Don’t Break Up With Me Letter

Don't Break Up With Me Letter
Don't Break Up With Me Letter

We, as humans, would always feel that joyous feeling of being in love at some point in our lives. Even if we try to deny it or take another path away from romantic relationships, there would always be that someone who will pass in your life that will always remain special.

I have been a non-believer of love ever since, maybe because I haven’t seen love even in my own home. I never had the chance to feel being loved even with my own family.

As I grew older, I thought love is not a need. For as long as I have food to eat, air to breathe, I can exist without it.

As I grow mature, I have become a successful person career-wise, but I thought, something is still missing in my life. Even if I have the money and the friends to make me happy every day, there is that emptiness in my heart that I feel needs to be filled.

Then one of my friends told me I should find someone who will love me. I denied the fact that I need a partner. I just couldn’t go out there and find love.

Until I met you once again. It’s been so many years since we last saw each other. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I was amazed at how beautiful you have grown. When I met you over two decades ago, you have the most beautiful eyes and you wear the prettiest smile in the world. I was in love back then and I never thought that deep within me, somehow my feelings for you never changed.

You filled the gap that was once lost when I was a child. And so I see now, that for as long as you wait for the right time and the right person to come, love will be there and it will change you wonderfully.

I hope I’m making sense right now. I hope you get what I mean. I waited for someone like you to come into my life and with just one setback, you would quit on me?

Pardon me but I think it’s ridiculous that you want to break up with me because of my family.

If in their eyes, I am a man to be pitied because I’m a fool and blinded by love, please don’t believe them.

I was never a fool for my judgment was never clouded by what is pleasing to the eyes. I was  never that superficial. I took time to consider every trait that made us compatible – our personality, our sense of humor, our dreams, our passion, and our vision of a life together.

You know that I wasn’t blinded by love. I was able to see you real beauty. With the way you lovingly care and protect your loved ones from hurt, my admiration for you has never been seized.

You really are beautiful… a heart filled with selfless desires… a passion so rare that you are willing to inconvenience yourself for others.

They say that when you truly love a person and she tells you all her secrets, you will never think less of her even when the world thinks otherwise.

You told me everything from the start and I did not think any less of you. In fact, it made me love you even more.

Yes my family is against us and dredges up your past and judges you like you are no good for me but I dismiss that as irrelevant… because it is.

Do not be affected on what others think and talk about you. I know more who you really are and accepting you as you are is the most important thing. It may be a bit painful to hear such unkind words, true or not, you just have to let it all go.

Please don’t break up with me. I love you and trust me, it is all that matters. So please let me love you…

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