Missing You Letter to My Wife

Missing You Letter to My Wife
Missing You Letter to My Wife

“I Miss You So Much” is an I miss you love letter that expresses a man’s mourning for his wife who passed away. She suffered from a long term illness until she can no longer endure her pain. This has been very painful to Carlo but he would rather take the pain of not seeing his wife and missing her so much rather than being with her in pain.

My Beloved Darla,

It is so strange that I feel lost and empty because I haven’t seen you in awhile. I have seen hundreds of beautiful sunsets and sunrises, but not your face. I have seen countless stars at night, but not your glowing smile.

My heart has been shattered into million pieces. Each piece of my broken heart is crushed every time I think of you. Each piece being blown by pain like tiny dust of a flower garden as a nasty, cruel windstorm rolls through and each blow taking me further away from you…

I have loved and lost you for a reason that I will never understand no matter how I try to. Only God knows why He needs right now to say yes to you.

If this would mean that you will no longer feel any pain caused by your sickness. If this would mean that you will able to sleep soundly without grasping for breath in the middle of the night. If this would mean that you will be able to taste the food that you eat without throwing them up right after you take them in. If this would mean that you will no longer be rushed to the hospital, bleeding everywhere, crying in pain, asking God to take you…

Then now I would say yes too. Yes be with God my princess. You do not deserve all this pain. You deserve only the smile that took my breath away when I first met you.

It is painful not to see that smile again. But I’d rather take it than for you to again go through such pain. You will always be missed my sweetheart. You will always be forever in my heart…

Yours truly,

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