Merry Christmas Messages LDR

Merry Christmas Messages LDR 5

Christmas is indeed a wonderful time of the year. It is a time of love and peace and looking forward to another year of prosperity.

It’s just sad if our husbands or wives or boyfriends or girlfriends are miles away and we couldn’t possibly think of nice words to write to cheer them up.

That’s why I have here some Merry Christmas Messages LDR. I hope you can use them for inspiration.

Merry Christmas Messages LDR 1
Merry Christmas Messages LDR 1

Love is never blind to see what is pleasing to the soul.

Love is not blind as it is able to see the beauty that emanates from within, that which is truly pleasing not to the eyes but to the soul. Some people say that love is for fools but I don’t believe that. Love, on the contrary, has grown its wisdom from everything it has gone through. Love, most importantly, is never weak for it strengthens the heart with every pain inflicted on it, flowing constantly, patiently healing all wounds with passion and care.

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world and it is the reason why we have Christmas – to celebrate each year the birth of Christ who is the greatest manifestation of God’s love for us.

My love for you is a dot compared to the universe of God’s love but I want you to know that this love is meant to be. He made you for me because He loves me so much that He wants me to be very happy.

I may not be there with you this Christmas but please bear in mind that today and everyday, I celebrate God’s love for both of us that He gave us each other not only for company but also for the fulfillment of each other’s dreams.

I love you my hubby. Have a Merry Christmas! I’ll see you very soon…

Merry Christmas Messages LDR 2
Merry Christmas Messages LDR 2

Everything comes down to love in the end.

No matter how painful, how hurtful, how upsetting things turn out to be, there will always be a part of you, like a little voice inside you that will tell you to stop, enough of dwelling on hate and what’s hurting.

No matter how much we’ve hurt each other in the past, time comes when we are able to set it aside and move forward and realize that everything is just a challenge that we face as husband and wife.

I’m so glad that we gave each other this second chance and indeed, love is sweeter the second time around.

I hope that the trust, respect and our love for each other that we’ve been working on to strengthen us will not be put to waste. I know we can do this even if we are miles away.

I love you. I’m committed to you. I value the sacredness of our marriage. Merry Christmas my love. I’m looking forward to a great new start for the coming year.

Merry Christmas Messages LDR 3
Merry Christmas Messages LDR 3

Love binds two hearts that choose to beat as one.

No matter how far we are from each other right now, no matter how long we need to wait for one another, I choose my heart to beat only for you and I hope you do the same so that our hearts will beat as one.

But I hope we can be together once more, so my heart can skip a beat! Merry Christmas sweetheart! I love you so so much! Mmmmmmuuuuaaaah!!!


You don’t have to find the right person. Even you are wrong in some way. All you need is to find that someone who is wrong for you in just the right way, someone whose wrongness complements the wrongness in you.

I have always dreamed of finding the right person for me but after I’ve been through relationships that failed, I’m not sure if there really is a right person. All I can see is that, we all have our flaws. We appear to be “the wrong one” in our different ways.

And not until we are able to accept our wrongness, our imperfections, our flaws that we can finally say we are ready to find our soulmate. We are ready to meet that wrong person whose wrongness matches ours, whose flaws complement ours, whose imperfections we can accept as he or she can accept our imperfections too.

And now that I’ve met you, words are not enough to describe how wonderful it is to find someone who can totally accept my flaws and imperfections. You are the only reason why I was able to accept the wrongness in me and I’m doing everything now to make them right.

You are my perfectly imperfect Mr. Wrong turned Mr. Right. Merry Christmas Honey! I love you so much…


I would always want to believe that while I’m awake thinking of you, you are sound asleep dreaming about me and you.

I would always want to believe that while you are sleeping, you are thinking about me too. One day, we don’t have to think about each other. We don’t have to dream about each other. We will be sleeping together, sharing the same bed, creating dreams together, dreaming a life as one…

Merry Christmas Hon! I hope to see you next Christmas…

Merry Christmas Messages LDR 4
Merry Christmas Messages LDR 4

You don’t have to find true love. Love finds you. All you can do is to just be true.

You can spend all your time searching and looking for true love. You don’t have to search for true love. It will come to you when it is meant to. All you need to do is be you and be true to yourself and who you are as a person. When you finally become true to who you are in life, love will present itself to you because then, you are ready to have true love.

And of course, you’re my one true love, who else it’s gonna be?  Merry Christmas Dear! I love you so much. I miss you. Come home soon!

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