Bitter Love Quotes

Bitter Love Quotes
Bitter Love Quotes

When we experience a great love, it is wonderful and fearful at the same time. Great love can make us feel like we are on top of the world. It is the best feeling ever. But when everything ends especially if it ended so bad, we become bitter.

Being bitter for a time is normal. It is a part of the process you have to go through so that your broken heart can be healed.

Here are bitter love quotes that I’ve written when I was so angry with my ex. Haha! ^_^

  1. I have learned from you, I have grown out of you and now I’m done with you.

2. You can never go out from a relationship with exactly the same you when you first entered it.

3. There’s no going back and you cannot undo what is done.

4. Sometimes you have to let die a part of you so others can live. And that’s what I’m giving you. I’m giving you your life back even if it means that a part of me has to die.

5. We became so distant to one another but in the midst of it all, I still love you.

6. If you’re hurt and about to cry, think of how much your mascara costs… is he worth it?

7. Too bad you love me when I decided to stop caring for you.

Bitter Love Quotes 1
Bitter Love Quotes 1

8. You can’t say you are over, when on your thoughts he always lingers.

9. We love with pain. We even love with everything greater than pain.

10. Greatest love recognizes the possibility that it might be lost. Then it ends realizing it couldn’t be lost. Love can only be given but it can never be thrown away.

11. It’s hard to say I love you for in my heart I know that by telling you, I’m going to lose you…

12. So I heard you’re dating my ex. Well, good luck!

13. Well I’m done with your never ending crying over nonsense. Let’s stop this shit.

14. I’d rather love someone I can’t have than to have someone I can’t love.

15. I thought I was okay but when I walked by him, every memory just popped in and the pain grew stronger and turned to anger.

16. Well I hope you’re happy with your new found clown. Because that’s who we are, isn’t it? Just some form of entertainment that you can change whenever you want.

17. Breakups are not meant to hurt you. It is meant to keep you away from the wrong people who you thought was the right one for you.

18. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by sweet talks. You’ll get bitter aftertaste.

19.If there’s one thing he is very good at, it is his ability to make me feel guilty for his own mistakes.

20. You don’t have the right to make me feel how worthless I am.

21. Tears are more special then smile because you can smile at everyone but when you cry, you do it only over people you love the most who hurt you the most.

22. Thanks for dumping me. I wouldn’t have met the one who treats me his most precious one.

23. One day, when we meet again,  I will let you feel the real meaning of REGRET.

24. Hi, still remember me? I was the one who took all your bullshit and cared for you when no one else did.

25. You are my dumbest mistake.

Being bitter for a time is normal. What is not normal is when you carry that bitterness in your heart and let it consume you. You should not let bitterness dictate your actions. You can never be happy being bitter. You just have to let it all out and start anew.

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