Long Distance Relationship Love Story

Long Distance Relationship Love Story
Long Distance Relationship Love Story

And we hugged each other tighter like we never did before
Knowing he can’t stay longer I couldn’t ask for more
Oh how I long so much to hug you again
I will wait right here until then…

We kissed and hugged for the last time. We waved goodbye and that was it. I left him at the airport and headed home. We are both fine. Well, it wasn’t that bad after all. I thought it will be hard. He was smiling. We both are. He was  fine and so was I.

He called me up for the last time before the take off. Then suddenly, I just felt so alone. I wished I could go back to the airport and just hug him tight for the last time. I knew there’s nothing else I could do. I just cried and told him I will wait for him. I felt something I could not put into words.

It is almost a year now since it happened but up to now, I can not still describe  exactly how I felt that night. I was not hurt but it was painful. I was heavyhearted going home alone, for the first time, without him.

I was riding a bus and I tried to sleep but my mind is awake and I can’t stop thinking about him. When I opened my eyes, the sight of the trees in the dark made me cry.

Never in my life had I felt such emotion with such intensity – being lonely and being alone at the same time. I am used to being alone. In fact I enjoy being alone. Until that night. It was different.

It wasn’t a long wait though. I am looking forward to seeing him in a couple of months or so and hopefully, this will be the last year of our long distance love. It will be the first year of the rest of our lives. God willing. 🙂

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