Is a Break Up Letter a Good Idea

Is a Break Up Letter a Good Idea
Is a Break Up Letter a Good Idea

Yes, I think a break up letter is a good idea especially for couples in a long distance relationship.

Most people would say that it’s unethical or inappropriate but for me, a break up letter is more practical. As I said, this is especially for couples who are in a long distance relationship and wanted to get out from it as soon as possible.

Being in a long distance relationship as I always say is hard. It’s never easy to be far away from your loved one even if it’s only for a short period of time. More so if the reason is work and your partner needs to work overseas or you have to work abroad.

Lot’s of people I know would tell me that people who work abroad live their lives like they are single even if they are married in their home country. I’m not stereotyping. I know there are still a lot of loyal people out there. But for you who are reading this, I know you know what I’m saying.

And let’s face it, trust or loyalty is the number one issue ldr couples have to struggle with. We couldn’t really judge a person who can’t stay loyal because there is always a reason behind our actions justifiable or not. And on his or her part, I’m sure it’s not really that easy to tell his or her bf or gf, “I’m sorry, I’ve fallen for someone else.”

A breakup letter comes in handy to save your face. I’m sure the one dumped would say it’s a cowardly thing to do but yeah, someday, it will all be clear and forgivable.

I had an LDR before and our breakup was really awful. It was devastating for me. He gave up on me and I couldn’t do anything because he is so far away. I kept thinking maybe if I chose to stay with him abroad then maybe, we are happy together until now.

It was kinda hard to move on when you don’t have that closure, you know, talk in person and be civil with one another. But I know I have to move on and forget about the closure because if I have to wait for something that doesn’t have assurance that it will happen, then I will be wasting a lifetime.

And I want to be happy. I want to be free. I want to free myself from whatever it is that is dragging me down.

And after so many years, at a time that I am happy and in love, he called me  up. I didn’t know how he got my number. I was surprised. He had his vacation and yes, we had that closure.

It felt great. I felt given importance to. It was nice to know that yes, this person loved me. Though a breakup letter would suffice. Only if he just wrote me a breakup letter, explaining his side, apologizing, wishing for my happiness, I think that would be enough for me.

And it’s funny that another ex of mine vibered me just today. I remembered writing a breakup letter for him before. He is perfect but yeah, not just the perfect one for me. We stayed friends for a time but we lost contact with each other.

I was surprised to hear from him again and we are both happy for each other. I don’t know where this topic is leading to lol but I hope you get my point.

Whatever the reason for your breakup, show some respect and put a good end in your relationship because you’ll never know the impact of a breakup to your ex. Your ex – the one you loved and cared for at one point in your life.

So if you can’t do it in person, write a breakup letter or call or whatever. The important thing is you did something and don’t just disappear. Aright? Thanks for reading! 🙂



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