Love Messages for Her from the Heart

Love Messages for Her from the Heart
Love Messages for Her from the Heart

Love Messages for Her from the Heart

1. You are the only person who made me feel that love is not all about pain and hurt and crying. Love is a wonderful feeling and you are the one who made me believe in love again.

2. Thank you for always making a way to work things out with me. I know I’m a jerk sometimes but I want you to know that I love you so much and I’ll do everything and I will never leave you no matter what.

3. I sometimes stay awake at night so I could watch you sleep. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world – watching you sleeping peacefully, knowing that you are mine forever.

4. These days when people fall in love with people they can’t have, I’m so lucky that I have you.

5. Sometimes, love hurts so much that people would rather choose to not love at all. But you my love, you are worth every pain, every throbbing ache in my heart.

6. I love the idea of loving you.

7. But funny as it is, love has found me. I am now in love with this wonderful person who is passionately determined to make me see what true love is.

8. My life has been better after I’ve met you. You drastically changed my life and I couldn’t go back to what I was.

9. My favorite part of your face is your eyes because in them I see everything. In them I see my whole life ahead of me.

10. If you love someone, you don’t have to wait for the right time to be with them. You just have to do it. That’s why I want to take this chance because I can’t wait to be with you.

11. I just want to thank you for accepting me for who I am. Even if you see the things that are not good about me, you still talk to me in a very nice way about the things that you think is right for me. And the more that I want to change and improve myself because of that.

12. You know that I’m the genie in your bottle. Your wish is always my command. I don’t care if you’re the boss. What I care about is you.

13. The greatest achievement in a relationship is not to discover the why of things but to leave behind what ifs and if onlys that come with it. You just have to dive into it and feel for yourself.

14. You are my greatest achievement and I’m so proud to be your boyfriend. I’m lucky to have you and I won’t stop showing you and the whole world how much I have for you.

15. There may be people who may try to destroy our relationship but how you react is what really matters. Please don’t define yourself by unwise reactions especially compromising our relationship. They are just provoking and testing how far our relationship could get. Please don’t give them the delight seeing we are tearing apart. I love you so much and I hope you hold on to that.

16. I know. I get it. I need to open up more often. We need to tackle our problems. I’m sorry if I avoid confrontations. I just thought that we can preserve our relationship if we don’t fight that often. I didn’t realize that avoidance can be more damaging to our relationship. I should be talking to you instead of holding my emotions. By keeping it to myself I know I become sarcastic and bitter leading us to more mistunderstandings.

17. I’m so grateful to have you as my girlfriend because you inspire me a lot. The way you live your life, so simple yet colorful, that’s something I truly admire about you. I’m lucky that you are not the type of girl who control my behavior and dictate how I should live my life. With you, I am free to be me.

18. Thank you for listening and assuming right away. Thank you for thinking to say things in the most subtle way. Thank you for sticking to our issues and not blame. Thank you for helping me solve our problems in the calmest way possible. I love you so much.

19. When you went away, I think and miss you more and I realize how important you are to me. I miss all the little things that you do to me everyday.  I wish you can come home and I promise not to take you for granted. Ever. Please come home.

20. I’m glad to have found you because you have the ability to remain beautiful even when people choose to see what is ugly in you. And for me, that is the absolute measure of beauty. You don’t like what other people would say and that is what I like most about you.

21. Of all the things that are felt not seen, TIME is the most precious. And time it is that I want to share with you for the rest of my life.

22. And yes indeed, it’s not about how pretty you are. It’s not about sexy you are. It’s not about kind hearted you are. Sometimes, it’s just about how you hold my hand and being silent when I don’t want to talk. I love the way you just sit beside me and nothing else.

23. I couldn’t help myself admiring how beautiful you are. That is given. But what I feel right now is a little more than that. As we talk, I started discovering your real beauty. It’s amazing how you work on what is pleasing not to the eyes but to the soul. You are so kind hearted and I was charmed by it. I couldn’t understand how I truly feel until you finally left. And for that period of time that I wasn’t able to see you, it’s only then that I realized how deeply I have fallen for you. I just don’t want you. I want to deserve you and I’ll do everything for it.

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