Heart Touching Love Letter

Heart Touching Love Letter
Heart Touching Love Letter

In life, we meet a lot of people to love, but in the end, there’s only one who can truly make us happy.

I have written here a heart touching love letter to someone I want to call my one great love. He is the one who got away and he is the one who took my heart away.


Life is nothing but a long journey. Easy as it seems, it is in fact, so hard to understand why we have to meet a lot of people in our journey only to leave us again when their time comes.

And though we meet a lot, we love and lost a lot, there is always this one special someone we can love and sacrifice everything for.

For me, you are that special someone. You are that someone I will always love no matter where time had taken us.

I will always remember the happy moments we both have spent together. You came into my life unexpectedly but it was a pleasant surprise.

I am forever grateful that I’ve met you because you have showered my life with happiness. You were always on my side when things get rough.

You made me feel safe even when you are not saying anything at all. A simple smile from you just makes my day.

And just as you came so quickly, it didn’t take so long for you to leave me.

You have no idea how much it hurt me when you left. I thought I can never move on from this but I know I have to. I have loved you too much that hating you is impossible.

You made me so happy and complete that I don’t need to ask for more. Maybe that’s why I’m okay now. I’m fine that you are gone because you have given me so much love that I can use in my lifetime and I wouldn’t have to ask for anything more.

My memories with you are enough and you will always remain in my heart.

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