Short Story About Love and Acceptance

Short Story About Love and Acceptance
Short Story About Love and Acceptance

When I saw him at his best
When everything was at its worst
He has proven me and the rest of the world
How much love he has for me
But when I saw him at his worst
Despite all the hurt and pain
I feared the thought of losing him
From then on I knew that he is the man
I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.

This is another poem I made for my beloved who has proven himself to be my knight – who stood up for me and fought for me in the midst of  darkness of a scrutinizing world where people watch me with eagle eyes, waiting for my falter, digging up my past.

I have never felt so happy in my life to be loved by someone like him. He has shown me the kind of love that I never felt before – something I’ve been longing all my life.

They say that in a relationship, one loves deeper than the other. In our case, it was him. He has shown me great love and he proves to me everyday how much he loves me.

I know I have to do something for him too. I know I have to show him that he is important too.  Showing me all of his weaknesses was a chance for me to prove myself.

It was my time to protect him. He was at the verge of giving all up but I didn’t let that happen.  If I have to be strong twice the strength I needed so he can draw his strength from me, then so be it. I know it’s my turn.

May God of strength be always in our midst to sustain us and keep us together. Through Him we both believe that love conquers everything.

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