Sad Letter to Someone You Love

Sad Letter to Someone You Love
Sad Letter to Someone You Love

From Heart to Heart is a sad love letter that expresses a man’s deepest emotions for his best friend he loves so dearly. He knows right from the start that they are just friends and that will remain forever…

Sometimes the problem is not the fact that you love someone, it is the fact that you love someone more than your own life but you cannot be by their side every waking moment and have heart to heart conversations. You die a little inside when no amount of words can make it better when you tell them you have great admiration for them but all you can ever be is friends. You might know in your mind that you can never be more than that but your heart refuses to listen. So you live with the hurt until your heart learns to let go.

You are that friend. The one I cannot separate myself from. The one my heart refuses to stop loving. When the sky is blue and I hear the sound of laughter my mind rushes back to you and my heart steals the color of the skies. When I see you smile I feel my heart break into a million pieces because you will never smile at me like that and say you love me. It’s hard to pretend I do not feel my heart pump faster every time you walk towards me…it’s even harder to be around you and pretend I don’t want you in my arms but it’s a price I have to pay to have you as a friend.

I know we can never be but in my dreams I’m with you every night. In my dreams I will always have you beside me. Sweetheart, my admiration and love for you is deep, eternal, even though my emotions do not show. I have painfully perfected the act of pretending I do not feel anything for you. Maybe because your friendship is more important to me than anything in the world or maybe it’s because I’m scared that if I tell you I want a heart to heart covenant relationship with you, you will say you do not feel the same and my heart will simply just stop…

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