Love Letters for Him from the Heart

Love Letters for Him from the Heart
Love Letters for Him from the Heart

You are My One True Love

Before I met you, I never believed in true love. I believed that there are people out there who are better off alone in their lives, away from the misery of having failed relationships and heartbreak. 

Maybe I was a bit of a cynical in love. I’m happy being single and independent. I was just too focused on getting myself a brighter future.

But then you came into my life and all that belief has changed. You opened up my mind into your own world which was, I guess, more colorful.

When I had you, you made me believe that I can be happy with my career and with you at the same time. You pushed me to become a better and stronger person.

Because of you, I see my life as valuable as how you see yours. Because of you, I have met new people, traveled to different places and just lived life like how it should be.

I learned to take it slow, one step at a time, and love every one that comes along. I even learned to love kids because you were a kid at heart. You are the sweetest person I have ever met in my entire life.

I can really say that you have touched me differently. You are a very genuine person inside and out. And you never fail to amaze me every time. Your loving and kind personality are the things I’m looking for. And I can now say that I believe in true love because you showed me that there really is one.


Our Love will Make a Way

There is no certainty as to what will happen to us in the future. All that’s important for me is what we have today. Although the future is as important as what holds us today, I do not want to worry about what has not yet happened.

Maybe, let’s just go through this course the best possible way we can and face each challenge along the way.

I believe that for as long as we have God at the center of our relationship and love to bind us together, we will make it through any hardships life may knock us.

We have been there before when you almost left me for some reasons I couldn’t understand. I know that it is difficult to be far away from each other, but I really can’t understand why you have to give up.

But I just hold on to my faith to you that somehow, you will be back for me. And I am thankful for that day because you really went back. And I couldn’t be any happier than to be back in your arms again.

I can see that our love is stronger than before. And that love of ours will be the basis of our foundation of surpassing all trials. Just hold my hand and we will be in this sail together.


Holding On for the One You Love

You became the reason why I held on love for so long and still believe in its magic.

Love has tested me through the seasons, taking things heart to heart. I have been in a lot of failed relationships in my life and at some point, I really wanted to give up.

But as they always say, I shouldn’t be cynical about love. There would always be people who will leave me and tear my heart apart; but there will be a bountiful more who will love me endlessly. And so, I firmly hold on to that belief especially that you are now in my life.

We have been through so many dark pages of our life. And I can say that we have been tested even in the earliest days of our relationship. Many didn’t love our chemistry.

We said we are an ‘us against the world’ couple. Many people that I love had turned me down because I chose you as a partner. I may have let them down but I won’t quit in loving you. I just keep on thinking that this part of my life will go through and a brighter path awaits me forward.

I believe that, for every sadness that I experience, a bunch of happiness is awaiting thereafter. I wouldn’t know if there really is happiness waiting at the very end if I won’t take a risk. I just hold on so tight with the love that I have for you to make me stronger.

I believe that love has its own magic of keeping couples together. For as long as we believe in each other, I know that we can do this together.


It’s Both of Us in Love

In love, remember that it’s no longer YOU. It’s BOTH OF YOU. And you have to keep this in mind all the time.

My selfishness has resurfaced a lot lately. And by selfishness I mean that I have always thought of myself first, about my feelings, about how you and your actions hurt me, about how everything goes wrong and the blame is not on me.

There’s no doubt about how I feel towards you. I love you dearly and I am blessed to have you for you always do your best to reciprocate the love I show you.

But sometimes, I can’t help but complain about the little things that you say or do that in one way or another can hurt me. Most of the time, you won’t say anything.

You keep your silence because you don’t want to argue anymore. Sometimes, you explain yourself and when you realize you really might have hurt me, you would say sorry.

I realized one day that this has been the case all the time. Each argument we have was just about me complaining about everything. You also get mad at me or get irritated but it doesn’t end up to a serious fight.

And looking back I realized that the reason for this is that, you always keep your calm each time you talk to me about the things I do that you find irritating or offensive, etc.

I realized that how you handle me or how you control your emotions is so much more mature than how I do it myself. I also realized how selfish I was to be whining about those petty things disregarding the fact that you also have your own complaints about me.

I am very thankful and grateful that I have you who talks to me in a very calm and peaceful way whenever things go wrong. I am also very glad that you are very patient in teaching me to do the same. And without so much effort, I am learning to just ignore those little things that bother me simply because they are not important.

I’m so lucky to have you in my life and I really just can’t wait for the time that we will be together. I know these little fights are nothing compared to what we have. I love you so much my love…

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