Break Up Quotes: Broken Heart Quotes

Break Up Quotes - Broken Heart Quotes
Break Up Quotes - Broken Heart Quotes

1. Why do we always end up regretting and realize only what is worthy when everything else is gone?

2. I think what is difficult about moving on is the part where you have to forget all the good memories like they never existed.

3. It’s crazy how people start caring for you when you stopped caring for them.

4. I wonder how tricky love could get. You can be happy when you fall in love, sad when you fall out, sadder when it breaks your heart.

5. I think relationships fail because we can’t accept that people change and we’re not ready to love them for who they are now.

6. When I met him, it was magical. It’s as if the world stopped for awhile and we are the only ones moving. And when the world turned around I realized that magic is only an illusion. And so was he.

7. They say that every scar has their own story but all the scars in my heart have only one.

8. The way she smiles is what I miss the most. And it pains me all the more knowing she is smiling because of someone else.

9. You said I am your angel. I fly the highest when I am loved. But you tore my wings and broke my heart.

10. I miss you more than I should. I miss you more than I thought I could possibly do in my entire life.

11. When I lost you, I lost myself too. Because when you left, you took all of me with you.

12. Why can we fall for someone who falls for someone else?

13. You only remember me when she makes you cry.

14. Don’t give me that smile when it is meant to be for someone else.

15. How can I get over someone who got over me in an instant?

16. The most hurtful words I heard from a man, “I love you but that was before. Everything is different now.”

17. You are mine but only in my dreams.

18. Someday, you’ll see, I’ll be with someone you will envy, wishing you were still in his place.

19. I’m sorry I made you wait forever. I’m sorry for myself you didn’t wait that long.

20. One day, you will see my smile, the smile that has kept all my pain hidden.

21. I’m done listening to all your crap.

22. Maybe time can heal all wounds but your mind can heal them faster.

23. I’d rather be alone than to be with someone who makes me feel just the same.

24. I simply stared while he walks away. I never had the guts to beg him to stay.

25. Why is it so easy for you to let go when I all did was to fight for you?

26. I’m too tired fighting for someone who can’t even fight for his love.

27. I love it when you let me feel that you need me but I didn’t say you should be here only when you need me.

28. One day he was asking me to marry him and the next day, he was marrying someone else.

29. For so long you became the only reason why I want to get up in the morning. Now that you’re gone and I don’t know what will happen to me.

30. I’ve been struggling and looking for a reason to live now that you’re gone.

31. Do you know how happy it makes me to just see you? Yes, even just to see you from a distance and yes, even when you are with someone else.

32. There are things in life that come really late. Just like you.

33. I became a slave of my own sadness the moment you set me free.

34. Life is too short to grieve over what has been done. The past could only teach you so much. With the same person or not, you got to take another chance in love.

35. I have had enough and I’m done with you.

36. I was looking for a reason to fight for you but all you were looking for is a fight with me.

37. There’s no point thinking about what happened why you ended up this way. It ended, period.

38. It’s just sad to know that the one you want to hug is the same person who upset you that’s why you needed a hug.

39. Can you really choose the people you want to stay in your life? Can you just beg them to stay when they want to walk away?

40. For there’s nothing else to say just to make you stay and there’s nothing else to do than to let you go.

41. You’re sitting infront of me yet you’re completely out of reach.

42. True love is knowing when to fight for it and when to let go.

43. We love each other so much. We just have to stop loving each because we ran out of reasons to do so.

44. When he left me, I felt that I couldn’t make it without him, that I couldn’t make it without him, that I am nothing without him.

45. When you feel you haven’t given your all and you already lost, you sometimes couldn’t forgive yourself for not doing your best. And you just really have to accept that because you couldn’t do anything about it anymore.

46. When someone hates you, all they see is the negative in you.

47. I have learned that the greatest risk in love is to be seen as who you really are and it’s up to them to accept you for that.

48. Someday, someone will love you the way you deserve to be loved.

49. Each morning I congratulate myself because I survived another day without him.

50. There are things that can be fixed. Some things however, are just too broken.

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