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Love Letter Category includes a collection of love letters or love messages that you can send to your loved ones who may be near or far from you. It is a vast collection of emotions and feelings expressed through writing. This is for couples who are in a long distance relationship, for people who are in love or sad and lonely, for people who wanted a breakup or who have gone through a break up, for people who are healing and for people who have taken another shot in love.

A Letter to My One Great Love

A Letter to My One Great Love

I took care of you for 26 years but I don't feel it was enough. I never imagined a life without you... I know that...

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Sample Break up Letter

Thank You for Loving Me Quotes

Thank You for Loving Me Love Quotes

Sometimes, we tend to forget to appreciate the people we love the most because they are too available for us. Sometimes, we even take...