Best True Love Quotes for Him or Her

Best True Love Quotes for Him or Her
Best True Love Quotes for Him or Her

Sharing you some best true love quotes for him or her. It’s nice to read such lovely quotes not only when you’re in love but also during those times when you feel like giving up on love.

Somehow these love quotes can reignite the fire in our hearts and gives us hope to hold on to love. Sometimes, it also gives us the courage and motivates us to let go and move on and still hope that somewhere out there, our true love is waiting for us.

  1. The person destined for you is the person who will stay even when there is no reason to give out love. For in the darkest of the day, that person will love you and will always stay.

Somewhere out in the billions of people in the world, there is that someone who is meant for you. And when you find that someone, you will see what true love really is. A true love is unconditional no matter what the tides are in your life. That person who will stay when you have nothing is the person who sees your worth and values you to the point that you are more than his love. When you find that person, never let him go for he is a keeper. If you are really meant to be, then you would also feel the same.

2. Your partner is not a form of entertainment that you can just toss away when someone new and interesting comes along.

If you really love a person, treat him like he’s the most valuable thing to you. If you think a diamond is precious enough, do not trade it for a stone. Remember, the excitement always fade after some time and only the person who loves you truly will remain there for you. Don’t be fooled by what you see and feel at the moment just because someone new has taken notice of you. Never play a game when it comes to love as karma can knock you hard. Faithfulness is always the number one rule if you want a long lasting relationship.

3. If there’s no trust, love cannot happen. If there’s no trust, love should not happen.

You may love him or her so much but if there’s no trust, you don’t ever feel secure in your relationship. A girl may wary in all that the guy does when once, the guy has betrayed or cheated on the girl. Doubt comes easily and the girl may doubt everything even the guy’s love for her.

Trust issues in a relationship can lead to depressions and intense frustrations. And the more frustrated you get, the harder you’d try to cling on to your partner in the fear of losing them completely, which can make you a clingy and very controlling which can entirely ruin your relationship.

Trust is two way. You need to trust in order to be trusted same way that you love to be loved. If there’s no trust, there’s no way that a relationship can work out.

4. True love can never be found from where it doesn’t exist, nor can it be hidden from where it truly does.

It is true that true love can never be found where it doesn’t exist. It cannot be forced. It can never be chosen. You can’t just you fall in love to a man or a woman because you see in them all the qualities you create in your mind as your ideal mate.

When we fall for a person, we simply just fall in love. No excuses, no buts, no justifications. He or she may  possess all the qualities opposite to what you’re looking for, but if you fall, you really can’t help it.

The decision to love, the decision to commit yourself, the decision to hold back, these are the things you have control over.

5. We hate so much because we love so much.

Hatred and love are two distinct feelings but not entirely opposite. We can feel hatred towards a person but it doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t love them anymore. In fact, we still do love that person, we still care because at some point, we are still affected by their presence, by what they do.

We can truly say we don’t have romantic love to an ex who have hurt us when we become indifferent, when we are not affected by whatever he or she does, when we don’t mind at all.

6. When someone’s worth it, sometimes, you just have to put it out there.

You just have to make compromises. We do not get everything we want. We do not love because we are loved and we get from them what we want. We show our love by sacrificing some of the things we want for the sake of our loved ones because we love them, because we care for them, because we want to make them happy, because they are making us happy too.

7. People work things out if they know what keeps them together.

And that should only be love. Love is what should keep two people together. If you stick to it, it is easier to work things out.

8. You can never hide what’s inside your heart.

You can lie about it. You can choose not to show it to other people. But you can never hide it from yourself. What’s inside your heart is something that you truly want. Always go for it. It never goes wrong.

9. I came to realize I should not be looking for someone who could fill the spaces and just do as I please because expectations just lead to disappointment.

I always wanted to feel complete as I know there is something lacking in me. I tried to find in others yet I always seem to fail. I came to realize I should not be looking for someone who could fill the spaces and just do as I please because expectations just lead to disappointment.

I come to realize that when I commit myself, it is because I decide to build a relationship with someone I fall in love with, with someone I respect and truly care for – and not because I want to fix something in my life.

10. One day, I will be sitting next to you, pouring out the love that has kept us together all through these years that we are apart…

No matter how far you are right now, know that I’m just here waiting for you and I will do everything to keep you. Please do keep me in your heart too. Please trust me on this and I will not do anything to break that trust. I love you so much…

11. “Love someone for who they are
Accept them for who they are not
Understand them at their worst
And help them to bring out their best.”

Loving someone for who they are comes with accepting them for who they are not. This means NOT trying to change them into someone you think they should be. Once you created this “idea” on how someone should behave or how someone should talk or how someone should love you, there is always an expectation which when not met will just lead to disappointment.

12. There’s no point holding on to a relationship without happiness as its common ground.

A relationship always involves two people and it’s not going to work out if one of you is not happy. Both of you should be happy and it takes a lot of effort to achieve that.

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