Heartbroken Letter for Him

Heartbroken Letter for Him
Heartbroken Letter for Him

This is a broken heart love letter for someone who couldn’t get out of my mind. I just wish I could find a way to let him know how I feel. So I made this broken heart love letter with the hope that it would reach him one day…

I know I promised you one thing – to not bother you ever again. I wish I could still talk to you though.  There are many times that I wish you still would love to listen to me.

Ever since things didn’t turn out as we planned, you know that you became my only friend. I shut my world down and pushed people away and you were the only one who would always try to console me, to make me feel better, to make me laugh.

I would always cling to you and draw strength from you.

I think it’s all about that smile – the smile that strengthens me  but makes me weak at the same time. You never failed to make me smile with your smile. It is that smile that makes me want to fall in love with you all over again.

I just wish I will be able to see that smile once again. And when that time comes, I wish I will be able to smile back at you, telling you I’m fine. I’m okay. Everything is okay and that I’m happy for  you because you can smile again.

I know how much you wanted me to move on now. And believe me, I really do too. I’m afraid of being stuck here forever. I want to live my life too, you know, to really live it.

Right now, I’m trying to fix myself, picking up the pieces, and trying to be whole from all that was left of me.  I wish this broken heart love letter will find its way to you. I wish I can still let you know how much I miss you – that I will always be missing you…


I just really hope you can read this because I wanted to tell you this – that even though we parted ways, that even though we bid goodbye, I know in my heart that this is not the end.

This is not the end not because I still dream of us being together. This is not the end because even though we’re not together anymore, I will always keep you in my heart.

I know that I will see you one day. We will be saying our hellos and we will be asking our whereabouts. We will talk about the things that happened to us after we parted ways. We will be smiling and looking each other in the eyes. If I’m lucky maybe I can still make you laugh.

But for now, yes, I’m leaving you alone. I’ll accept your goodbye. I’m letting you go. I’m setting you free. I’m giving you what you need because I want you to be happy.

I’m saying goodbye not because we’re done, not because our relationship is over, not because I just gave up. I’m saying goodbye because I want you to start a new life without me.

I’m saying goodbye not because this is what you want but because this is what you need. And this is all I ever wanted – for you to have a life with fulfillment.

It breaks my heart just the thought that I’m not the one you really needed. But I know in time that I will get over this and accept my fate. We are not destined to be together.

This broken heart letter for you can’t really be the last letter I’m writing for this can’t be the end. I will write until every broken heart letter for you finds their way to you. You will read them and you will smile. You will smile because you know. You just know. 🙂

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