Deep Emotional Love Quotes

Deep Emotional Love Quotes
Deep Emotional Love Quotes

“Loving only becomes hard when you’re hurt; when you feel weak; when you feel extremely down. But loving has been the best way for you to smile while looking nowhere as you remember some good things.”

Loving is an easy thing to do in the beginning when everything is still new and perfect. Loving becomes hard once you have been hurt because you don’t want to believe that a person you love could hurt you so bad. Loving becomes hard once you’ve been knocked down and you’re weak. You find it hard because you know how the pain of being hurt feels and you don’t want to feel that anymore. But loving is the best way for you to hold your head up when you have nowhere to go and nowhere to look to. But because you are able to love, you are still able to smile and remember the things that were good in between.

“Being independent makes moving on easy as pie.”

Often in a relationship, we will find that we have become dependent on the other person. Then when the relationship ends, you realize how hard it is to move on. If you focus on remaining independent in your relationships, then if that relationship were to end, moving on would be so much easier.

“Why be upset over a relationship that didn’t last? If they don’t care, why should you?”

There is no reason to be upset over a relationship that did not turn out the way you wanted. When relationships do not last, it’s because the other person did not care enough about you or the relationship to make it work. If the other person didn’t care enough about you to stay with you, then you shouldn’t waste your time caring and being distraught over them either.

“Never play with other people’s feelings, and be wise enough to not let others play with yours.”

A person’s emotions are a very fragile thing and can be broken and manipulated easily. You should never be the kind of person who would knowingly play with another person’s emotions and feelings just to manipulate them into doing something for you. It is cruel and mean. Furthermore, you should be wise enough and pay enough attention to those around you to recognize when someone else is playing with your feelings. You will save yourself a lot of heartache and pain.

“Loving someone means accepting every part of them wholeheartedly.”

To really love someone requires you to open your heart and mind and let go of any and all expectations. To truly love another person, you must be ready to accept and love every part of them with your whole heart. Some of those parts may not be very likeable, but regardless you must love it anyway because it is a part of them.

“You may give all you have, but if what you have ain’t what he needs; then he receives nothing.”

When you are in a relationship with another person, you may give them everything you have. You may give them every part of your heart and soul. Even if you do give them everything you have to give, if it is not what they are looking for or what they need out of the relationship, then it will not matter. Because if you don’t have what the other person needs, then you can give and give forever, and they will receive nothing because what you are giving isn’t what they need.

“Be your own lover. It’s hard to find one these days.”

Today’s world is very different. It is difficult to find someone to love and someone who will love you back in the way you deserve. So instead of searching your life away for someone to love you, just stop and love yourself.

“Letting go means giving that person an opportunity to grow.”

Sometimes in life, it is necessary for us to let go of someone else. Even though you may love that other person very much, you have to give people the opportunity to grow. There are times in life when helping another person grow will mean that you will have to let them go.

“Relationship starts with trust.”

Every relationship needs to have trust. Trust is the foundation to a solid and healthy relationship. Without trust, the relationship cannot grow, and it cannot develop into something worthwhile. Start your relationships with trust and work hard to keep it that way.

“True love accepts what you have always rejected.”

There may be certain things about people or things in life that you have always rejected and did not like. But when you truly love another person, you will accept everything about them, even if that means that you must accept things that you have previously chosen to reject.

“Choose someone you will never get tired of spending your afternoons with.”

You may choose to be with anyone you please in your life. But choose wisely because whoever it is that you choose will be the person you end up spending all of your afternoons with. Make sure the person you choose is a person you won’t mind sharing that with.

“I love you because I can never find a reason not to.”

We love many people throughout our lives. There are some people you love that no matter how hard you look, you will never be able to find a reason not to. Even if the person does something you don’t like, in your eyes there is no reason to stop loving them.

“A heart breaking is a heart expecting.”

When you build up certain expectations in your heart for another person, you are setting them up for failure and setting yourself up for disappointment. If you set expectations for another person, then when they let you down and disappoint you, you are the one who ends up with a broken heart.

“True love can never result to hatred.”

True love simply doesn’t turn into hatred. When you truly love someone, then regardless of the mistakes they make or the pain they may cause you, you will never stop loving them. Your love, if it is real, will never become hatred. If you have found hatred, then you have not found true love.



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