Positive Quotes About Life

Positive Quotes About Life
Positive Quotes About Life

Positive Quotes About Life

Grow some seeds of happy thoughts, cultivate and nurture them and soon you will have your TRUE garden – the garden of flowers that bloom only of beautiful thoughts.

I just posted a beautiful quote today by Brian Andreas, “I once had a garden filled with flowers that grew only on dark thoughts but they need constant attention and one day I decided I had better things to do.” and a beautiful lady wrote a comment with something like this:  “even now…. I am so drawn to it… I want to break it … but please help me how…”

And so I decided to share it with all of you guys. Anyone who would like to share their thoughts, please do so here.

For you my dear and to all those who might be on the same situation…

It’s not that easy to remove yourself from any negativity especially if it comes from your inner self. You can’t help but think and feel such negativity inside you during times of adversity and depression…

The key is to think of positive thoughts, happy thoughts, thoughts filled with hope, courage, strength and faith.

As I said it would not be that easy but if you start now, think of one thing that has made you smile today. I for one was waking up with my niece asking me if I want to have a cup of coffee, that made me smile my dear and I’m sure everyone can smile just the thought of it – a little girl smiling at you greeting you with a cup of coffee in her two small hands.

It was my cousin, the girl’s father, made the coffee for me and the thought of it just made me smile again.

So you see my dear, little by little, you will soon appreciate those small things, you will learn to focus on them, each and everyday, you will learn to just look on the brighter side – not only once, or twice a day but every single minute of the day. You will find hundreds of  reasons to make you smile and feel happy.

From then on, you will no longer feel you needed to grow your garden of dark thoughts. Instead, grow some seeds of happy thoughts, cultivate and nurture them and soon you will have your TRUE garden – the garden of flowers that bloom only of beautiful thoughts. =)


Sometimes we look at ourselves and see most of our frailties, our flaws and imperfections. The more we examine them, the more we get frustrated. Add to that are those people that kill our beliefs and faith. This world has so much negative vibes that we should refuse to add into it some negative and frustrating thoughts, more so in our own minds.

The world is already negative enough on its own. Do not add to the negativity of the world by focusing on only your flaws, frailties, and imperfections. You will only add to the frustration that is already filling the world as it is. That negativity and frustration can destroy your faith and beliefs if you allow it to overcome your life.

Weed out negativity and shrug off those who provide.

In life, you have all kinds of people around you both negative and positive. And throughout life, you may have to weed out those who stay negative and bring negativity to your life. Even if you can’t get rid of all the negative people, the ones who provide the negativity to your life can be shrugged off. You can choose to ignore them and go along your own path with positive thoughts and feelings.

It’s hard to think positively when you are surrounded with negativity. But it’s harder to dwell on it and live miserably.

Before when I was a child, I used to think that life is so good on me. I never had such problems about money and family. But as I was growing older, I come to realize life’s harsh reality. Although money is not a problem, my family ties have been tested due to marital problems. It was a difficult time and I felt that my life is going nowhere but down. I wanted to blame everybody on what has happened to my life.

It is rather true that one cannot think of a solution when all you hear is negativity. I even thought that leaving home was a good thing to do. But I was wrong. Escaping the problem rather than solving the problem does not make things any better. I asked God for guidance and gladly, He had given me a wonderful support through friends who are now like family to me. It was an eye-opener for me that I realized that I wouldn’t want to live in a kind of life where I am unhappy forever. So even if it was hard, I try to take a step one at a time. With the help of my friends, we come to think of a positive way on how to solve this simple problem.

I am now living with my family but things are getting better now than before. We have a more positive outlook in life and we do things together like we used to do. There are times when we still have minor problems but we know how to handle it better. All I can say is that if you are willing to change for the better, you should learn to bury all your worries and negative attitude away. One cannot grow not unless they learn to face the positive side of life.

Overcome the relapse of the negatives. It’s just a pullback.

We strive to become a better version of ourselves in life. No matter how hard you try though, there are going to be some negative experiences in life that you are going to have to deal with. However, once you have dealt with some negative experience, learn from it, and move on. Don’t allow the same negative experiences to keep happening to you over and over. If you learn from it the first time, you can choose more wisely the next time. Reliving the same negative experiences over and over will just pull you down and hold you back.

They say, never do things out of happiness for you might regret them in the end. I say, shut the negatives and do them anyway.

Some people say not to do something without thinking it over just because of your happiness. Let them do things that way if they want. Instead, shut out the negative things and people holding you back from what you want to do. Instead, do what makes you happy, and do it because you’re happy. The others only say don’t do it because they regret never having done it themselves.

Where does being pessimistic really get you anyway?

You can spend your time being a pessimistic person if you want. You can find something wrong or negative in everything you see and do and in everything others do around you. But what does that really do for you? How does living like this help you or anyone else in life? The answer is, it doesn’t. Instead, it prevents you from seeing the beauty that is around you, and it keeps you from seeing the beauty in others. Being pessimistic also means that you will find something wrong with every opportunity and you will find a negative reason for why you shouldn’t take that opportunity. Instead, be optimistic. Be open. Having an optimistic attitude makes things look brighter and helps you find the good things around you.

Having positive attitude leads to success.

When you have a positive attitude, then even when things around you aren’t looking so good, you will find something positive to hold onto. When you are reaching out to find success, you must maintain that positive attitude if you want to reach your goal.

Bring on the storm because nothing can break your shine!

If you approach everything you do in life with a positive attitude and outlook, then you will always be shining and happy. No matter what life or other people bring your way, you will be too happy to allow anything or anyone rain on your parade or break your shine. As long as you keep that attitude towards life, then you will be able to successfully weather any storm that comes your way.

Never forget to smile at your weakest moment.

A smile can change everything. No matter what happens to you or around you in your life, always try to keep a smile on your face. Even in your darkest hour, try to remember to smile. Your smile may be the one thing you have left that could encourage you to come out of that darkness.

Truly, there are a lot of things that we can be grateful for. Today, I thank God for giving me life, though how short it may seem, to love the people I love, to hold them and hug them and never take them for granted.

Even when it seems like you have nothing to be grateful for, every morning you wake up there is something there to be grateful for if you can open your eyes and see it. You can be grateful for the day you are given and the time you have during that day to love the people you hold close to you. You can be grateful that you have the option to hold your loved ones and tell them you love them. You can be grateful that you have this time, even if it’s not very much time to love them and not take them for granted.

Part of having a positive outlook in life is to acknowledge that we do feel negative emotions and we do not repress them. We face and deal with them.

Just because you choose to have a positive attitude in life does not mean that you will never feel any negative emotions. Negative emotions are a part of life and everyone, positive attitude or not experiences them at some point. Part of being a positive person is accepting how you feel, even when it is negative and facing those emotions head on so that you can deal with them, get past them, and move on with your life.

Our behavior should not depend on other people’s behavior. We must be willing to be kind even when others are not.

Your behavior should never depend on someone else’s behavior. Even if they are mean to you or try to hurt you in some way, you should not allow that to influence how you behave towards them. Instead, regardless of how someone else acts to you, you should always be kind.

When you see change as a positive thing, you will see it as an effective means of attaining success because change is equal to growth.

Change is difficult for some people to handle. But if you look at a change coming your way and see it as an opportunity to enhance yourself and your life, then you can use that change as an effective way to achieve success. In order to grow in your life, you must accept change and adapt to it as it comes.

When you work on things you dislike about yourself, it is more manageable to address one negative trait at a time instead of addressing them all at once.

We all have things about ourselves that we don’t like. There are things we want to change about ourselves. You cannot try to change all of your negative traits at once. It will only overwhelm you and keep you from being able to improve yourself. Instead, focus on one trait at a time so that you can put all of your best effort into each particular negative trait.

There will always be negative traits you dislike about yourself. But that doesn’t mean you are not likable.

Everyone has negative traits about themselves that they do not really like. Just because you can find flaws within yourself does not mean that you are not a likeable person. Every person has some kind of negative traits, but every person can also be likeable, even with those negative traits.

There are negative traits you dislike about others. Instead of deciding to stay away from them, you can at least try not to judge and focus on the things you like about them.

Every person you meet in life will eventually display a negative trait that you don’t like about them. That doesn’t mean that you should be judgmental of them and avoid them. Instead of focusing on the negative traits someone else has, focus on some of their positive traits and look for things you do like about them.

Living true to your ideal self may seem impossible. But if you work hard on it, you can see it is achievable.

Being who you truly are on the inside may seem difficult or even impossible to you. But you must try to live true to who you really are. Regardless of how difficult or impossible it may seem, living true to yourself is achievable if you put your mind to it and decide that’s how you are going to be.

You don’t have to surround yourself with positive people. Let your positive energy surround you and the people around too.

It is not completely necessary to weed out all of the negative people in your life and replace them with positive people. You can be around the negative people and use your positive energy to encourage them to have a more positive outlook as well. If those who are usually negative are always surrounded by a positive you, then they may even become more positive themselves.

What really matters is that we are determined to move forward with courage. Disappointment is just temporary. Accomplishments are on their way. Life has just begun.

When you have failed at something or some disappointment has interrupted your life, it is important to continue moving forward with courage. Disappointment will not last forever. It is only temporary. When you find the courage to keep moving forward in the face of disappointment, you will see that your life has just begun and that accomplishments are still within your grasp.

Read positive thoughts all the time. Inspirational and motivational quotes work best when you constantly read them affirming yourself claiming those thoughts as real and are happening now to you.

Reading positive thoughts, inspirational quotes, and motivational quotes will help you the most if you read them often enough that it becomes how you think. After you read them enough, you will begin to see that those positive thoughts can be real. They can be your life and those positive thoughts can happen to you if you focus on them long enough.

If you think you have done your best, then just let things take their course and believe that the best is yet to come.

When you find yourself in a situation where you have done all you can do, and you believe you have done everything to the best of your ability, then that is all you can do. Now you have to just wait for things to take their own natural course and try to believe that your efforts will pay off and better things are coming your way.

Everything we do is a choice that we make, from the simplest actions right down to the life changing ones.

Everything we do in life is a choice that we make. Even when you decide not to make a choice, you have still made a choice. The simplest things we do in life from changing the channel on the TV all the way up to choosing what your life will be and what you want out of it, is a choice that we make. We are the only ones who have the choice to make choices for ourselves.

All of the things we do, from simple acts to life changing ones come from choices that we make. We always have a choice.

No matter which path you end up on or which destination you reach in life, it all comes to you by the choices you have made. All of our simplest acts are the result of a choice we have made. And all of our achievements and our success in life, no matter how big or how small, is also a choice that we have made. No matter what you do in life, you always have a choice to make before you do it. Choose wisely.

When you are faced in a situation you have no control over, don’t say you don’t have a choice. You can either react in a helpless manner and continue to suffer in the face of the situation or you can choose to accept the situation and move on.

There comes a time in every person’s life when they are face to face with a situation they had no control over. You will always have a choice in every situation, even the ones that you have no control over. You can still choose how to handle the situation. Doing nothing and saying you had no choice, means that you made the choice to do nothing. You decided that you would have no choices but to allow the situation to overwhelm you. Or you can choose to react in a way that might improve the situation or remove you from it entirely. No matter what you do in life, you will always have a choice.

Don’t judge others not because you don’t want to be judged yourself but because everyone deserves to be respected for who they are.

You should not avoid passing judgment of other people and their actions only because you don’t want yourself or your actions judged by other people. Instead, you should not judge other people because everyone in life has the right to do as they choose to do without being judged by another. Everyone deserves to be respected for the person that they are and the choices they have made.

There’s always a reason behind a man’s cruelty. Justifiable or not, we still don’t have any right to judge them.

In life, you are going to see people who are cruel to others. It is not your place to judge them for their cruelty. Their cruelty may very well be justifiable if something cruel was done to them. Or their cruelty may be just because they are cruel people who have no reason to be mean, they just are. Either way, we have no right to judge who they are. We only have the right to accept who they are and move on with our own lives with or without them.

Live in the moment and be present. Don’t waste time on worries. Don’t let your thoughts wander all the time. Calm your mind and declutter your thoughts.

Do not waste all your time on pointless worries. They will not help you achieve anything. Do not let your mind wander into places that will cause you to worry and become filled with anxiety. Instead, keep your mind calm and declutter all your thoughts. Live in the moment you are in right now, and do not worry about the moments to come.

Stop clinging to the idea that things have to be a certain way. Ideals are good but must only serve as a guide and it doesn’t mean that they are absolutes.

It is good to have ideals, but having ideals does not mean that everything has to be exactly that way. Ideals are simply a guide to keep you on the right track. They are not certain absolutes. They are only there for you to apply to your own life situations to help guide you when making choices.

Don’t beat yourself up over what could have been better. What has been done has been done and remember that you deserve to love yourself and you don’t deserve in any way to punish yourself.

When you make a mistake, don’t consume yourself with it and punish yourself constantly for it. You cannot change what has already been done. You can only learn from it and avoid making the same mistakes in the future. Remember that everyone is capable of making a mistake and that you deserve to love yourself regardless of your mistakes.

Options are there for you to pick. Don’t be a prick and just pick!

The reason you have different options in life is so that you are able to pick from in order to create the life that you want. Don’t waste all your time away trying to decide which options are best. Just pick and option and go with it.

You can never really love another individual if you have yet started yourself.

You can never really love another person unless you really love yourself first. If you are unable to love yourself, then no one else can love you either. So before you start trying to love someone else, spend some time focusing on yourself and the love you have for you.

Falling means not falling on the same spot ever. Never again.

If you fall over a rock in the yard, the next time your in the yard, you watch out for the rock. You don’t fall over the rock again because you remember that it’s there. The same goes for the things you attempt and fail. If you try something and fail at it or make a mistake, then you should notice it as if it were a rock in the yard. The next time, you don’t make that same mistake and you don’t fail at the same thing again because you remember how you failed the last time.

Cry. Give your heart the right to speak.

It is okay to cry. When you experience something that hurts you, then you have the right to express that pain. You have the right to cry. You have the right to be heard by the one that has hurt you. Don’t stay silent. Give your heart the right to express the pain that was inflicted on it.

Something good manifests out of good thoughts.

Have you ever experienced wherein you have to do something but every time you do, it is a failure? It may be because of the mood or attitude that you are expressing at the moment. If you are confronted with a difficult situation and you also think that you can’t do it, the result is, you really can’t. But if you think otherwise and just be confident that you can, you will see how things will change. It is not magic rather, it is the law of attraction. If you think good, something will happen good. And if you think otherwise, surely it would be unpleasant for you.

Think positive thoughts persistently.

No matter how hard life may be every day for you, just be consistent in only thinking positive thoughts. This will help you to get yourself motivated. Inspiring yourself with positive thoughts will make your everyday easier and happier. This will make you realize that you can actually do it like how other successful people can. The only secret to be successful in life is to actually listen to your heart and remain positive that things will go along your way. No matter how hard it is, just have that determination and you will get there eventually.

Focusing your attention to positive things doesn’t mean you deny all negative things happening around and within you. You also need to learn to recognize them and accept that they are there. Your positive attitude simply tells you to shift your attention to everything good so you can feel good and be good and stay happy as you can be.

There would always be a good and bad aspect in life. These two exists to create a balance in this world that we are living in. Although you know that there are certain negative things happening in your life right now, do not dwell on them too much. Instead look on what’s beautiful in your life to keep you strong and move forward. Remember the negativity may also be helpful sometimes because it will give you the motivation to do more good and achieve more goals to avoid being in that trap of that ugly part of life.

You need to get out from the cycle of having negative attitude coming from negative thoughts and negative thoughts coming from negative reactions to negative attitude.

If you want to have a peace of mind, it is best to avoid all sorts of negativity in your life. Once you are with people who only speak negative about you or their lives and even other people, they may not be the best people you would want to go out with. The more you listen to people who have an ugly attitude, you can also see yourself as ugly as well. Whereas, if you surround yourself with positive people who only looks at the good side of things, your life will also turn out to be more meaningful and productive.

Negative chain reaction is a disappointment leading to another.

If you let your thoughts run negatively especially on certain situations when you are uncertain of what is really happening, the outcome would rather end up bad after all. In every aspect in life, it is important to just keep hoping for the positive things to happen rather than to dwell on what we are afraid for. If you let negative feelings and thinking be on your system, you will only disappoint yourself and other people as well. And if you continue this negative behavior of yours everyday and to every people you meet, you will most probably be disappointed every time leading to a more discontented life.

To be sad is normal. To hate is normal. To get mad is normal. However. we have the choice not to dwell on such negative emotions. We have the choice to control and get over them.

We all have those down moments in our life wherein all we see is purely negativity. We may have an unhappy relationship with friends and family, a failing career or just confused of our own personality. Yet, this should not be a reason why we would stop living our life and become better. Let’s not focus on the negative side of life, instead, focus on the things that could push us to become better. We all can make a choice, and going down with all the negativity should not be one of our options. Life is too beautiful to be wasted.

Always carry with you a heart that loves, a smile that lasts, a touch that heals.

In other words, be a person who gives value to be optimistic in life no matter how hard things become. If you always put that smile in your face, everything seems to be easier. When you show affection unconditionally to the people around you, you tend to gain more friends and support in your life. You tend to be more powerful in making a big part to other people’s lives. You tend to have a more impact on the people around you and they would be happy to see you around. When you maintain this kind of disposition, life would be more worth-living.

Sometimes, you just really have to dream of happy thoughts and then make them real.

If we dream more of happy thoughts and think of them, we create in our minds happy perceptions and this lead to a lighter or happy mood thus creating a happy atmosphere.

Happy thoughts build our confidence and give us the courage to move. It drives us to act and believe in our abilities. Happy thoughts therefore can make our dreams come true.

When we think of negative thoughts like jealousy or envy or anger and fear, we create a negative atmosphere that can us take away from our path. It diverts our attention to unnecessary things and we are derailed. Negative thoughts diminish our ability to act effectively.

Smile is contagious. You can’t help it. Just pass it along.

A warm, friendly smile can go a long way. It can help a healing process. It can uplift a soul. It can pass from one soul to another.

A smile is an expression of positive emotions which when felt can also be felt by the people surrounding you. It can be a means of understanding something unspoken like hello or I’m glad you’re here or I’m happy to see you, or a thank you and so on…

Whatever the reason is for our smile, know that it is always a positive thing to smile. Smile often. It makes you feel good. It makes you feel young. It makes the people around you feel good too and the people surrounding them.

It’s easy to stay positive when things are going your way but when you can be easily drawn back to negativity when something upsetting happens. When you are conscious about this, you will know that you need extra effort during those times.

When everything is going your way and all things in life are good, it is very easy be positive and happy in everything you are doing. But when things in life take a turn for the worse, and the happy days are fewer, it is also easy to fall into a negative rut. It becomes just as easy to start focusing on all the negativity instead of the good that is also still there. If you are aware of this when it begins to happen, then you can avoid the negative rut by reaching out to others during your time of distress for comfort.

Being positive is your first key to happiness.

Being positive has many rewards. It is the first key to your happiness because being positive will lead to your becoming happy. If you begin with negativity, then the negative and unhappiness will follow. So you must begin with positivity so that the positive and happiness will follow.

This day onward, I choose to think only of good thoughts.

Forget the days of the past. Forget your regrets and all apologies. None of them matter now because they are all gone and done. From this day forward, choose to think of only the good memories, the good thoughts you had. And think of good things only in the future. Thinking of only the bad will hold you back and bring you down. Thinking of the good thoughts from this day forward will make you feel happy and positive in all you do.

If our positive attitude is always within us, we are able to think clearly thus helping solve our problems quicker rather than wasting time complaining our annoyances.

If you keep a positive attitude instead of a negative one, you see things in a better way. Being negative makes everything look bad and seem harder than it really is. When you maintain a positive attitude towards everything you do, you are able to see things more clearly and make better decisions that benefit you. When you waste your time complaining and being negative, you end up with the same problem and no result. You must stay positive and things will come to you much easier.

Positive thinking is imagining, believing, conversing and claiming that your wishes have been granted.

Being positive means imagining what is possible; not what is impossible. It means believing in yourself even when others do not believe in you. It means that no matter what you have to tell yourself that what you want will come true. If you believe hard enough, and if you try hard enough you can remain positive no matter what kind of situation you find yourself in.

Maintain your positive energy in your thoughts, feelings and actions to bring out the strength and initiative to lighten your day.

You have to work at maintaining a positive outlook in life. It is not always easy, but it is very beneficial. If you work to maintain positive thoughts, happy feelings, and virtuous actions, then it will give you strength to get through your days. Finding and maintaining that positive strength will give you the incentive to make your day brighter.

A powerful optimistic approach in life makes life a little more extraordinary.

Life can be daunting and overwhelming in many ways. It is easy to allow yourself to fall into a negative state of being. We must work at maintaining an optimistic outlook on life, even when it becomes difficult. Optimism can be a very powerful tool in making life a little easier and much more enjoyable. Without it, life would be always difficult and dull. Optimism is the instrument we use to make a good life turn into an extraordinary life.

Embrace today the atmosphere of positive energy and extend it further without boundaries.

Be positive in everything you do. Keeping a positive atmosphere around you will help you become a happier person. Don’t set boundaries for your happiness. Happiness can be endless if you keep yourself in positive atmospheres. However, if you set boundaries for your happiness, then it will only reach those limits you set and will never exceed them. So demolish those boundaries. They do not have to exist. Instead be open to the possibility of endless happiness.

All you need is to always keep a POSITIVE OUTLOOK in life.

Having a positive outlook in life doesn’t mean you ignore every negative aspect in life. It means recognizing what is negative or unpleasant but choosing not to dwell or entertain them. It means approaching all negativity in a positive way. Having a positive outlook means looking at the brighter side and not on the darker side of things.

When you talk to yourself, when you entertain thoughts running through your head, make the conscious effort to think of positive thoughts or shift to positive ones when negative thoughts run through.

It is always better to look at the better side of things.

There is always more than one side to things. You can look at anything from whatever side you choose. You can spend your life looking at things through the bad side, and find nothing but negativity and unhappiness. Regardless of what life brings you though, it is always best to try to look at the better side of every situation. Doing so will bring you more happiness and enjoyment out of life.

Change the way you think, and the rest will follow.

The way you think has a great effect on your whole life. If you think of nothing but negative, then negative things will follow you because that’s all you can see. If you think of nothing but positive, then positive will follow, because that how you choose to think. If you are not happy with how things are going in your life, then change how you think of life and the things in life, and everything else will change along with you.

See beauty in everything and you’ll never be lonely.

You can spend your whole life finding what is wrong with everything around you. You will find that you don’t like anything and that nothing makes you happy. However, if you look at everything and find something good in it, you will see all the real beauty life has to offer, and you will be happier because of it. Life is much more beautiful when you see the good in things.

They can overcome who thinks they can.

A person who does not believe in themselves will not go far. A person who thinks they are incapable will be incapable. However, a person that does believe in themselves will go far. A person who has faith in themselves and believes themselves to be capable of anything they set out to do will be capable. Once you truly believe that you can overcome something, you will be able to overcome anything.

Just like any landscape, our minds need to be cultivated with positive thoughts in order to witness the beauty of happiness.

A landscape must be maintained in order to keep it beautiful. Otherwise it will grow wildly and become filled with weeds and ugly overgrowth. It will become so bad that you cannot even walk through it. Your mind is much the same. You must cultivate it with positive thinking in order to keep it healthy and keep out all the weeds (bad thoughts). If you don’t work at keeping your mind kept with positivity, then you will end up with wild thoughts in all directions, and ugliness will creep into your mind. You will become lost in all the mess that your mind will become.

Don’t let your mind run out of good thoughts to keep negative thoughts from filling in.

You should always try to stay positive. When you have filled your mind with nothing but positive thoughts, then you will have positive thoughts all the time. But when things get difficult, we sometimes begin to run out of positive thoughts. You must be careful not to run out of positive thoughts and create more if you do. If your head is filled with nothing but positive thoughts, then you have no room for negative thoughts to find their way in and fill your mind with negativity.

To be positive means to think, act and live positively everyday. To be positive means to influence others to think, act, and live positively everyday too.

In order to be a positive person, you have to be positive in every way. You have to think positive thoughts. You have to make positive choices, and you have to act positive in everything you do. When you do all of this in your day to day life, you will be a positive person. Those around you will see you as a positive person and that may influence them to be positive also.

Keep a regular diet of inspiration and motivation for yourself by spending 10 minutes daily of reading positive quotes.

Spend a little time each day reading positive quotes. Doing so might just change your outlook on the whole day, or it might change your outlook on some event that happens to your or your loved ones during that day. If your day has been bad it is good to read positive quotes to bring you back up, encourage you to move on, and motivate you to keep trying.

Life is too short to worry about people who don’t even need a second of your time. Stay positive and put on a smile.

The day to day grind of life may seem like a long time. It may seem like time just drags on and on. In reality though, it doesn’t. Life is very short in the scheme of things. You don’t have much time here on this earth to make your mark. So make the best of the time you do have before it is cut off. Don’t worry about people who are trying to bring you down and hold you back. Make the best of what your life gives you, smile about it and be happy.

Changing one simple thought can give you life-changing breakthrough. Choose a positive one.

There are many huge, life changing events that come about in life. The big ones are usually the ones we notice. But most likely, there was a smaller event that led to that huge event. Sometimes, a life changing event can be triggered by the smallest of things. Even a simple thought that you changed from a negative thought to a positive thought can lead to a life changing event. It may be the fact that you replaced that negative thought with a positive thought and set the ball for greatness rolling in another direction.

Don’t give up when you find it difficult to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. It takes time and perseverance to getting used to looking only at positive thoughts.

Once you realize that you have fallen into a negative rut in your life, you can learn to replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts. You simply retrain yourself to think of positive instead of negative. Although sometimes it will be difficult and will seem hard when times get rough, it is still possible. You must keep trying to be positive no matter what. Eventually you will make being positive a habit, just as you did being negative. It may take some getting used to after nothing but negativity, but the good feelings that come from learning to be positive are very worth the effort.

Be positive and go viral. Let others be positive too because that’s what they see in you.

If you are negative all the time, it shows to others around you. You cannot hide it. And the people around you may fall into the same negativity you are in. But if you spend your time trying to stay positive, even in negative surroundings and situations, you may affect the other people around you to become or stay positive also. They can see your positive attitude and happy outlook on life and it just may rub off on them and encourage them to be positive as well.

Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts by diverting your attention to things that lighten your mood.

When you spend all your time focusing on negative thoughts and feelings or negative activities, then you will not feel anything but negative emotions. All that negativity will bring you down and hold you down. However, if you focus your attention to positive activities and positive thoughts and feelings, you will successfully lighten your mood and brighten your days.

This day onward, I choose to think only of good thoughts. I think only of positive thoughts.

From today on, and all the days in the future, choose to think positive thoughts. Let go of the past and any negative feelings you are holding onto. Forget what has happened before today. None of that matters now and none of it can be changed. If you have spent your past dwelling in sadness and negative thoughts and feelings, you must make a conscious choice to start today thinking only positive thoughts and allowing yourself to have happy feelings.

Upon waking up in the morning, don’t forget to greet yourself in the mirror and say, “Good morning Gorgeous”. It’s a way of telling how gorgeous and awesome you are.

Everyday, when you wake up, greet yourself with happy and positive thoughts. Look in your mirror at your face and tell yourself something good about you. Tell yourself something you like about yourself. It will build your self confidence and make you feel good about yourself. It’s your way of giving yourself value and building your self worth and self esteem.

Don’t waste your time talking negatively to yourself and about yourself. The more you talk negatively about yourself, the more you just place yourself to depression.

If you sit around downing yourself and telling yourself negative things about yourself, then eventually you will begin to believe those negative things, even if they aren’t true about you. You will accomplish nothing by doing this. All you will do is bring yourself down and send yourself into depression. You have to tell yourself positive things about yourself and all you do. Being positive will bring you up and make you feel good. It will cause you to try harder and be motivated instead of falling into depression.

Dwell on hopeful thoughts instead of wishful thoughts. Fill your thoughts and heart with hope that everything gets better everyday instead of dwelling on things that happened that we couldn’t change or things that haven’t happened yet.

You can sit around and wish for things all day long that will never come true. You can sit around and dwell on the past or dwell on what you want to happen in the future. It’s okay to be hopeful in your journey through life. Having hope is what keeps your dreams alive. Having hope is what motivates us to continue on, even in the face of adversity.

Don’t turn your whole day into something negative just because you woke up from the wrong side of the bed.

There are days where we all wake up feeling bad or with negative thoughts in our head. Everyday is not guaranteed to be a happy day. You have to make the best out of it. If you wake up one morning and find yourself feeling negative or irritable, don’t allow those initial feelings to take over your entire attitude. Don’t allow your bad attitude to overcome you and influence your whole day. A day started by waking on the wrong side of the bed doesn’t have to be a bad day. It could be the best day of your life and you wouldn’t want to miss out on that simply because of a bad attitude.

You can pretend to be positive all the time but if you don’t address your real issues, a simple event like being stuck in traffic can bring you back to being negative.

If you simply pretend everything is okay and you are happy all the time, it will certainly look that way to the world. But deep down inside of you, you will not be truly happy and the smallest, insignificant thing can bring you down. So do not fake happiness. Address the issues you have and take on the problems you have with full force. Solve them and find your true inner happiness.

The transition from the land of negativity to a much more positive place doesn’t happen overnight. It happens one step at a time.

It is easy to fall into a negative space and get stuck there. It is a space where nothing good ever happens to you and everything around you seems to be falling apart and never goes your way. You can bring yourself out of that negative space though, and find a happier place for yourself. It may not be easy and it most certainly will not happen overnight, but with enough will and effort it will happen one day and one positive thought at a time.

In case you feel inner resistance and difficulties when replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, do not give up, but keep looking only at the beneficial, good and happy thoughts in your mind.

Sometimes in life things get tough. You may try to keep a positive outlook in life and sometimes, when things become overwhelming it can become difficult to keep that positive outlook, especially when it seems like your world is crumbling around you. Don’t give up because eventually the good will come back. You must not let the negativity get the better of you. Do not let it defeat you. Always strive to keep happy thoughts and a positive mind.

To bring a positive thing in your life, you need to think about positive things persistently.

It has been said by many that if all you put in is garbage, all you will get back out is garbage. If you put nothing in your mind but negative thoughts and feelings, you won’t have anything come out of you except negative thoughts and feelings. Everything in life will seem dull and undesirable. But if you fill your mind and heart with happy and positive things, you will get happy and positive things out of life. Always keep a positive way about yourself, and positive things will come your way as well.

Laughter may not cure you but it is capable of making your life worth living.

Laughter may not cure all your hurts and heartaches, that’s true. But there is something about laughter that is contagious. Being able to step back from a situation and laugh at yourself, or the situation itself, will make your life a little more worthwhile. Even in times when things are not going well for you, a little laughter may be just what you need to make your life seem better.

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