Love Letter for Him After Break Up

Love Letter for Him After Break Up
Love Letter for Him After Break Up

Why is life so full of surprises? Life today is something and it awes me that on the very next day, it becomes another thing.

And this is what happened to us. For too long I thought that your love won’t change. But in an instant, it did.

When we were in love, you lifted me up.

And then you left…

I fell and I was broken, too broken that I thought I couldn’t put myself back together.

I have fallen for you so deep; too deep that it drowned me.

I was empty handed. All that was left is my faith.

And if only I can share this to you, if only I can give even just a little of this faith, I would have done it, especially now that you’ve lost it.

But I know that you’re gone and you’re not coming back.

I was stuck. I have dug tunnels just to escape my own mind. But my greatest obstacle is my fear of the unknown.

What will happen to me now that you’re gone?

I was so devastated and for so long I was a mess.

And then I realized I only have this one life. It’s the only thing I got now. And if I let it slip away, nothing good would ever happen to me.

So I am holding onto it. I started building my dreams again. I realized there is nothing too late for anything.

As I enter into the new chapter of my life, I have learned that what is mine will eventually be mine and what is not, no matter how hard I try, will never be.

I learned too that there are things worth keeping. And some are worth hanging on to. But some are not even worth it.

I have learned the difference between what to accept and what to let go of.

I realized that I am too loved by the people surrounding me to be upset over one person who can’t appreciate my worth.

So from now on, I won’t think of ways to patch things up with you. From now on, I will stop blaming myself for this mess.

After this breakup, I don’t give a damn whether you realize or not how stupid you were for quitting on me.

I don’t want to prove you that you were wrong for leaving me. I want to believe that you were right. And you are. And now I thank you for that.

Because now I know my worth. I know how much love I can give. And I will give it to someone who needs me, someone who isn’t too proud to show me that he couldn’t live without me.

And perhaps all my heartbreaks that have taken over my life, that have left me with nothing but an empty soul, maybe they were bound to happen so I can meet another soul, waiting for us to be merged so we can build a life together.

I’m not sure what will happen next. All I know now is that right now, I’m facing the world with my head up, standing tall and moving on.

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