Happy Birthday Wishes Greetings Quotes Text Messages for Him Her LDR

Happy Birthday Wishes Greetings Quotes Text Messages for Him Her LDR
Happy Birthday Wishes Greetings Quotes Text Messages for Him Her LDR

Once every year, we all mark and celebrate our birthdays in different styles. Birthdays are quite popular as they come with good wishes, gifts and blessings.

And for this we want to make our loved ones happy on this momentous day, while making sure that every gift we give them is accompanied by birthday wishes expressing joy, gratitude and a few words of encouragement.

Happy Birthday Messages

  1. Candles and cakes may color your day today, but may your future be full of colorful achievements and success. Eat, drink and be merry on your special day.

2. On your special day, may you grow some seeds of happy thoughts, cultivate and nurture them and soon you will have your TRUE garden – the garden of flowers that bloom only of beautiful thoughts. May you always have a positive outlook in life. Happy Birthday!

3. Happiness, love and success have been with you till this day and I pray as you celebrate one more year of your life that they may never depart from you. Celebrate in your growth and success. Happy birthday!

4. No matter what life or other people bring your way, you will be too happy to allow anything or anyone rain on your parade or break your shine. As long as you keep that attitude towards life, then you will be able to successfully weather any storm that comes your way. Stay strong and happy happy birthday! You know we’re always here for you. We love you!

5. As you grow older and get wiser with age, we wish you the very best in all your endeavors. May you get to enjoy many more and share good fortunes with others in your life. Happy Birthday!

6. Truly, there are a lot of things that we can be grateful for. Today on your very special day, don’t forget to thank God for giving you life, though how short it may seem, to love the people you love, to hold them and hug them and never take them for granted. Happy Birthday!


7. As you cut the cake and blow the candles may it symbolize sweeter things to come in life while attaining all your goals. Have an awesome birthday.

8. We love you and cherish you so much yet on this lovely day, we would like to wish you the most amazing birthday. May you become an outstanding individual in everything you do and may love follow you wherever you go. And may the reason of your smile be the reason of other people’s happiness too. Happy Birthday!

9. Happy birthday sweetie. I know how pure your heart is and may you continue to treat people with kindness as much as you can, in any way that you can. Your simple acts contribute a lot to everyone’s capability to be the best that they can be. You have no idea how proud we are for all that you are. We love you so much!

10. Years come and years go, but as you keep growing and blowing more candles, we wish you a good one and pray to witness more blown candles from you and I hope that you cherish every moment that you have with your loved ones. Happy Birthday!

11. We grow older, we become mature and we celebrate birthdays. Today is yours and above all I wish you a pleasant one and pray for more to come your way. Always remember that I WILL ALWAYS BE HERE. If you need me or even if you feel you no longer need me. Happy Birthday!

12. We all get our shares in everything. Good news is, we have always kept up. Life has its way of making you realize how far you’ve grown after all. And today, you’ve grown so beautifully inside and out. May you have many years of more beauty! Happy Birthday!

13. Life is indeed very short.  I hope that you don’t waste any of your time halfway applying yourself or selling yourself short. Instead, use the time you’re given wisely. Develop yourself and your abilities to always be your best and always do your best. You don’t have time for anything less than that, or it will be time that was wasted. Time that you don’t have to lose and time that you cannot get back. Now it’s time to party! Happy Birthday!

14. Today is special and so are you and for that I wish you a wonderful birthday. Give thanks and be grateful to God for the beautiful gift of life given to you. Have a blessed birthday and a fruitful life ahead.

15. If you count everything you’ve lost, you will always feel empty. Count your blessings and you will feel how truly blessed you are and be grateful about it. And this is one special day to be thankful for. Thank the Lord for every good or bad that happened because good things are blessings and bad things are blessings in disguise. Have a wonderful birthday today!


16. We are constantly growing old and today as you age a little more; be merry, embrace life and learn new tricks. Embrace each new year with confidence and zeal.

17. Everything we do today is not an assurance of a better tomorrow but we keep walking and we hold on to our dreams because if tomorrow may not be good, the day after might just be. Have a happy birthday!

18. Each birthday comes with greater expectations and responsibilities, but on this day let go and celebrate. Eat and drink to your full with friends and loved ones. Have a splendid birthday!

19. What should have been keeps reminding you of what has been and what has been keeps you from appreciating what is. It blinds you from seeing what you have. It stops you from realizing that what matters is now. And because now is your birthday, then it becomes the most important day. Happy Birthday!

20. I know that when you dream of something, you dream big. You dream of something so high that when you look up, it would scare you. But you are too bold to be scared now. Because you believe you deserve to be where you want to be. You deserve to reach what you desire to reach. I know you’re getting there and I’m so proud of you already! Happy Birthday my love!

21. If we only realize how much we have and be thankful about it, there will be no desire to have more. Oftentimes, we question God why we aren’t having much in life compared to others. We kept on asking why other people seems to be more lucky than us even if we work harder. If we stop comparing ourselves to other people and instead focus on what we really have, we will realize that there’s so much still to be thankful for. Some people may have what you do not have, but you may also have what they don’t. Remember that in life, you can’t have everything. The best you can do is just to be contented on what you have and start nurturing it just to have more. And today is just the perfect example of what to be grateful about because nothing is more precious than the gift of life. Happy Birthday my love. I hope you have a great day!

22. The simple pleasures in life are those that make us full even if we are to bite only a piece. And I hope I get a bite of your cake today. Happy Birthday!

23. What I like most about you is your smile. A smile that can change everything. A smile that stays no matter what happens to you or around you. A smile that brightens your darkest hours. A smile that lightens me up even at my lowest. I hope you continue smiling and I know this birthday message just made you smile. Happy Birthday sweetie! I wish you every good thing in the world. I love you!

24. I know that you don’t want to celebrate your birthday because you don’t want talking about growth and age and change. But when you see change as a positive thing, you will see it as an effective means of attaining success because change is equal to growth. And age? Oh well, age is just a number! Happy Birthday!

25. My wish for you on this special day is that you live a little. Live in the moment and be present. Don’t waste time on worries. Don’t let your thoughts wander all the time. Calm your mind and declutter your thoughts. Happy Birthday! No worries okay? Love yah!

26. Happy Birthday pumpkin. May you always carry with you a heart that loves, a smile that lasts  and a touch that heals.

27. It’s easy to stay positive when things are going your way but when you can be easily drawn back to negativity when something upsetting happens. And I’m so glad to have you as my friend because you always make it easy for me to be positive all the time. I love you so much. Happy Birthday!


28. There’s nothing more I could wish for you on your birthday because I know that God has already fulfilled the desires of your heart. Just be who you are because there’s nothing else that can make you feel better than to just be who you are. Happy Birthday gorgeous!


You are the AUTHOR of your life.

Some will like your STORY. Others will love it and applaud you for it.

Some will be touched and cry but some will laugh about it.

Others will even hate it and criticize it.

But in the end you must know that it will only come down to this –

that they will never have the AUTHORITY to change your story

unless you give them the RIGHT.

Otherwise what they can do

is just to make a BOOK REVIEW.

“You are the author your life and everyone else is just your reader. Happy happy birthday to you!”

30. Happiness comes from giving ourselves what we deserve best and giving others the best of what we are. Thanks for showing the best version of yourself and I hope you stay that way for the years to come! Happy Birthday!

31. I’m glad to be your friend because you are someone who wears your original self. No imitations, no pretense. Happy Birthday bestie! I love you so much!

32. I’m always a fan of yours because you always think what is best for you and you do what is best for you. Sometimes I envy how brave you are. I wish we can stay as friends for life. Happy Birthday!

33. There are lots of things you share with other people but the best thing about you is how you share your happiness and bring a little happiness to someone else no matter how far you are. Thank you for sharing your life with me and I’m so glad that I’m a part of your life. I love you! Happy Birthday!

34. For the many times you have fallen
You have learned the art of rising up
as carefully as you can
not for fear of falling again
but to try not to fall
on the same spot again…

And I applaud you and admire you for that! You are one of a kind, the bravest person I’ve ever met! I hope you continue to be an inspiration to all of us. We love you! Happy Birthday!


35. You always say that there’s nothing wrong with being scared as long as it does not stop you from facing what you need to face. And you are right. On your special day, I want to thank you for being a friend and I want you to know that you play a major role in my journey of becoming who I am today. I love you so much. Happy Birthday!

36. Don’t let anyone make you feel you don’t deserve what you desire. The more they look down on you, the more you should strive not only to prove them wrong but most importantly, to prove yourself right. Stay strong! Happy Birthday!

All in all, celebrate and be there for them, enjoy and make them feel special as they reach yet another milestone in their lives.

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