Broken Heart Love Poems for Him

Broken Heart Love Poems for Him
Broken Heart Love Poems for Him

My Heart was not Broken ~ A Love Poem for Him

My Heart was not Broken is a love poem for him expressing her love that never faded away over time and distance.

For the love I have with you today
Is the same love I have kept inside
I could no longer hold them in my heart
I should have told you this from the start

From the moment you went away
I thought my feelings did fade away
But now that you have come back
Everything is back on track

I can’t leave my words unspoken
I love you like my heart wasn’t broken
And today I can finally say
My love for you has never gone away

Never To Love You Again ~ A Heartbroken Love Poem

Never To Love You Again is a heartbroken love poem that is full of sadness and despair. It talks about not being able to move even though it has been years since they have been apart. It speaks of true love and regrets.

I told myself I would never love you again
But all these thoughts just went in vain
You are that dream I buried alive
To be happy I daily strive

I was happiest when I was with you
I am happy now but the happiness is not true
Moments I spent with you were pleasurable
Everything with you becomes memorable

I get weak and sometimes it’s you all I want
In my thoughts you always haunt
Months became years so soon
Life without you is not a boon

I remember those lovely eyes of yours
Those walking hand in hand by the shores
Remembering you is not wise I know
I still am not able to forget you though!

When Love Becomes a Lie ~ Heartbroken Love Poem

When Love Becomes a Lie ~ Heartbroken Love Poem is a sad love poem about how once a true love became a lie. It talks about heartache and regret and bitterness from a great friendship and love that ended with heartbreak and hatred.

You came into my life and my love for you I realized
My world was all happy and mesmerized
I love you a lot and I don’t lie
I didn’t adore anybody so much under this sky

“I will love you forever”, you said
And for believing that I heavily paid
You turned out to be a liar
Too good of a player

I dream about you day and night
You were my prince and I saw our future bright
Love was just all around
You were the best thing I ever found

I still love you and I don’t know why
Not to remember you daily I try
I still care about you how stupid I am
Our love has just become a lie

I am not Afraid of Losing You ~ Broken Heart Love Poem

I am not afraid of losing you is a broken heart love poem that describes my thoughts when my ex left me. I surely won’t forget him for he is the reason why I am able to stand on my own now. He became the source of my strength for a long time and when he left me, I thought I would die. I proved myself wrong. He wasn’t the source of my strength. I have it in me, hidden, trapped from his love.

And when he walked away, I discovered my own strength. So I’m not afraid anymore. I can now face the world with my head up. There is one thing I’m very afraid of though. I’m not sure if I will be able to love again. I’m not sure if one day, I can say that yes, I’m ready to fall in love again.

But for now, I’m thankful. Thank YOU for leaving me. Thank you for making me feel that I am strong even without you.

I am not afraid of anything
To whatever it is this love would bring
I am not afraid to love you
I am not afraid if you don’t love me too

I just love with you with all my heart
I don’t care of the distance that keeps us apart
I will love you despite the curse
I will love you until it hurts

You chose to break my heart
You made my world fall apart
If this is what is meant to be
I will accept what will become of me

I am not afraid of losing you
I am not afraid to live without you
Now I lost you I lost everything
I’m afraid of only one thing

I’m afraid I can never love again
I’m afraid of all the hurt and pain
I’m afraid my heart can’t cope
I’m afraid I lost all hope…

They say that goodbye doesn’t mean FOREVER but for me, goodbye doesn’t mean it is THE END. It is not the end because I know that one day, we will see each other again. Yes, this is goodbye, but no, this is not the end.

My World has Fallen Apart ~ Broken Heart Poem

My World has Fallen Apart is a broken heart poem at my lowest moment. I just felt the need to express what I feel. I couldn’t help but cry while writing.

It was the fifth year of our relationship when he said it’s over. I fought for it even if it means I have to swallow my pride and beg. His heart was filled with anger. His mind was clouded with pride. He can only see what is ugly. He listens only to answer me back with his sharp tongue that it almost killed my sanity.

This broken heart poem is for all of you whose heart has been broken like mine. We all need time to heal. And while we still cannot hold it together and every sad song brings us back to crying with never ending pain, we try to just let it all out and express ourselves. Hoping that one day, we can share our story to inspire others, without the pain and only the lesson we learned.

I met you in the midst of my chaos
You loved me despite all the odds
You gave me reason to hold on
You gave me hope when I have none

I have loved you God knows I really do
There’s nothing else I can think of but you
You made me feel how wonderful I am
And all my flaws you didn’t give a damn

I wonder what went wrong
You kept your silence all day long
And the moment I was asleep
You packed your things and decided to leave

You gave all you have when I have none
Now you left me with nothing and you’re gone
You shattered my life when you broke my heart
And now my world has fallen apart

Some Broken Hearts Never Mend

This is truly a sad poem entitled Some broken hearts never mend and you can read from the poem how terrible it is to have one’s heart be broken by another. This heart broken love poem is actually a story about a girl who has loved a man who betrayed her.

The girl managed to heal and didn’t lose hope. She has let herself fall in love with a man who she thought would be hers forever. It didn’t turn quite as expected for the man just left her. He just simply gave up.

Being broken once again, she doesn’t know how to pick up the pieces of what is left of her. Now she is afraid of falling in love again. She would rather stay single and be alone than love but be hurt once again.

I have loved and have given my all
He tried his best to love me with all his soul
Maybe we weren’t meant to be
Maybe it wasn’t our destiny

I have loved again this time with guarded heart
But all I did was break his heart
He turned his back on me
There is no resolution but to flee

I don’t know if I can love again
Maybe some broken hearts just never mend
If loving means to endure the pain
I’d rather not love, I’d rather end

Some hearts are just never meant
To stay together
Some broken hearts never mend
And remain the same forever

Sad Broken Heart Poem

This may sound so cliché but it’s true. Each time your heart breaks, it feels like it is the end of the world. It becomes the saddest feeling you could ever feel. It’s like your whole world just crumbles around and you don’t know what piece to pick first so you can start a whole new life once again.

The thought of being left behind is so powerful that it exhausts you from every inch of energy that is left of you and everything just doesn’t seem to make sense anymore. It’s like giving your everything to someone who left you and took everything with him when he left.

He who brought back everything that I missed
He who picked me, every little piece and fixed
He who lifted me up when everything just torn apart
He who has granted all the wishes of my heart

He who I thought will not turn his back on me
He who I thought until the end will fight for me
He who I thought won’t break his promises
He who I thought won’t leave me for my mess

What seems to be a one true love in the midst of false hope and betrayal
What seems to be a healing love in a world of torment and dismal
Has made me love and lost and love once again
Only to be left behind to be broken once again…

So that’s my sad broken heart poem. So sad isn’t it? To be loved after being broken for quite some time. And then you will be left again, broken again. And you won’t have any choice but to start all over again. This time without anyone who will want to fix you. This time, you will no longer need any man to come near you. This time, you need to be strong without anyone picking you up and fixing everything for you. There’s no one else but you. And you have to do it all by yourself.

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