Goodbye Break Up Letter to Girlfriend

Goodbye Break Up Letter to Girlfriend
Goodbye Break Up Letter to Girlfriend

Goodbye Break Up Letter to Girlfriend

Goodbye.. to the one who showed me how love at first sight feels like. You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and you simply caught me with your smile.

Goodbye… to the only one who proved to me that I can fall in love once again. After all the heartaches and pain, I was glad to have found an angel in you. I feel like my heart was totally restored like it hasn’t been broken before. There wasn’t any hesitation, no fear that I might get hurt once again.

Goodbye… to the one who accepted me for who and what I truly am. You have always seen me through my heart and I can’t believe that someone like you will love me for who I am. I am a nobody compared to you. There are a lot of guys out there who falls easily into you. I was so lucky that you chose me. I felt like I was the happiest man in the world. You are someone so beautiful inside and out, someone who has her eyes on me and only me.

Goodbye… to the one who taught me how to dream again. You made plans for both of us. I started dreaming too. We are looking forward to having a bright future ahead of us and that’s something I will never forget about you. You are a go getter, an ambitious one, someone full of enthusiasm and optimism.

But somehow, that dream has lead us to where we are now. That dream has turned my world upside down. That dream that pushed me further away from you. That dream that made me turn my back on you.

In as much as I would want you to just be near me, I know I have to let you go because you need to chase after your dream. Even if it means that my dream of being with you would be shattered.

It feels like as if it were only yesterday when you told me how much you love me. And chasing after your dream is for both of us, that we have to sacrifice being far away from each other, that soon we will be together once again.

It feels like in an instant, everything has changed. You shut me out. You ignored my calls and messages. You ignored my pleas. You ignored how I feel. You ignored me that as if I didn’t exist.

Please don’t ever think that I haven’t done enough to follow you there. God knows how much I wanted to be with you. God knows how I long each day for you to just be in my arms, to protect you from your pain.

If only I could be there so you don’t have to worry about your family anymore. You know that I don’t want you getting a hard time working for them.

Now I have to say goodbye because this is what you want. You felt like you don’t love me anymore and I honestly have a hard time accepting that. I know you still do and I can feel it. And it hurts so much because I can’t even see you. If only you could tell me that right in my face then I will know just by looking in your eyes that no, you’re not telling the truth…

And it’s getting harder everyday accepting the fact that you chose to end our relationship and leave me. I have given everything to you and when you left, you took everything with you. I was so broken and empty handed and no words can explain the pain I feel. It’s like something is tearing me up inside every time I remember you.

I’m seeing you in a crowd. I’m smelling your scent from nowhere. Everything I see in my room reminds me of you. Every song that I hear is about you. I couldn’t possibly know how I can move on when everything is all about you.

But then again, I have to say goodbye because this is the right thing to do. God knows how much I wanted you to be happy. But I have to accept that I am not the one who could give you the happiness that you desire.

You have stayed in my heart for so long. And now, I have to break it so you can finally go out. So you can be happy. My heart had been broken so now you’re free.

Goodbye my love.

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