they are in love with you and you feel the sincerity and intensity.

That just by looking in the eyes, you can truly say that they accept you for you are. They adore you so much that they can accept whatever flaws you have. And by this, you are able to be at your best. They simply bring out the best in you because they love you for who you are.

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