Being in a Long Distance Relationship Love Story

Being in a Long Distance Relationship Love Story
Being in a Long Distance Relationship Love Story

I don’t know exactly what the future holds for me
But if I ask you now to meet me there, will you?
If not, I will bring the future here instead
So I can live my dream right here, right now, with you…

One of the struggles for most long distance relationships is uncertainty of what the future holds for the couple and the relationship itself. Although a couple can give their best efforts for the relationship to work out, no one can exactly determine how the future is going to be. Some may take this as a challenge and go through while some, unfortunately, do not make it.

I would like to share something which in our case has been keeping us together despite our distance.

Anybody would tell you, communication is really important. Yes it is, but effective communication is more important. We are able to communicate pretty well like we are just sitting next to each other. Yes we talk about the future most of the time, we make plans, we change plans, we argue, we cry, we hurt each other, we express our fears, our doubts – all part of any normal and healthy relationship – but the thing is, regardless of how far we are from each other, we can still directly channel our thoughts and emotions to each other without hesitation.

One time I ask myself, “what if  God gives me a glimpse of my future and he’s not there? What will I do?” So I thought, if I could just speed up everything so we don’t have to wait for so long before we can be together. So I can be certain that we can be together forever.

But you see, that uncertainty of what might happen next is something that really binds us together. It is something that makes us hold on to our love all the more. Distance doesn’t matter for two hearts that beat only for each other.

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