Miles Apart Poem LDR

Miles Apart Poem LDR
Miles Apart Poem LDR

With you I could never be alone
Our love is carved in a stone
Tomorrow when the sun rises
Everything is coming up roses

This is the first poem I made for my dearest who is miles away from me at present. To be in a long distance relationship is never that easy. It is even harder during those times when you needed so badly  to be held close and sometimes, talking to them or hearing their voice over the phone can no longer satisfy that need.

For those who are asking the meaning of each line from this single stanza poem I made, here it is finally. Thanks for waiting!

With you I could never be alone – When loneliness visits you and intends to stay for awhile,  feel his or her presence in your heart and in your mind. In that way, you can steadfastly commit yourself so you can be strong enough not to fall into temptation of using someone close to fill that longing.

Our love is carved in a stone – Be strong. If your love is real, carve it in a stone and it stays there forever.

Tomorrow when the sun rises, everything is coming up roses – Never lose the faith and just look forward to that day when there is no more distance that lies between you and everything falls into place very soon. Everything will just be coming up roses 🙂

So there you go. It’s just a very short love poem but I hope you can share this to your loved ones to all of you out there who, like me, is far away from their loved ones.

It’s really not easy being in a long distance relationship but if you commit yourself to one another and just be steadfast in your love, distance won’t get in the way. Just have in your mind always that this is only temporary and sooner or later, you will be together once again.

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