Break Up Messages to Boyfriend Girlfriend or Loved One

Break Up Messages to Boyfriend Girlfriend or Loved One
Break Up Messages to Boyfriend Girlfriend or Loved One

No matter what the reason is, breaking up is always a hurtful process that every individual who enters into a relationship needs to experience in order to grow and mature. It leaves valuable lessons that you can use in your next relationship.

When things are not easy to say in person, break up messages come in handy. Here are examples of break up messages to boyfriend girlfriend or loved one that you can use to end a relationship.

  1. I’m saying goodbye not because I don’t love you anymore. I’m saying goodbye because I can’t take it anymore.
  1. I think I just have to accept that our differences made us incompatible instead of binding us together.
  1. You know that I have to do this so we can break free from this toxic relationship that we have put ourselves in. You know that it’s not working. It’s just breaking us apart. And I’m sorry that I have to break your heart. This is heart breaking for me too…
  1. I never wanted an easy way out, you know that. I’ve been very understanding. I always forgive you and give you lots of chances. But enough is enough.
  1. I’m done taking all the blame. It’s time for you to be responsible for your actions. I can’t wait anymore for you to change. You will never change because you can’t even see that there’s something wrong with you.
  1. Grow up. And you can’t do that while I’m here taking all your responsibilities, doing everything for you. I’m letting you go because I want you to grow.
  1. Who would have thought that we will end up like this? Everyone sees how a lovely couple we were. But I need to think of myself this time instead of what others expect us to be. I’m not happy with you anymore. And I know you are too.
  1. They say that if your love is true, you won’t get tired loving. Well, I’m never tired of loving you. I still love you. I’m just tired showing it to you.
  1. They always say to me that I should not give up on love. I’m not giving up on love. I’m just giving up on you.
  1. I think we mastered the art of pretending. So we have to do it one last time. Let’s pretend this breakup won’t hurt us rather than pretending we still love each other.
  1. Yes our relationship was give and take. I am the giver and you are the taker. Not healthy. Let’s break free.
  1. You don’t have the right to make me feel how pathetic I am. I’m not giving you the pleasure of seeing me cry for you. You can go to hell for all I care.
  1. Goodbye. And to the one you will love next, well, good luck.
  1. What happened? You used to be someone so loving and pure. Was it something that I did or didn’t do?
  1. I’m breaking up with you because I realized that letting you go will teach me to maturely accept that not everything I desire is worth having.
  1. How many times do I really have to get hurt so I know when to let go? You have hurt me so much for so many times but why is it still so hard to leave you? I know this is the right thing to do and this time, it’s really over.
  1. I know that pain comes with love. And if I say that I love you forever then I have to endure some pain for a lifetime too. But I hope you understand that I have to stop enduring the pain because it’s not worth it anymore. Our love is not worth fighting for anymore.
  1. My mind is with you but my heart now belongs to someone else. I’m sorry but I really didn’t mean to fall in love with her. I hope you can forgive me. Someday, you’ll find someone you truly deserve.
  1. I can no longer put up with your lies and I’d rather hurt myself of breaking up with you, never to be with you again than to be with you pretending we’re still fine.
  1. I don’t know if I’ll regret this later on but breaking up with you is the only thing that I think is right to do at this moment.
  1. You don’t text me. You don’t answer my calls. You will call me only when you need me. You don’t give a damn of everything I tell you. I’m tired putting up with you. I’m tired lowering my standards. I’m tired settling for the little care and attention you can manage to give. Goodbye.
  1. I’m letting you go not because it’s time for you to wake up. I’m letting you go because it’s time for me to wake up.
  1. I’m done with the illusion that you will change for me. You only think of yourself. You just took me for granted. It’s over.
  1. I can’t believe that we will end up like this but I have to accept it so we can start being happy. Our relationship became so toxic that there’s nothing else to do than to find our way out.
  1. There are times that I wish I haven’t met you. But oftentimes I’m just thankful that I did because I became a better, more mature person now that our relationship is over.

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