I Love You Letters for Him from the Heart

I Love You Letters for Him from the Heart
I Love You Letters for Him from the Heart

I Love You Everyday

I may not be seeing you everyday but know that I long to be with you each day.

I know it is a cliche to say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, but I have found that to be true in our relationship. When we are apart, I just love you more. I may not be seeing you everyday but know that I long to be with you each day. Being without you makes me treasure you all the more greatly, and it means that I consider every day that we do meet all the more precious. When we communicate, even if it is by a means that prevents me from seeing your face or hearing your voice, like a letter or an email, just hearing from you completely makes my day.

Philosophers and cynics might come up with a thousand reasons why long distances can lessen love, can make two people forget each other or become less special to each other. But our love is proof that they are wrong. Your image is always sharp and clear in my mind, and I think about you all the time. Whenever I take a sip of coffee, or look at a picture or read a book, I wonder what you would say about it and if you would enjoy it. Life would be so much better if you were here, but I take comfort from the fact that while I am away from you I am storing up memories that I can share with you later.

It goes without saying that I miss you and wish we could be together every day. Yet, though we are not physically next to each other right now, I always carry you in my heart. I feel like our lives remain as intertwined as they were before you went far away, and that when I see you next we will be able to carry right on where we left off, enriched by our time apart.


Sometimes, you don’t know what you’re looking for until it finds you.

My love, you know that I came from a failed relationship and you know that it became hard for me to let go. If you are in a long term relationship, for me, the hardest part would be to let go of something that you have been used to all your life. You are letting go of something that became a part of your life. It is hard to detach yourself from something when you already set your mind that this is going to be a part of your life forever.

I was courageous enough to let it all go – my dreams, my plans, my life with him. And with that, I felt that I can never find the courage to love again. In fact, I didn’t want to love again. I came to a point in my life where I lost hope of finding fulfillment in terms of romantic relationships and having a family of my own.

I decided to be contented with what I have – my writing career, my brother, my family and friends. I don’t want to get involved with a man that might just complicate my life again. I learned to be happy and be contented with a simple life that I always dreamed of having.

Until I met you. You are someone who changed all my perspectives about love. Or maybe you just came into my life at a perfect timing. And indeed, I didn’t know I was looking for love until I met you. I have learned to trust again because of you. I have learned to love again without being afraid because of you. I’m so glad I’ve found you because it was you who taught me how to be brave. It was you who inspired me to dream again.

And I’m ready to face whatever challenges this love entails. And now I can say that with you, I have a brighter perspective and positive outlook. With you, my world has a deeper meaning. I love you so much…

I Love You Letters for Him
I Love You Letters for Him

I Love You For a Reason

No matter how many reasons I can think of for me to leave you, there is only one reason that lets me hold on. It’s because I love you and for me, that is enough.

When life presents challenges, when times are tough, when everything seems impossible, our love keeps me going. Through thick and thin, your love has always been a source of comfort and strength for me. Without you, my world would be empty. Without your love, I would wander through time, merely existing but not truly living.

When I found you, it was as if the clouds parted and the sun could finally, mercifully shine through. No matter what we go through, no matter the fights, the silences, the anger, I will remain by your side because I love you. Loving you is as easy and natural as breathing, and just as necessary. Without breath, my body would die. Without you, my soul would die. As I sift through the pain this world has thrown at me, I perpetually see a ray of hope to cling to.

You are my hope, my heart, and my desire. I could jot down a thousand love letters, but none would capture the true love we share. Great poets have said all you need is love. Others scoff at the idea, but I understand the truth of it. I know, deep inside myself, that our love is incomparable to any other relief or joy.

My love, you are all I need. And that is enough to sustain my heart during this life and the next. I know that no matter how lost or inconsequential I feel, you are my reason to soldier on. So, remember, through the doubts and the heartache, I am faithfully yours forever. Because I truly, deeply, indefinitely love you.

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