Marry Me ~ A Marriage Proposal Love Letter

Marry Me ~ A Marriage Proposal Love Letter
Marry Me ~ A Marriage Proposal Love Letter

“Marry Me” is a marriage proposal love letter describing how miserable you can get after being separated from the one you love and the worst part is, you were not able to let her know how you feel. This letter is about taking the risk and giving yourself one more chance to tell your loved one that she is the one and there’s no one else and that you want to spend the rest of your life happily with her.


I saw you again last night. You stood right there in front of me. And every time you smile I will ask myself over and over again the same questions I ask every night for so many years.

Am I dreaming? Is that really you? Or are you one of those heaven sent replicas of yours that have kept me company in my solitude?

I am full of awe and wonder that what I have felt for you back then just simply resurfaces each time I see you in my dreams.

For so many years, that feeling was carefully hidden, silently spoken, buried deep down to the core of my inner being. And, with a blink of an eye, my memories of you that I have kept frozen all these years have melted away; have slowly risen to a boil, until all what is left are mists of regrets and uncertainties.

But today, it is really you, isn’t it? You have the same smile as ever and God knows how I fell for that smile, oh how it lightens your face and your eyes my dear – your eyes just speak of kindness and glee of seeing me perhaps. Though I’m not sure about that.

But today, my beloved, is a chance of living my dreams – with you, for real.

It’s a huge leap of faith. But who cares? I’ve got loads of love to give. I have tons of dreams to make. But I’ve got only this ONE chance to take. Will you lovingly take it with me? If so, then MARRY ME.

Yours Forever,

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