Short Long Distance Love Poems

Short Long Distance Love Poems
Short Long Distance Love Poems

Missing You ~ I Miss You Love Poem

Missing You is an I miss you love poem with an expression of deep longing for a loved one who is far away. It speaks of how someone misses a loved one every moment of everyday and how someone never to lose hope and patiently waits because both of them know in their hearts that they will end up being together one day.

When the sun goes down
And the night is young
I look up to the stars
And I’m missing you…

When the sky is closed
And the raindrops fall
I blow my kisses to the wind
And I’m missing you…

When the sun comes out
And the dewdrops glisten
I whisper to the leaves
And I’m missing you…

In everything I do
In all places I go
I close my eyes for a while
And I’m missing you…

People come and go
Time passes by so fast
I still can’t wait for the day
When I’m finally be with you…

Hold On ~ Long Distance Love Poem

Hold On ~ Long Distance Love Poem is a short love poem full of hope and assurance that no distance is too far for two people who are in love. Long distance relationship is hard but if both of you will commit yourselves and never give up, then know that one day, you will be together.

Just believe that our time will come
Don’t be afraid of what is yet to come
Don’t lose hope from our petty fight
Close your eyes and hold on tight

From all these pain of not being together
It is our love that binds us together
Time will help us get through
Hold on to the love I feel for you

Tonight ~ Long Distance Love Poem

Tonight ~ Long Distance Love Poem is a love poem about a promise of being together forever. It talks about staring at the sky every night to keep reminding themselves that very soon, this lovely couple who are far away from one another will soon be together and that their long distance love is only temporary.

As we wait for that precious moment of being together,
Know in your heart that I will love you forever
For no matter how far you are tonight
Never forget what I told you about starlight

Stars are broken dusts of moon
They are meant to scatter light til dawn
So let light keep the stars apart
and let distance carry you in my heart

Time Flies ~ Long Distance Love Poem

Time Flies ~ Long Distance Love Poem is a short love poem expressing an intense longing to the one you love to the point of thinking that if only time could fly and everything is played fast forward just so you can be with the one you love.

If to step close to my dreams means a step away from you,
I’d rather stay here, unmoved.
I’d rather ask TIME to stop moving too
Freeze everything, keep the world from turning

Until TIME, which does nothing but run away,
Will realize how much love I have for you
That it will fly us to the life
That I dreamed of spending with you

My Missing Piece ~ Short Long Distance Love Poem

My Missing Piece is a short long distance love poem which talks about how a girl cries in silence about the emptiness she feels because her boyfriend is far away. She just wants her to know that she loves him so much and without him, her life is nothing.

You are my missing piece…
You are that part within me that I am long seeking.
You are the answer to the question I have long been asking.
You are the only one who can make me smile after a long day of fight.
You are the reason why I keep holding on tight.
You are the reason why I’m still here.
Losing you is my greatest fear.
You are my missing piece…
And missing you all the time…

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