Wedding Wishes Messages

Wedding Wishes Messages
Wedding Wishes Messages

Marriage is a covenant taken by two people who want to spend a lifetime together. We all love weddings and express our best wishes to couples. Gifts and warm messages are sent and if you are clueless about what to say when that big day comes, then the following wedding wishes messages can come in handy.

1. Thank you for having me on this special day. As you are joined together in love and joy unending, I pray that it will last forever and the sparkle will be brighter. Learn to love each other a fresh every day and life’s hardships will be a stepping stone to a lifetime of happiness.

2. A wedding is just for a day, but marriage is an every day event. Everyday you have to validate the love and commitment you have sworn just now. Remember that love should always be mutually reciprocated and that involves compromise and sacrifice. Always think that in every decision that you make, you have to decide together. Consider your partner’s feelings by talking it out to mend things. Do not let pride come in your way. There would be certain times when you upset each other and I hope that you will always forgive each other for that. And always remember, God is the only third party allowed. Best wishes and congratulations! I hope you have a fruitful life together as husband and wife.

3. Wishing you happiness and joy and may this day mark the beginning of a happy union of two people. You are now one and may you remain as such for lifetime. And now let’s  celebrate, dance and be merry!

4. On your wedding day, I do not wish that you stay in love forever. I wish that love will stay in both of you no matter what happens. And just a simple piece of advice, always choose to use the power of your words in faith, in truth and in love and try not to use them in lies, hatred and betrayal. I wish you all the best and congratulations!

5. Congratulations on this special day as you tie the knot. May your wedding be marvelous and the start to a great life. I pray that you blossom in love today and forever together.

6. To wish you both a wedding day full of love, laughter and precious memories is my greatest joy. May the honeymoon last forever and may you overcome any hardships through love.

7. I hope that you have a wonderful life ahead. May you always put your best efforts in working out your marriage. Remember that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage, just a constant forgiveness and second chances. Forgive yourself and take the chance. Forgive others and give them the chance. I love you both. Best wishes!

8. Taking the step to marriage is a great one in life and I would like to congratulate both of you for your braveness. I want you to forget about EGO. EGO is a three-letter word that holds you back from saying things your heart is dying to say like I love you, I miss you and I am sorry. So don’t let ego come your way and just enjoy your wedding day and cherish the memories each day as you grow in love.

9. Finding love is like a flower that’s blooming and needs to be nourished. You have found love and just like the flower your love needs to be nourished with care, understanding and laughter to bloom. Congratulations on your wedding!

10.  Love is a gift from God and is to be cherished once found. May your wedding and marriage be heavenly, filled with blessings and joy.

11.  Your wedding is the best day of your life. May each day henceforth be the same as you share with the love of your life. Remember that it takes a lifetime to know a person completely because the truth is, people change along the way. Congratulations on your wedding.

12. Family and friends are treasured gifts in our lives and today as you two officially become one, we applaud and celebrate with you. Love and cherish this gift with love and joy throughout your life.

13. The significance of life cannot be found by searching. While you live your life, you will find its real meaning. I’m so glad that at last, you have taken the chance to live your life together and find the real meaning of life in each other’s arms. God bless you and your future family!

14. Do you still remember that day when you were so devastated because your ex boyfriend dumped you? You were complaining and asking God why He allowed that man to enter into your life only to hurt you. And I told you that you have trust Him. The best is yet to come and He is saving the it for last. And for you at that time, they are just words of consolation. But now, look at you now, so happy and so in love. God indeed saved the best for last. I wish you both the happiness that you deserve. Congratulations!

15. I’m so glad that I’ve come to witness this important day in your life. It has been a long journey and though it took you almost a decade to finally get here, I know it’s worth the wait. True love is worth waiting for and marriage is definitely a risk worth taking for! Happy wedding and have a happy and prosperous life ahead of you!

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