Love Letter for Boyfriend Long Distance

Love Letter for Boyfriend Long Distance
Love Letter for Boyfriend Long Distance

Love Letter for Boyfriend Long Distance

Time flies by so fast but I can still remember the first day I met you. It may sound cliché but yes, I truly fell in love at first sight. The feelings I have for you have grown so much deeper that I have no way out than to tell you how much I wanted to spend my whole life with you.

And that moment when you told me you have feelings for me too is the best day of my life. I never thought it would be possible for you to love someone like me – someone so simple and ordinary.

I’m not the type who stands out in a crowd of hot girls and pretty faces. I’m just really so glad that you like me beyond my looks. I’m lucky that you’ve seen me through my heart.

That moment on, I know that our connection is deep.

I could stay up all night thinking about you, imagining how wonderful it must be to be sleeping next to you. And in the morning, I can no longer find the courage to wake up knowing you are not beside me.

I can no longer wait until we meet again and show you how much I love you. I know that it will still take a few months before we can see each other again – few months, long days, lonely hours spent alone without you.

I can’t help but to have this innermost desire to see you again because I miss you so much. Until we meet again, there is no moment passing that I’m not wishing to be in your arms. Until we meet again, excitement grows and I am looking forward to a future I never thought would be possible. Until we meet again, know that I love you from the bottom of my heart.

See You Soon…

Love is holding me in your arms, keeping me safe and calm. Love is holding me tight, keeping me warm all night. Love is waking up with you, each and every morning for the rest of our lives.

When people ask me, what is love? I tell them love is a feeling of strangeness and familiarity at the same time; of worry and serenity at the same time; of tummy butterflies and calmness at the same time, of joy and sadness at the same time, of pleasure and pain at the same time.

Someone asked, “What does that mean?” And so I told them how I felt the first time I met you.

Love is that perfect moment when I saw you standing from afar, waiting for me. Love is when my heart couldn’t stop from pounding, much louder as I get closer to where you are. I will never forget that pleasant surprise in your eyes when I hugged you from your back and all you did was to smile and hold me tight.

That moment when you wrapped your arms around me for the first time, it was then that I realize how much I wanted more of it.

Love patiently waits. No matter how long it takes to get us together. I thought I failed in this. I thought I will no longer feel the same feeling I had with you when you left. I suppressed a wonderful feeling that has made me miserable for being far from you. Having placed in a situation where I need to make life changing decisions, I chose to hate you.

But love never gives up. You never did. And when I saw you once again, there was no smile from you. It was me who smiled and as I lift my arms to hug you, each and every painful memory that I kept in my heart for over a year that we are apart is gone. It was magic. It was something I never felt before.  It was something I would like to feel over and over again even if it means that I’m going to be hurt again, to cry again, to argue with you again, to fight with you again.

The truth is, I cannot fully define what love is just as I cannot fully describe how I feel for you. All I know is I love you deeply and I know and I’m so sure that God sent you to me because this time, He wants me to be happy, to be really really really happy.

Thank you so much for not giving up on me. Thank you for understanding me. And most of all, thank you for accepting me as I am, for all that I am. I can’t wait to spend my whole life with you. You are the only one who has made me realize  what love is. I will see you very very soon.

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