Letter to Boyfriend Expressing Love

Letter to Boyfriend Expressing Love
Letter to Boyfriend Expressing Love

I send to the wings of this butterfly all the love I keep inside.

Everyday, when a bird sits on tree near my room’s window, she sings a song of love. I awake and see her, I praise her for her song, because this song reminds me of you – someone who is miles away from me, someone who sings for me, someone who sees a dream to feel me close to her.

I am on the other side of the ocean. The distance of several days, the distance of thousands miles is between us, but we are still near. I always feel you somewhere inside me, under the depth of my heart.

My dear, we have a message which is unseen by anyone. Clouds carry my love, they pour my feelings on you, when every drop of rain touches you, titillate you and make you feel that I am very near you.

Every butterfly carries my emotions. when a butterfly spread its wings, it spreads my love indeed. Every color on her wings carries the hours of my dedication, which I spend with your memories.

I have not seen any other thing in my imagination as beautiful as you are. Every breath of mine has its existence because of you. when your love touches my lips, I start singing a song of love. When your love touches my hand, it waves in the air to feel your presence.

I play with flowers like I’m touching the softness of your palm. And every time you sleep, I can come and embrace you in your dreams. I can not walk towards you, but my feelings have speed to reach you and touch you.Feel the breeze, I have just sent my love the love I kept inside.

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