Sad Love Letter to My Boyfriend

Sad Love Letter to My Boyfriend
Sad Love Letter to My Boyfriend

A Sad Love Letter to My Boyfriend

I never thought that we would be apart in this lifetime. I really had hoped for the best of both of us – ending together in front of the altar and making good memories with our own kids. 

But before that could happen, it gets ruined by unexpected changes in our lives. It was a painful memory, but now I just have to accept that you’re gone.

I thought losing you was as easy as a-b-c. But I was wrong. You have become a part of me; you are half of my heart; you are definitely my better half in all things.

Losing you was like, losing a leg to walk on to. It was a heavy feeling and I felt like I would want to give up more rather than losing you.

Now, I may have recovered from the pain, but I still miss you sometimes. The way you smile, the way you look at me with your beautiful eyes, your soft voice when you say “goodnight” – everything about you is something that I miss and would cherish forever.

What’s more painful is that it is not only the good memories that you’ve left me behind that’s stopping me from moving on. I guess my heart is still with you. I can’t seem to find another person whom I can love like how I loved you. And it hurts because I know I can never be with you again.

Maybe for now, I would just let myself heal through time. I do not know where you are now or what you’re going through. I would just like to let you know that you are special to me and forever will be special here in my heart.

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