Most Touching Love Messages

Most Touching Love Messages
Most Touching Love Messages

Most Touching Love Messages

1. My beautiful angel, I am simply mad about you. As much as one can be mad. Inside my heart rests a strange feeling which impulse me to laugh alone, weep alone and be a day dreamer. I don’t know how I can express conflicting emotions that are surging like a wind in my heart and soul all day and night. I can only remember first and foremost in all my thoughts the lovely moments we spend together. You have the noblest heart, the sweetest and most loving soul I have ever met.

2. If every end is a new beginning, may we always end the bad times and start a new beginning full of love, patience and understanding.

3. I would like to take this opportunity to show my humble gratitude because every moment I think of you, I grow fond because of your good deeds and nature. I can’t express enough how you made me feel safe every time I go through a dark phase in my life. You created an aura of cheerfulness and happiness around me with selfless thoughts in your mind.

4. I love for your nature which is so puerile, unblemished and without envy. I feel proud to hold your hand and call you my eternal love. Without you, my life would be like an empty shell. You made us happen. I am so thankful and happy for that. I say this with all my heart; my life means something because of you.

5. I still remember the look in your eyes when you first realize what I had done. We both were at a loss for words. The suffering and the misery that I have caused you has done too much damage to both of us and all that remains is guilt and stronger resolve to be not only the man you want me to be, but to be the man I want myself to be.I would do anything to pick up where we left off. Wouldn’t it be great if we could still get away together and try to put the things behind us?

6. Let us believe in ‘us’ for the sake of moments we have spent together in the past. It is true that we have never faced so difficult challenge before but I know that we have remained with each other long enough to know how to stand and try together. We know how to fight for each other, lift each other up and emerge stronger than ever. This strength can only come from love and this is what I feel for you-a love that is deeper than the ocean, a love that can heal all wounds.

7. My life has a meaning now, a new hope for survival to walk along the shores beside you during the sunset. I mean it when I say that you showed me that whatever we face, we will get through this together.

8. Do you know you have a beautiful heart? You made me whole as a person and this message is a testament for what I am today or will become in the future. And that is only because of you. I hope to keep this feeling in sync for the rest of our lives. Everything about you is ethereal. You are beyond my imagination I hoped or dreamed of having, an angel with wings, always there to protect me from harm, to give a warm hug and embrace with unconditional love.

9. You are not another part of my life but you as a person are my living and breathing entity of life. Although I cannot bring you the moon but I will make sure to keep you happy till my last breath.

10. I will never forget the very first day that we met. I instantly fell in love with you. It was something I never felt before. I couldn’t sleep at night thinking about you. And when you are finally mine, I couldn’t possibly explain the joy I felt that I can finally hold you in my arms and kiss you every night. It’s been so many years now but I can always go back to the first day I met you like it just happened yesterday. And the feelings I felt right then never faded. In fact, it has grown much deeper now and you know I couldn’t stop loving you…

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